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I am from Russia , and i think Limb Bizkit is super!

*My way*-it's my somg!

>>By Streetwolf   (Tuesday, 26 Nov 2002 02:24)


>>By lIZ   (Saturday, 30 Nov 2002 19:34)

My friends listens 2 limb everytime where drinkin'.... it's a bit anoying.... He takes over the stereo and I can't listen 2 good punk. Not that limb sxs but...

>>By Undagrr...   (Wednesday, 4 Dec 2002 09:09)

if you wanna talk about a sell out band....LIMP BIZKIT should be on your top ten list (well actually fred durst was the one sellin out, the rest of them just followed him blindly like sheep, execpt for wes <3)

First of all, Fred did it all for the Money (not the nookie) when "rap rock"- better known as hybrid became popular, so did limp bizkit, however when rap began to come into play they wanted to do that too. Makes you wonder. Fred Durst also has a serious ego problem that i could tell was going to KILL limp biozkit sooner or later

I give credit where its due, and "3 dallor bills y'all" is a awesome Hybrid cd, everything past that is a sad cry for attention, money and popularity.

I guess Linkin park is the "next big thing" in the small world of rap rock however, i think that if (given the change) Limp bizkit has better RAW talent than Likin park can ever have in Mike Shindoas Pinky finger....see the only good member in Linkin park is Chester (is vocals is amazing) Beyond that, i dont consider sampling a talent so in my opinion linkin park is more of a fad rather than a actual talented band.

>>By Tavasia   (Saturday, 7 Dec 2002 10:35)

korn should of never created them

>>By they suck balls   (Monday, 9 Dec 2002 00:46)

korn is a bad ass band so all you critics better go fuck yourself.And as for limp bizki they kick ass to.Well iguess thats all.....PEACE-OUT.....

>>By RICK FORSYTHE   (Wednesday, 11 Dec 2002 21:16)

LB is fucking sweet. They are the kings of Nu-Metal. There is no other group as sweet as LB, well, maybe Staind, but, hey, to all who say LB sucks D***, FUCK YOU.
>>Love... Peace... and... LIMP BIZKIT!!

>>By Lil' Crazy   (Tuesday, 17 Dec 2002 02:31)

Limp bizkit was a great band up until they relased that sell out shit signifigant other 3 dollar bill yall was a great disc i even went out and bought it on record. when i went out and bought signifigant other I swore i would never buy anouth Limp product in my life I am so happy that Wes left Limp his tallant was being missed by the constant bitching of fuckin fred durst fred dust is a pussy sell out also Korn has sold out hard on there last 3 albums there no longer about the music there all about the money!!!!
Peace out........ Long live Rock..... R.I.P. Jim Morrison

>>By Speedy   (Thursday, 19 Dec 2002 09:22)

Hey first of all, what's this shit bout Fred and "Britney Spears"!!!!!!!! -' WRONG' I Love Limp Bizkit, well did till Fred got with Britney, I'm sooo disapointed! She's such a slut ....

... Love the album "Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water", F**k all of you that are dissing Limp Bizkit. I also think Fred's realy HOT! :)

... Just hope Fred gets it together and wakes up, it's a top band and I dont want to see it distroyed by shame from the likes of "Britney SKANKY Spears"!!!!

>>By disapointed fan   (Saturday, 15 Feb 2003 12:59)

I bought "3 Dollar Bill, Ya`ll" when it came out back in 1997 or 1998 and from that moment, i sweard forever lasting admiring to this band. No matter what haters say, we, the TRUE FANS will keep Limp Bizkit alive forever.

>>By RastaBusta   (Saturday, 22 Feb 2003 18:30)

Wes Borland left the band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By adam   (Friday, 7 Mar 2003 22:50)

well limmp bizkit fucking rule ive been a fan ever since i heard there first album the day it came out in 96 im now 17 so that would make me a 7 year fan,so all those sell out bands that everyone can you like metallica and hate limp bizkit for being sell outs when metallica hate having there shit for free (napster trail).maybe its hybrid you hate but if you hate it you can fuck up and let others have an opinion for themselves.i know alot of sellout bands that everyone like but the list could go on and on and on.did you ever consider that maybe some of the band may have real problems but assholes of course hafta make it look like the band are being dicks because they feel annoyed that they didnt see them.DRY YOUR FUCKING EYES!!!!!well im going to see them at download because there new song "just drop dead" is fucking excellent anyone with a problem on my views can e-mail me on

>>By raab   (Friday, 14 Mar 2003 11:52)

Limp Bizkit is the greatest band in the world. There isn't any band that is better than them. They are my all time favorite band. Every body should like Limp Bizkit and never talk bad about them. They have been the best ever sence they had been together and singing. I don't think that Wes Borland should have left.

>>By Michael Pearson   (Wednesday, 26 Mar 2003 22:26)

I'm a son of a dad who thinks tooth paste is evil.

>>By chris   (Monday, 7 Apr 2003 19:14)

Remember back in the day like 1996/97 when Limp Dick was actually somewhat good? I remember, and do you know why??? Well let me sum it up for you.....LIMP BIZKIT WEREN'T SELL OUT SMALL DICK RAP ARTISTS! What the fuck has happened? Limp Bizkit is like the leader of corporate sell out bands, it's like a new trend or something. Do you guys remember when Limp Bizkit did badass songs with KoRn and such? Those were the days, but now we have songs with Red Man Ass fuck man and remix's that consist of one line from a song. What is this bullshit? Another memory: Member when everyone wore like the red NY hats and the baggy jeans??? What are people supposed to do now? Shrink their dicks and blow eachother? All I can say is Limp Bizkit is one of the most awful bands to ever exist and if it wasn't for kick ass bands like KoRn they woulda been at the bottom of the shit pile a long time ago.

>>By Boink   (Thursday, 10 Apr 2003 05:32)

So, until today Iíd never been so (un)lucky as to actually listen to a full Limp Bizkit record, start to finish. Donít get me wrong, Iíd heard their songs that are on the radio... God! Donít even get me started on that fucking George Michael cover song, itís got me begginí for someone to put on wham! That alone is a good enough reason for every member of this band to be put to sleep.

After having been exposed to the sickening steaming pile of hot donkey dung rotting in the humid Florida summer sunshine known as the Limp Bizkit, I really wish I could still say I hadnít heard this record. It honestly doesnít get worse, although Iím sure Iíll eat those words once Limp Bizkit puts out their next record. Now I consider myself to be pretty up-to-date on the current trends and lingo. I figured out what pokemon was, I now know that "reefer", "chronic", "weed", and "bud" are all marijuana references, and I even know what TRL stands for. Basically, I wouldnít put myself in the "out of touch" category. Yet with all of my knowledge of popular culture, I have no fucking clue what "chocolate starfish and the hotdog flavor water" means. Inside jokes make horrible album names. "Hey Bizkit, your album name... itís pretty good... for me to poop on." But then what do you expect from bands who name themselves after food products, yet spell them wrong on purpose. From now on, please refer to us as budd-e-headz(pe).

On the first song we are treated to some pretty heavy, mosh-ready riffs that are designed to make you "get the fuck up". Then just before Fred comes in, the "Bizkit" tries to throw you for a loop and the guy from House of Pain (btw, when did he stop acting irish?) kicks in the mellow hip hop groove, while that fat little yes-man of a bass player brings in the worst bass tone this side of papa Roach, as I imagine him doing his little rap-metal "I look like Iím having trouble pooping" move with his shitty wood stained bass and his Adidas uniform, and then the "weird" guitar player with the face paint, cape, and body armor throws in some wanky funk leads over it just for good measure... Now they thinks we are ready for the man who puts the biz in the Bizkit.

Iím sorry but listening to this record only backed up my previous beliefs. Fred Durst needs to be hit in the face really hard with a shovel, repeatedly. Until he promises never to try and rap again, lose weight, take his hat off, and to never, ever, ever write another song like this...

"itís a fucked up world a fucked up place everybodyís judged by their fucked up face fucked up dreams fucked up life a fucked up kid with a fucked up knife fucked up moms and fucked up dads a fucked up cop with a fucked up badge fucked up job with fucked up pay and a fucked up boss is a fucked up day fucked up press and fucked up lies... if I say fuck two more times thatís 46 fucks in this fucked up rhyme hey."

You know whatís weird? I think I wrote that same verse a while ago. Yeah I was 6 and I ate glue a whole bunch, thought boogers were the coolest thing ever, and that pissing in my pants was pretty ok. Boy I thought that verse was pure genius. Iím sure Fred prolly feels the same. I was sure it was gonna be a huge hit. I mean, it made sense to me, and well... it said fuck a whole lot and back in those days it was pretty dang cool if you swore. That all changed when I turned 7, hit the first grade, figured out that I shouldnít stick metal objects in electrical sockets, I shouldnít run with knifes, telling my teacher that I had a brother who we kept in the basement isnít a good idea, that later in life I wasnít just gonna use my wee wee to go pee pee, and that although the word fuck does have a valid place in the English language, once itís repeatedly abused and overly used as to try and produce some sort of outrage in the listener, any impact it once had is null, void, absent and it now means absolutely nothing.

So, OK, Freddy isnít exactly Bob Dylan. Or even Weird Al for that matter.

Yes, in case you didnít already know, Limp Bizkit truly has nothing to offer anyone halfway intelligent.

Fred Durstís lyrics are bad middle school poetry. They are misogynist, homophobic, silly, self-serving, adolecent at best... and down right retarded. After hearing his raps, which are wack-at-best, I just want to present him with a good hard kick to his sack to make sure he ainít able to make it when they start to film Backstage Sluts 4. He is sure to let us know that heís "seen the fight club 28 times." Music with a message itís not. (Why Method Man, DMX, Xzibit, and all of the other valid MCís are even associated with this record is beyond me. Xzibit has completely lost any respect I had for him. Paparazzi was a dope song and that took some elephant sized balls to fuck with 2pac, but all of that is forgotten when I hear the song he does with Fred Durst on here. Itís one of the single most embarrassing moments in hip-hop. Mr. X to the Z has to know itís complete and utter bullshit. At least I hope he does.

This is the dumbing down of popular culture. As if it needed it. Yes, this is the record that most of Americaís youth is digesting right now. This is their Nevermind. Their Appetite. Fred and co, seem to agree on the Appetite thing as they have even thrown in a disgusting Guns ní Roses reference on their song My Generation (which is a crime in itself. HEY DICKLIPS, THERE IS ALREADY A WHO SONG CALLED THAT! YOU ARENíT THE WHO! YOU ARENíT EVEN ANYWHERE NEAR AS GOOD AS THE SWEAT BETWEEN PETEíS NUTSACK AND BUTTHOLE). All of you need to get in line cuz I got a swift yet solid kick in the balls for each of you.)

"do you know where you are? welcome to the jungle punk! take a look around itís limp bizkit fuckiní up your town!".

Freddy, you are the modern day Vanilla Ice. Except Iíd bet he rides motor bikes better than you.

>>By Dresden   (Tuesday, 22 Apr 2003 08:41)

Well, Well, Well,
The cat's out the bag! It seems as though the truth leaked out! & it is true, Fred Durst is a modern day Vanilla Ice....although I've never seen either ride a moter bike, I bet they look like Clown pussies doing it! Especially Fred! (Let's just hope his biking is better than his singing....although that sux BAD!) I'm tierd of those FAGGOTS remixing 1 song OVER & OVER & OVER! What in the world makes them think that 1 song will sell $1 million? THEY'RE panty licking cock suckers who only "rap" 4 a living(if u can call that rap.) Hear me out.....Limp Bizkit needs 2 fuck off & not put anything out anymore! (FRED YOU'RE SINGING IS LIKE A JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE 20 YEARS LATER! YOU SUCK! GO AWAY!) Maybe u fans need a little air from that Limp Bizkit gas chamber u all live in! We're sick of u sayin Limp Is the best when u know u are just all in some transe that u can't escape! U all meed therapy! We don't want u 2 whine when they break up cuz Fred Durst is a greedy asshole & tries 2 obstain everything! Learn 2 think Out Side the BOX! They've got u in a mind warp of shit music! NO MORE BIZKIT!

>>By Alaska   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 02:54)

ok, ALASKA u need to calm down, because we think limp bizkit is the best dosn't mean its true, 4 evreone, just there fans, so u can think whatever u want we dont relly give a rats ass what u say its what we think of them, and what the hell, wear did the part about him riding a motor bike come from? u are the one who needs therapy, u go on this website just to dis a fuckin band that u dont like u my friend need a life, one wear u do somthin other than sit by ur computer makin up stupid shit that dont matter! listen just calm down and relax pay attencion to ur life cuz the way ur life sounds ur hedden down hill!

p.s. if i offended u i didnt mean to, ok, peace out

>>By limp is tight   (Monday, 28 Apr 2003 22:07)

If I say my opinion,which is, chopped down, Limp Bizkit is not that good of a band because of Fred Durst and his cheap marketing gimmicks aswell as his money grabbing attitude.

Umm, yeah......thats my opinion and I didn't have to say one single insult in is just my opinion. It seems as if my opinions are insults themselves because the fan base of Limp Bizkit can't understand the reality of my ideas,therefore you, the moderators, say my opinions are insults to cover up the reality of what Limp Bizkit is, one big marketing campaign to feed the money-hungry Durst.....Blind the eyes of the fans, tell them everything is ok.....the bad man can't get you......hush now, close your eyes.

>>By the skinthinner   (Thursday, 8 May 2003 04:52)

i think that they are the best group up to significant other,. they has change. they became too comercial, but i still like them.

>>By Nacho-from Argentina   (Sunday, 1 Jun 2003 06:18)

Everybody is talkin' 'bout how Fred Durst is money grabbin', cold business man, who don't give a shit 'bout music or fans. That's all wrong. If you are a rich or have always been wealthy since you were a kid, you don't have no clue what is like to be broke all the time and live in a neighbourhood, where is livin' drunks, junkies, and mentally ill shit heads. I know and so does Fred. He has been takin' shit for his whole life and now when he is finally succeedin' in his career, people starts to call him greed asshole! That's what his gotta live with. People hate him with wrong reasons. I bet, that everybody who is dissin' him here, haven't NEVER talked face to face with him. You are just goin' blind with masses and diss him, coz' it's "cool".

"Don't judge, or you will be judged".

>>By Revolver   (Saturday, 7 Jun 2003 18:29)

If you've read any of my post you should be able to tell 2 things: 1) I listen to good music, not shit like Limp Bizkit; and 2) I could give shit about anyone's opinions except my own.

Limp Bizkit still sucks. Fred Durst is still a greedy, untalented, fatfuck.

>>By Dresden   (Friday, 13 Jun 2003 02:20)

Lets get some things straight here. ANSWER MY FUCKING QUESTIONS.

In you're other post, Revolver, you said that, and I quote : "you don't have no clue what is like to be broke all the time and live in a neighbourhood, where is livin' drunks, junkies, and mentally ill shit heads. I know and so does Fred. " This relates to question numero uno in my questions list that I have compiled to make things alot easier for your simple brain.
The rest of my questions goes as follows:


My debates are with the way Fred Durst 'The Business Man' sells is albums to his fans that he holds so dear.

-he used Wes Borland, the most talented and most influential member of Limp Bizkit to sell his albums, without Wes, there is no Limp Bizkit.

-don't make me explain how, the proof is on the cover of 'New Old Songs' ( Yes, those old songs that were re-mixed and re-done to be re-sold to be re-used to re-fill Fred's fat wallet )

-he releases 'single albums' for the same price as a full album but with one song on it,hence, SINGLE.

-basically Fred is in total control of his 'empire' of writing, preforming, producing and advertising. I am not surprised that he writes the bands songs cause they really suck bad. I am not surprised that he preforms live, cause he sucks bad and something that bad can't be faked, you have to have a 'feel' for the techinque of whining on a mic. I am surprised, however, of the advertising and album covers. Who does the artwork for Limp's Albums? I'll give you a hint; I mentioned his name before and it rhymes with FEZ GORLEND, yes, the Tounge of Colicab, WES BORLAND.

-Wes Borland was Fred's bitch when it came to selling albums. Ya know, all the AMAZING guitar work, and artwork for the album covers tends to sell very good.

-Fred Basically used Wes as a brace to 'roll' the Bizkit and their 'URBAN ASSAULT VEHICLE' to the top of the music charts. Well, things tend to roll downhill easier and faster than uphill, and now that the brace is gone, the whole thing will roll faster than a circus clown on fire.( lmao, can you picture a circus clown on fire, trying to roll out the blaze? LMFAO, thats pretty fast. )

-If you are still to dumb and have no clue in hell what I am rambling about, check out the left hand side of this site,lol how many cut 'n paste jobs to you see here? If you hear the albums, you'd notice more.

Basically, thats my debate, and this being a discussion site, you may contradict them if you wish, but be prepared for a viscious battle of words to take place, ( The site moderators know what I am talking about when I say that and so do most of the regulars here. )

By now, you, REVOLVER, have probably skipped my post and are just reading this cause I mentioned your name in big letters. GO BACK AND READ IT ALL. If you have, you have my congrats but I know for sure you forgot these:


Thought I forgot eh? Nope. Answer them and then debate my opinions, otherwise you havent proven yourself worthy to go up against SKINTHINNER, WIELDER OF THE WORDS! BOW BEFORE ME AND MY UNCANNY POWER OF OPINION !!!!.....heh,...heh,...heh, I always wanted to say that.

>>By the skinthinner   (Friday, 13 Jun 2003 02:25)

C'mon. That has gotta be the WORST album cover anyone has EVER seen. Look at it for Christ's sake.....Its something a child in pre-school would bring home to his mother.

Can you just picture for a second, Fred Durst in his living room. Hunched over a coffee table with chopped up old album covers and a bottle of white glue in hand. His tounge sticking out the side of mouth as if he were re-wiring a piece of NASA spaceshuttle equipment.


I dunno about anyone else, but that album cover is so horrible, it would make blind children cry and run away. It makes me wanna gouge my eyes out with a spoon.

<<SURGEN GENERAL'S WARNING>>: To avoid any self sustained injury due to the poor quality and overall poor workmanship put into that album cover, please place several Post-It Notes down the left hand side of the screen to avoid accidental eye contact with the album cover. If contact occurs, rinse eyes for several minuets under cold running water and contact your physician immeadiatly.
Several side effects of eye contact include: vommiting, severe pain in the eyes, unnatural boost of self confidence in minimal effort motor-skilled activities, pitty, denial, and the sudden urge to gouge out your eyes with a spoon.

>>By the skinthinner   (Friday, 13 Jun 2003 03:38)

"Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics;
-Even if you win, you're still retarded".

>>By Mr. Masta   (Friday, 13 Jun 2003 14:25)

Yeah, yeah, man. The reason why i am here so often, is 1.) It's my summer vacation and it rains at outside all the time, so i don't think anythin' better to do. I just wanna have a big laugh unleast once a day by readin' your new, mile lenght shit! It's just so hilarious how guy, who don't even know me, can be so pissed off to me. I'm just takin' this whole bullshit as a joke, coz' i got no time for startin' arguing with a loser like you. Oh, and by the way; you are answerin' to my shit as fast as i do to yours. What's your execuse man? But i can forget this whole thing, if you can. I just get my laughs from somewhere else. It was nice to know you, man!

No, no, no. THANK YOU!

>>By Revolver   (Saturday, 14 Jun 2003 13:26)

Hey, you two! Can we now get back to the main subject, wich is a discussion site to Limp Bizkit fans? Don't you get it? Ya can't get anywhere with this. So please, take it somewhere else or be quiet. I just wanna say about Limp Bizkit, that they have always been one of my favourite numetal bands! Their songs are awsome and their stage show is so cool! So keep it rollin', Bizkit's. You make my world look better!

>>By Rice   (Sunday, 15 Jun 2003 17:11)

revolver, revolver, revolver... i've been wathcing you revolver. all your posts... your ideas, your (for lack of a better word) thoughts. and now i have come for you, to show you that your ignorance is seen universally and not only in the eyes of the mighty word warrior the skinthinner. no, i am not the gnome seeking vengance. i am malice, HEAR ME TYPE!

for the most part sir, most of your...we'll call them 'musings' have been vaugely coherant and soley hilarious. after busting a gut at your depiction of the race of retards in a peice i like to call "wrath of revolver", i realized that you are not fred durst, nor are you limp is tight, nor are you just another elbow chewing chowder head moron with the i.q. equivalancy of a bag of rusty hammers. no, you sir, are an artist.

you speak to the most primal part of me in a voice that whispers in the back of my mind. you help me relive the brief moments of my youth where my brain was still under developed and such responses as "i'm rubber your glue" were still socailly acceptable. but this overwhelming nostalgia is followed by an even more powerful memory, one encoded deep, deep in the recesses of my DNA. you know, the swirley colorful stuff from jurassic park.

yes well aside from recreating dinosaurs, dna also plays a vital role in HUMAN life (that's us)
and some people beleive that things our ancestors (us i gajillion years ago) experiance were burned permanantly into our DNA. there was a man, a great man by the name of charles darwin. a wonderful man and quite the genius. this man had a theory that all men were direct decendants from apes (those furry midgets at the zoo) and he also believed in a little thing called evolution. i realize that you must be cross eyed by now so i'll review real quick in a little bit more... understandible dialect.


okay, now that were all up to speed, i'll go on. Darwin's theory of evolution was as such:

All men are derived from apes
The change from ape to man was slow and took place over millions of years.
there are some exeptions to the theory of evolution.

did you catch that last one? did ya? basically that means, even though most of us are evolutionary, movin along-the-track there are some, who were... a little left back. wait theres a better word here... further back... no... oh come on, i know it.... oh that's right

that's right you dumb mother fucker! if you by some miracle or devine intervention you've figured it out yet, i'm calling you a retard! retard!

enough of all this civilized human dialect, who the hell needs articulate speech? let's talk in street cred style.

fo shizzle my nizzle fizzle dizzle, fred durst iz da shit bomb on da nu-matal joint dog-biatch,
and that one shiney p cd he cut, where all dem songs wuz old' dat wuz da shit! who da hell needs to spend money on QUALITY goods and services anywho? am i right fo shiggit dig atch? i mean, origniality is so overated. cheap, under budget, cash driven crap psuedo music is where is at my home fukkaz! word? can i get a whut whut? fred durst is da bomb diggity, limb is soooooooooo tight. matta fact GOOOOOOOOO LLLLLLIIIIIIMMMMMMPPPP. word up my shiggitae fo diggaes.

PEACE OUT! --my way, it's my sombydryjhjdg

>>By malice   (Tuesday, 17 Jun 2003 01:02)

Man, i just don't get you two! Why can't you both just stop? Or is it so important,who get's the last word? I'm so sick of this. But unleaset Revolver is tryin' to stop this shit. Hope it's over now. I wanted to give it up for my favourite group, Limp Bizkit, but you two assholes ruined it! There ain't nobody readin' your stupid shit than you two fucks! Just stop it, please.

>>By Moshpit   (Tuesday, 17 Jun 2003 08:24)

I didn't like Bizkit's latest album, Chocolate starfish, but it had it's moment's. Songs like Rollin', Full Nelson, Fast Lane and My Generation saved it big time. The songs in the end were pretty weak. But still, bizkit's rule! The new guitarist is way better than Wes Borland.

>>By Jaymo   (Tuesday, 17 Jun 2003 09:07)

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