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Hey Bizkit fans! This is the Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas, and we are excited about the boyz coming to town on August 3. Come by before or after the show and enjoy our Happy Hour with $2 drinks (4-7) on our new patio...we also have live music every Friday night and hip-hop on Saturdays. So join us, say hi and let's talk music!

>>By Crispy   (Tuesday, 17 Jun 2003 23:32)

skonthinner: Okay, i make this clear to you: Old guy=age racism. Woman=sex racism. Okay? You got it now? And i don't get english dictionary. Why the fuck should i? It even ain't my own language. And why are you using the word "faggot" in negative sentense? Is there somethin' wrong being homosexual? Again, you are racist, my friend. And yes, you are that fuckin' stupid when you point how stupid i am. When you do that, you are just showin' how stupid you are, because you haven't tried, not even once to stop this childish bullshit. I have. So you can do somethin' creative with your right hand, or as you say, with your "friend". Like you can go and fuck yourself with your "friend". And if you wan't, you can count your left hand as your friend too. And i am slappin' myself. Every time when i read your text. It's the only way i can stop this laughing! You are still takin' this seriously. What the hell is wrong with you?

malice: I still believe you are skinthinner. Your shit came here same time as skinthinners. Coincidence? I don't think so. "War of insults", my god! You really consider this crap as "war"? Man, you really must have a boring life! And how the hell do you know, is my strategy workin'? You haven't even got laid! You can take your pride being a geek up in your ass while someones kickin your head to the ground. You must be from south, deep deep south, because in here, we don't have sexual intercourses with our relatives, you sick fuck! And i can see you are pissed off. So many misspellings... How can you pissed off to me? I'm not pissed off to you! You know why? Because this whole thing is a one big JOKE. Now relax and play games in the internet with your geek friends.

>>By Revolver   (Wednesday, 18 Jun 2003 14:31)

First things first. I take this matter seriously to show that not just anyone can say what they want about me and try to get away with it. The only thing I don't take seriously here is you REVOLVER because you are like a mime, we all know you are here, but we have no clue what you are trying to say.

<<<Now to fully understand what I am talking about in this post you must read REVOLVER's last post.>>>

REVOLVER, okay let me make THIS clear to YOU:

Age= is not a race
Age, Websters definition of ; (1)the time that a person or thing has existed since birth or beginning. (2)probable lifetime (3)a stage of life [she is at the awkward age.] (4)the condition of being old. (5)a generation. (6)a) an interval of geologic time ; specif., an interval corresponding to a stage in rock strata b)any prehistoric cultural period in human development [the stone age] c)a period characterized by some person or by some outstanding feature or influence [the Elizabethan Age, the Space Age] (7)[often pl.] [Colloq.] a long time.

Is that clear? Age is basically a state of being, not a race you jackass.

Women= is not a race.
Woman, Websters definition of; (1)a) the female human being. b)women collectively.(2) an adult female human being. (3)a)[Dial.] a wife. b)sweetheart or a mistress. (4)womanly qualities or charactaristics; femininity [the wonam in her] -adj. (1) of or charactaristics of a woman or women; feminine (2)female. [a woman scientist]

Is that clear? Women are part of the human race, not a race all in thier own, you jackass.
Why did I have to explain to you, REVOLVER, what a woman is?.....Your sexual orientation is in now in question, more than ever before..........I'll leave you to think about that, remember, denial is one of the stages to acceptance.

REVOLVER-"And i don't get english dictionary. Why the fuck should i? It even ain't my own language."..... Why do you do that? You are now trying to hide your poor english by saying you dont even speak it. If you had your OWN language, everyone would be insulting each other because everyone would always show how stupid they were when they tried to communicate.

Relating to your last post, REVOLVER: There is no way to say 'faggot' in a positive sentence, it IS an insult and I said it to YOU, stupid jackass.

Another thing to mention: Okay, I admit I am not the world's greatest speller but you have alot more spelling and gramatical errors than me, so untill that changes, you should really keep your face shut. Dont believe me? Shall I show you?

"skonthinner"-skinthinner (I'll give you a break on that one, but for spelling's sake, I'll mention it.)
"don't have sexual intercourses with....."- intercourse (plural)
"And i don't get english dictionary"- 'have' instead of 'get' (b.t.w, you need a dictionary.)
"So many misspellings"- alright, 'misspellings' is not a word. I won't elaborate on that.

Don't come revolting back to me and say something like ".....Well, looks like we have Mr.Spelling here." or some other bullshit like that, you brought the topic of spelling mistakes up and I am just elaborating on it. REVOLVER, don't try to be smart with out a dictionary (refrering to your 1st and 2nd line of your last post)

By the way, if you have (attempted to, possibly failed to) read pages 1 and 2 of this discussion, you will notice that malice was here before you have posted your useless opinions. But enough about that and on to you as the topic.

I think you, REVOLVER, should calm down. You are obviously showing signs of fatigue in your posts, you get more distraught and more aggravated after every time I show you how dumb you are. You are paranoia stricken because you think that everyone against you is me, the skinthinner. You constantly avoid the topic at hand and banter on about "skinthinner this and skinthinner that" You make it so easy to insult your intelligence, that my friend, that it is disgusting.

REVOLVER -"And i am slappin' myself."

Speaking of slapping yourself, you may want to slap yourself for saying this....."And yes, you are that fuckin' stupid when you point how stupid i am. When you do that, you are just showin' how stupid you are, because you haven't tried, not even once to stop this childish bullshit."

It is not my job to stop you from being childish. I am not going to go on a 'He started it first!' fit and blame this all on you, but you always seem to be begging for me to show how dumb you are and I can't pass off an opportunity like that, so yeah, I guess I am also somewhat childish because I am arguing with a retard called REVOLVER who, seems to have a nasty obsession with right hands and masturbation. (I am reffering to the times you have mentioned that. Based on those instances, I have come to the conclusion that you, REVOLVER, having a sick fetish for masturbation and right hands not only of yours but others as well.) But we'll keep that hush-hush.

Ya know, REVOLVER, you should really read the entire post. I have to keep typing your name in caps so I can get the attention of that poor excuse of a brain of yours. Excuse the lengthy posts, for the summed up version just read where your name is in caps (BIG LETTERS).

Think hard Revolver, think really hard. Do you still want people to think less of you? You tell me to grow up but you are the child saying that. It is impossible for you to comprehend how stupid I know you are. You don't read my posts, and then you try to reply to them by saying " I don't care." or something else like that. I have addressed that many times by saying "denial is one of the stages to acceptance" Don't deny that you are stupid, accept it....I wouldn't go as far as cherishing it because nobody needs an over confident stupid person such as yourself. Yes, that was an insult towards you, see how easy it was?

If I were as dumb as you, revolver, you'd also have these 'story length posts' to show how dumb you thought I was. My posts are stories, stories about someone by the name of Revolver who tries too hard to be smart but ends up failing and slapping him self in the face when all is said and done. My stories are uplifting and finally give an answer to people who think that they are the dumbest person in the world but now they know that someone holds that position with great pride and honour, that person is Revolver....the dumbest person in the world.

REVOLVER-"And i am slappin' myself. Every time when i read your text. It's the only way i can stop this laughing! You are still takin' this seriously. What the hell is wrong with you?"

It really does show how retarded you are when you have to slap yourself to stop laughing and then turn around and ask what the hell is wrong with me.

>>By the skinthinner   (Wednesday, 18 Jun 2003 23:11)

Before you say anything REVOLVER, read the last 2 paragraphs of my last post.

Slap yourself right now so you don't start laughing at yourself.

>>By the skinthinner   (Wednesday, 18 Jun 2003 23:16)

I am now personally offended by you, Revolver.
What the fuck are you doing at the SlipKnoT discussion?
You have no place there, you say you're a fan but you didnt post anything there besides your latest banter about me.

You belong here, at this god damn crappy discussion. As do I cause there is no need to pollute that discussion with your childish antics.
You know what? I think you found out that SlipKnoT hates corperate whores like Fred Durst so you assumed and assumed correctly that I would be there. So you say that SlipKnoT fucking rules so those fans wouldnt verbally bitch slap you to a pulp.

You don't know the facts of either band, so dont post anything more about them saying crap that you think you know is right.

You dont understand what you are talking about. you dont know jack shit about slipknot or limp bizkit.

You idolize Fred Durst, ya know the guy who publically insulted the fans of Slipknot calling them and I quote: "greasy fat kids" end quote. The guy who likes to talk shit about Slipknot and Roadrunner Records saying that " if you are signed up with Roadrunner, yer going nowhere." Ya that guy. The guy who used Wes Borland to sell the bands albums and put the band on the top of the music charts and gain popularity. That bastard. And the mindless drones of LB are the exact same. So I have taken it upon myself to stop this shit when I first came onto this discussion.

See the 1st page and all the LB fans? Yeah, with the help of the slipknot fans, we have shut them all up except for one. Limp is Tight. If you, Revolver, ever bothered to read page 1 and 2 of this discussion you will see all the truth I had to pack in that guys head to finally get him to shut up and realize what type of person recorded that song he listened to all the time.

I dont understand, the fans of LB dont seem to know that it wasnt all for the "Nookie" it was for the fucking money..... Who gives a crap about anything when you have mindless drones that buy your merchandise and listen to your music and go to your concerts when all you ever needed was MONEY, CASH, BLING-BLING. Thats why Fred Durst will be known as cash whore.

It really is hard to find a band with decent music that plays and preforms for the fans. The fans are where its at, money, poularity, record sales....all by-products caused by the fans. Bands like Limp Bizkit take an unfair adavantage of this. They throw together crap and put it in a CD or re-mix old albums and re-sell them to make more MONEY and to become more POPULAR and to increase RECORD SALES. Basically, LB takes advantage of the fans they have led astray with thier music, using them as money cows to milk away every last dollar (just like the government) to be used to hire some DJ to re-mix another album or to be used to buy themselves a couple new cars or another mansion.

This band, Limp Bizkit is the worst band in the history of music. And I have yet to understand the reason to why they are looked up upon as 'innovators' of Nu-Metal. What a fucking copout.

>>By the skinthinner   (Thursday, 19 Jun 2003 01:02)

I am tyring to bring this back to a fucking discussion. So I have done something in my last post that I havent done since limp is tight has left, I have discussed my opinion about Limp Bizkit. Any one have any contrary opinions about the way I see LB as?

>>By the skinthinner   (Thursday, 19 Jun 2003 01:21)

OHH SHIT!!! I've been insulted!! How could you? And again, i say this to you now: There's Race racism, age racism, sex racism and so much more you fuckin' moron! You got too much time in your hands, or as you would say: "in your friends". I don't have time to read that fuckin' bullshit, wich has came from a guy who takes this childish shit so seriously and who don't even know me! That still makes me laugh. And does it mean, that if i don't write somethin' in a fuckin' discussion site, i don't like the band? I have been typin' shit in there, just with a different nick, bcoz' this whole "revolver" shit was an idea, wich was supposed to die soon. You didn't let it to die, so here it still is.

Okay you said your opinion about Limp Bizkit. Fuckin' bravo, man! Now let's keep this discussion site in discussion of Limp Bizkit, not two dumbasses, who are tryin' to achieve somethin' with insultin' each other. And Slipknot is nu-metal too, y know? And what did you say about facts? I know Slipknot pretty well, you know. I have been listenin' them since they started with "mate.feed.kill.repeat.". But if you don't believe me, fine. I don't care. And the reason why anybody else hasnt come here to insult a guy who they don't even know, is bcoz' they are ADULTS.

And now id like to finish this shit, wich i really hope is my last post in here with this stupid nickname, i will say few lil' things with my own language: Oon kyllästyny tähän paskan jauhantaan sun kanssas, jos vaan voitais niin lopetetaan tää turha paska jo. Se ei hyödytä mitään. Alkaa kyllästyttää jo! Eli jos lopetetaan nyt, mä vaihdan nickini johonkin josta oikeasti pidän, eikä mistään revolverista kuulla enää ikinä.

So what i was sayin', was that we forget this crap right now (and i really hope it stops, it's kinda boring right now). Your "insults" don't affect me, and i hope mine doesn't affect you, so what's the fuckin' point? We are both tryin' to achieve somethin' very childish, wich sucks so bad. So if this is the last post, i change this stupid fuckin nick to somethin' wich i really like and we can both forget this. Deal?

>>By Revolver   (Thursday, 19 Jun 2003 11:09)

1st of all dont call me childish. i will explain this later in the post

If you were an 'adult' you would know that there is no such this as 'age racism' 'race racism' sex racism' now the reason why is cause age is not a race a race is: ethnic groups and such ya know, whites, japanese, blacks, whatever, i am sure you know what the hell i am talking about now. i have yet to meet someone from the 'age race' be be racist is to be (an asshole) and to have dislikes for certain ethnic groups as i have explained before you jackass. bias

DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW? If you still don't, i think you've been slapping yourself way too hard, use an ovenmitt or something to soften the blow.

Dude, you call me childish when you are the one pissing and moaning about my 'story length' posts. its like 2 6yr olds in the back seat of a minivan going to Disney Land " are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet?"
for the whole god damn trip there and back.

I am acting my age, make fun of it, i really dont care, last time i checked the teen thought process has been "act now think later" and "if it dosent kill you, it'll make you really really drunk" and the whole revolt against authority and whatnot. Basically I am living a Sum41 music video and you are in a YoYo Ma Symphony, you belong in the Sum41 video, but you think you are way too mature to be here so you turn to Mr.Ma for company.

You say 'FINALLY! WE CAN TALK ABOUT LIMP BIZKIT!' but then you go on and banter in your language about your facination with masturbation and the right hand then you call me childish for calling you a jackass when the guy pointing the finger ( you ) seem to like talking about masturbation and your right hand puns, ya i did that too, but that was when i thought kooties were the nastiest things ever and i played kickball between nap time and recess with the 1st graders.

About 'adults' not arguing with a guy they dont know , um yeah, how much hell did you think i had to raise to get the site moderators to set up a Discussion Guideline and have to talk to me via post on page 2 i believe it was. there were originally 2 extra pages in this discussion during what i like to call "the limp is tight saga" but alas, they were deleted as discussed in the guidelines. you dont have to believe me about the 'limp is tight saga" but go to page 2 and read 'mg's post ( the one is yellow ) i take great pride in what i have done for the site mod's to make guidelines just for 'lil 'ole me.

Yeah and go do your Slipknot homework and start listening to the music. You know what i am talking about.

Does this not sound right to you Revolver? Ahem....I enjoy Slipknot very much. I am fond of their first album entitled "Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat." I thought the music was 'rad' and 'hip'. I also enjoy their on-stage 'antics' very much. Their appearance whilst preforming accentuates their particular way of playing. I enjoy the 'mosh pits' and how enjoyable the fans of Slipknot really are.

Yeah, call me childish now. go ahead, one more time.

Why do you hate your name Revolver? You sort no you didnt fool me into thinking you really know what you are talking about. but if you want a funny nick-name how's about 'dictionary' haha that is one hell of an will understand what that means when you purchase a dictionary for yourself.

About all the banter about nick-names and posting many times at the Slipknot discussion.
I wouldnt believe you any further than i could throw you.

I just cant help but snickering about your constant whining about calling yourself an adult.
why? cause you said you are on summer break know where i am going. either you are a schoolbus driver or a grade 9 dropout. or you may be a 20yr old uneducated person without a job know the type, the type that live in townhouses with their own loft and a garden on the roof the grows organic vegetables. OH MY GOD! I AM BEING RACIST TO THE 20YR OLD UNEDUCATED PEOPLE WITHOUT JOBS! NO NOT THAT RACE OF PEOPLE! ha! i beat you to it, you jackass.i had a gut feeling that you would comment on that, i guess Revolver is a good name for you cause i can read you like a book with pretty pictures in it.

Sometimes i forget why i bother agruiing with you, every single answer i have givin to you were taken from your own posts or text i have already posted.

BTW: please, for god's sake. buy a dictionary, look at one, i dont care, steal it if you want to and then read to yourself, aloud, the definition of racism. And dont slap yourself too hard, i woulnt want your brain ( or lack of ) to turn upside down during one of your laughing escapades. so you should buy a helmet also it prevents head injuries while playing contact sports, in your case, slapping yourself to stop laughing.

>>By the skinthinner   (Friday, 20 Jun 2003 05:13)

Oh, and skinthinner; You seem like a hc-fan of slipknot, am i right? You think, that slipknot is the "metal of gods"? Well, i got some news for you: You know how much people dispaise slipknot in the metal sircles? Slipknot is nu-metal, so the people, who are fans for "real" metal bands, like the kovenant, slayer, in flames, cannibal corpse and dimmu borgir, slipknot is just a lame piece of shit in the world of nu-metal. But i guess you don't care about this. I don't care about it. I just wanted you to know, that Slipknot isn't "that cool". But hey, you can't see california without marlon brando's eyes.

By the way, do you know, who is puckin' in the hidden track on the album "slipknot"? It's Chris. And do you know, why he is puckin'? Well, many people are sayin', and if you listen really closely, you can hear Joey sayin' "She's covered in it". So many people guess, that they are watchin a porn movie, where a guy is takin' a dump on a girl.

And one more thing: I didn't mean to make you mad again, but i guess that there's going to be so much text under this, that Michael Crichton can make a book of it. I just wanted you to know real facts, and not think, that slipknot is the greatest.

>>By Revolver   (Friday, 20 Jun 2003 12:27)

Okay, okay. You two dorks have been doin' this really CHILDISH thing for long enough, it's time to let it go...

So if here's ANY limpbizkit fans left, i wanna tell them, that the new album is out sometimes in september, so be patient!

>>By Peck   (Friday, 20 Jun 2003 13:23)

If you're gonna go around bashing people for bad spelling/grammar, you yourself should be able to write in correct English (Attention Malice).

Also, Skinthinner likes Slipknot and Nickelback, so he's no different than any of you neanderthals who are defending Limp Bizkit. You can't be part of the solution if you're still part of the problem.

.... Limp Bizkit still sucks. All of you should go listen to Tool.

>>By Dresden   (Sunday, 22 Jun 2003 04:07)

yes, yes,yes i am sorry. my spelling and grammer are and forever will be poop.
for referance check the SOAD site. heh heh heh. sorry.

>>By malice   (Sunday, 22 Jun 2003 06:00)

alright, what the fuck? i leave this god damned to hell discussion for three fucking days and everything goes to the sub levels of hell.

prooves the fucking point the the reason why i am here, i keep shit in order. if i had no fucking use the god damn mod's here woulda banned me from ever posting again.

stupid assed revolver. you did know, that you made me say all that ass shit. yes, you wanted for me to be childish and i did? wasnt it fucking fun?

i used to give a fuck about what goes on here, not anymore, but that dosent mean that i am gonna stop the shit disturbers here. when revolver leaves, yes....i have prooven victorious with the help of fellow bashers. yea, i know, call it childish but in the end the bashers always fucking win cause of the poor fanbase of LB.

I TOLD YOU, REVOLVER. GET A GOD DAMN DICTIONARY AND KNOW WHAT RACISM MEANS. i also told you that i would win this battle of words ( go ahead and call it childish mother fuckers i dont fucking care.)

you all fucking smell.
like poo.

see how childish i am? isnt it cool? haha fuck off motherfuckers.

i am here to stay fags, get used to me being childish.

i spelt shit wrong, i still dont care, i figuerd that being too careful about spelling and crap was the problem, now i can be just like revolver, but with a purpose.

>>By the skinthinner   (Sunday, 22 Jun 2003 06:15)

Oh no.... Yeah, yeah, you have now won this "battle of words". Hope you can get good night sleep tonight. Cauz' i don't care either. Man, you take this way too seriously! It's just so sad how you wanna "bash the fanbase of LB", win the "battle of words" and you are talkin' about "fellow bashers"?. I haven't seen any of youre "fellow bashers". I guess i was right. Youre "fellow bashers" are adults and don't give a shit about this whole thing. You gonna "bash the fanbase of LB" with this dicussion site? Good luck! If you don't have anythin' more mature things to do, then go ahead! And yes, i call all youre typings childish, cause you really don't understand how pointless all your insults and bullshit is. Nobody read's them! You said you don't anymore give a fuck what's goin' on in here? GOOD! That's been my point from the fuckin' beginning! I don't give a fuck, you don't give a fuck, NOBODY gives a fuck!!! And the reason why i leave this place, is because i'm just so tired to argue with a guy who i don't know! I won't never see you, i will never talk to you face to face, so why should i stay keepin' this up? I don't get upset what you say about me, coz' i don't know you and so on..

I bet you see some wild wet dreams about this: "WOOHOOO, i won the arguing on the internet, i won the aarguing on internet"! Well, hope you are finally happy, i know i am!

>>By Revolver   (Sunday, 22 Jun 2003 12:24)

Hey, all limpbizkit fans, when does summer sanitarium start? It's gonna be the BOMB, when such a great bands, like Metallica, Linkin Park and Deftones perform in the same stage! Also, when does the new single "crack addict" drop? That song is so cool, back to the raw roots of limpbizkit!

>>By Tom Deluiz   (Sunday, 22 Jun 2003 19:02)

I love "The One"! It's one of the best songs from Limp Bizkit's latest album. Other great tracks from LB are "Pollution", "counterfeit", "faith", "leech", "nookie", "brake stuff", "9 teen 90 nine", "full nelson", "my way", "rollin" and so on. Long live Limp Bizkit! I just can't wait when they release the new album!

Much love!

>>By Janice   (Monday, 23 Jun 2003 15:15)

"all my typings are childish"
me type not so good english but Revolver can typer not so good emglish and me say to revolver you smell poop.

ugga ugga. revolver leave now no more come back. but you still read and get madder.

ogga ogga me skinthinner me win. ME WIN ME go drive schoolbus now eat crayons and smell poop me type bader like revolver me not speak good emglish me are childish. juice.

yes..... now if you want to debate about LB read my post on page one of this discussion and well go round and round...ROUND AND ROUND! RIGHT REVOLVER??? ROUND AND ROUND LIKE THE WHEELS ON THE FUCKING BUS YOU DRIVE ROUND AND FUCKING ROUND!

"welcome to the jungle punk, take a look around, its limp bizkit fuckin' up yer town" fuckin up my fuckin ears....fuck.

>>By the skinthinner   (Wednesday, 25 Jun 2003 00:10)

That's right! You win! I knew you'd be happy! You see, i don't take this seriously. I know my english ain't great. If you born in a country, where people don't speak english, it's natural that you don't know the language. But you just can't understand that, don't you? And i ain't mad at you. I don't take this seriously. But i can see, that you do. You are just that childish. Well, there will be a day, when you reach puberty and hair starts to grow in the wierd places and your voice will change. I hope, that then you will be mature enough to have more mature things to think and do. But now, you and your right hand can start to party, bcoz' you won!!! That's right!! I bet ya gonna see wet dreams about this for the next 3 years. And if you wan't some serious partyin', you better let your left hand to join the party. Then you can play games in internet, do your math homeworks and play some roleplayin' games!

Now, you have been sayin', that i'm stupid, bcoz' i'm not so great in english. So be it. You are stupid, if you don't understand this: Ota muna käteen, vatkaa sitä ja valkoista ainetta rupeaa tulemaan munastasi. Silloin huomaat, että on aika kivaa loppujen lopuksi aikuistua, vai mitä? Mutta minulla on onneksi elämä, vitun nörtti. Mun päiväni ei mene pilalle tällaisesta nörttien touhusta. Nii et moi moi.

>>By Revolver   (Wednesday, 25 Jun 2003 12:54)

Limp Bizkit's first album kicked ass...But as the years passed they grew soft.

>>By sykystkm   (Saturday, 28 Jun 2003 20:05)

Yeah, the first one was so raw and cool that i still keep listenin' to it. It's true they got lil' softer with the two latest albums, but it seems they are goin' back to the old school. Just listen the new song "Crack Addict" and you find out!

>>By Cutie   (Saturday, 28 Jun 2003 20:33)

Well look at that! Right away, when skinthinner comes back, there's 2 people more talkin' shit. Coincidence? No, i guess skinthinner has invited some nerd "friends" of his or his imagination "friends". And i don't care, if this is never gonna end. This is mad fun! Seen so childish person as skinthinner gettin' pissed off is the most funniest thing! And when he tries to make me mad, i'm just gettin' more laughs! Think about it: This guy is gettin' so mad to another guy, who he haven't ever seen, who he don't know at all and probably never will. That is just so imature. So yeah, i go away, but every time you say somethin' about me, i will answer back, bcoz' i wanna know, what a person as retarded as you will say next.

Just try to relax, sweetheart.

>>By Revolver   (Sunday, 29 Jun 2003 13:03)

And i thought you were happy bcoz' you won this "argument". Did you have a great time at your party? Did you drink so much soda, you thowed up? Did you stay wake as long as 8 pm? Did you pick on people on the chat rooms? Did you get laid with your right hand? Did you have threesome with your BOTH hands? Man, you are livin' on the edge, you crazy party animal!!!!

>>By Revolver   (Sunday, 29 Jun 2003 13:12)

Did anyone happen to see that Rolling Stone a few issues back with Fred Durst, Ozzy, and all those other posing fruitcakes? There’s some fucked up shit going on: Fred Durst unveils his new tattoo of Kurt Cobain’s head. That’s like Hitler getting a tattoo of Jesus to try and make us all forget what he’s done.

>>By Dresden   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 01:54)

Dresen, what bad Fred Durst has exactly done? I'm just curious...

>>By Native Funk   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 11:04)

Limp Bizkit is great! I love their music.... That's all

>>By Crucial   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 21:35)

They just have no point in there music and all you people like them because you want other people to think your cool. I know how it works.

>>By mr. sparkler   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 21:53)

rock used to be a place you went to escape people like fred. then, they found out that rockers made money, so he put his magic money hat on, and went to work.
you know who fred reminds me of? mr.krabs from spongebob squarepants. except fred lacks the cartoonish undersea quirky disposition. watch the damn show.
IT'S FREE BUDDY!. i'm drunk!

>>By [insert name here]   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 00:06)

There is a use for those Limp BIzkit albums. i have compiled a list of some things to do with them, remember, be creative!

-use them as coasters
-hood ornaments
-pizza cutters
-sun dials
-chop a lot of them up and use them as afordable insulation
-make them into clocks
-sun glasses
-small dishes
-aquarium decorations
-use them to decorate your christmas tree
-place them under the wipers of parked cars.
-get a whole bunch of em and keep the mail man at bay
-use em as mousepads
-tile your floor with them
-wallpaper a room with them
-smash em up into a fine powder and then fill a sandbox
-use them as ninja throwing stars
-make reflectors
-they may even be a low carb source of nutrition
-strap them to your feet and make loud screeching noises as you shuffle through a mall
-fill a sock with them and beat someone whom you dont like
-use them to hold up a gutted car and save those cinderblocks for something else.
-wear them as rings
-make fancy buttons on your shirt
-pelt Mr. Durst with his own cheap crap
-give them to a deaf person

yeah, you may have noticed that i have inculded everything except the obvious, no...not torching them....i meant listening to them. do what you want with them, just keep them away from anything that can hear which includes large animals aswell as small children (damn, now i feel sorry for that mail man.)

>>By the skinthinner   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 03:44)

well i love limpbizkit and i don't care what anybody else say. I've been listening there music since day one, and i'm not planning to stop. limpbizkit is just big part of the music that i love. and all you who are dissing fred, do you even know him? have you ever talked to him? you are judging the guy without even meeting him.

>>By Suzy   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 15:48)

>>>>Off Topic:
do not call me kido, you cynical old man.
you call me pathetic, what is wrong with you boy? brush your false teeth with Vagisil again?
you wanna be childish about right hands, revolver? fine, i can understand that a person like yourself who grew up in an incestual family could have some problems later on in life.
you are old, cynical, and suffer from alzheimers as well as a nasty bed wetting problem.

i am childish, do you know whay revolver? CAUSE I AM ARGUNIG WITH A RETARD.
why are you retarded? CAUSE YOU HAVE TO SLAP YOURSELF TO STOP LAUGHING.( no folks that is unfortunatly...not a joke.)
yes that may be the problem. either that or you pulgged your shit hole with crayons again.

please stop revolver, stop being what you are blatantly not, mature. you are as childish as i am...but the difference between you and me is that i have to knock a couple back before i become a little retarded, you, on the other hand, are you are in a league all in your own,you were destined to be the ass crack of the sub-human race. why do puppies and small children get stuck in drainage pipes? its the same reason for your mental disability.....NO, NOT M&M'S REVOLVER, i meant fate. God works in mysterous your case.....a little too mysterious.

enough about you though. you bore me. you used to be a good person to talk to because before you had no freking idea of what you were talking about. but now that you think you know what you are talking about, it has gone sour and lame...hey, just like Limp Bizkit.

I am gonna drop this now. Keep bitching about me if you like, you can go round and round revolver, i dont give a fuck.

>>>>Back On Topic:
Limp Bizkit, like i have said so many times before, they are the worst band in music history. why? because they use every dime they have to pay some Dj to re-mix their old albums. 3 Dollar Bill Y'all was a good album....but then came Significant Other....god no....then....Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavoured more....GOD...New Old my damn ears off now please.......i have heard that there is a new album comming out, it might be good like 3 Dollar Bill or it might suck balls like the last 3.

hey, Fred might have pulled himself together and took the time to make a new album...hah what am i talking about, he has people to do that for him.

I doubt that the new ablum will be any good because wes has left LB in the dust and left Fred crying his ass off on the side of the road. finally he has pulled away from that cash grabber. it was such a waste to have such raw talent like wes playing for one of the worst bands to have ever graced the music charts.

for you people who say i cant say shit about Fred Durst can screw off. i dont need to meet him, i dont need to talk to him why? cause i am sure he is a pretty cool guy, but the way he runs his limp bizkit empire is a fucking disgrace. re-mixes, re-packaging the old shit and re-form it and stamp it into a Cd and sell it for 15 bucks, what a god damn copout. there are some bands out there who actually care for the music and fans, not for the money the fans produce, but for the attention they damn well deserve. LB dosent seem to give a fuck about fans , its about the wallet filler.

the 1st album was a good buy ,meaning, it was good music. then mr.durst realised that more money could be made if they produce the music in mass quantities, a stratagy that every company uses, flaw. the shit that was compiled to make more money was.....indeed....pure horse shit. but it worked. why? cause you dough heads buy the crap to fill his pockets. it worked so well, that 2 more were produced. oh my a new one, CSATHFW please fred, the fans are getting cheap...dont get cheap. well, thats what none of the fans did, they just shovelled the cash into Fred's pockets. by now, his pockets are bursting at the what...why not...RELEASE A NEW ALBUM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!! why not even re mix the last one? hey our fans are mindless and stupid right? they will just rush to the shelves and buy every last copy...why? CAUSE WE ARE LIMP BIZKIT! who cares for fans, when you have the MONEY! my favorite fan is Benjamin Franklin because he and 350 of his clones helped me buy that new mercedes i always wanted...huh huh huh...

BTW, if you want a shred of proof to back up my theory of how Fred gets his money, just take a look at the release dates of the albums. they start off slow....1997 to '99 then '99 to 2000 then 2000 to 2001 then alot of singles released between 2000 and 2003, then another single now....a new album and thats not all of it. i am sure that you can think for yourselves. i will not elaborate further.

this is comming from a former Limp Bizkit fan (beleive it or not) your eyes and look at what you are buying. please....just take a closer look. where does the money go when you buy that Limp Bizkit CD?..... it goes in Fred's fat wallet........ you're just another link in the money chain, nothing more...he needs no more god damn money cause he'll just re-mix the last damn album...........if you like the music..... dont buy it, just download it.

>>By the skinthinner   (Friday, 4 Jul 2003 04:47)

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