Yann Tiersen


does anyone know anything about yann tiersen?
  (Monday, 9 Dec 2002 22:07)

He wrote most of the songs for the french movie, Amelie.

>>By Chloe Magnussen   (Saturday, 1 Feb 2003 05:08)

I know lots about Tiersen.
I'm a musician - his music inspired me to learn the accordion, as well
as a return to playing piano, which i had quit for a few years.
I have learnt nearly all of his songs on various instruments, and so i think im in a position to quite rightly say that his music is amongst some of the best you will ever hear. Don't take my word for it - buy the Amelie soundtrack (and be sure to catch the film too!)
His music is hard to define - sometimes melancholy, other times happy and upbeat, but always catchy and with a firm focus on interesting rhythms. This guy gets so much out of the 3/4 time signature, its just insane. He plays a stupidly large number of instruments and when you listen to a song that sounds like an orchestra you will be surprised to know that it's all him, playing different instruments on different takes.
For all his musical ability, Tiersen has been blessed with an equal gift in the songwriting department, using his performance talents to perfectly convey many emotions through his music.

I went to see him in Amsterdam, best musical event i have ever attended.

I'm gonna stop now... lol
but if anyone else posts up here dont be surprised to see me start off
again ; P

>>By Music_Man   (Tuesday, 4 Feb 2003 02:25)

ý met yann tiersen in amelie's soundtrak album. ýt is the best album ý have ever heard.
ý think there is no music like this which tells you happiness sorrowful.
while you were listening this music you can be happy or you can be sad.
he mixed piona, accordion and violin perfectly.
ýf you fýnd amelýe' soundtrack's tab please connect with me. here is my e-mail: frena15@hotmail.com

>>By frena   (Saturday, 8 Feb 2003 12:42)

Yann Tiersen speaks to me when I'm floating with joy or heavy with sorrow, so his music is almost always in my discman. I like to listen to it best on headphones when i'm bouncing around the city. His music is diverse and universal at the same time - hard to describe, so just check it out for yourself.

>>By snocarrot   (Friday, 21 Feb 2003 18:44)

I was in my figure drawing class and the model was playing Amelie's soundtrack,of course at that time I didn't know anything about the album/Yann Tiersen...but his music just amazed me at that very moment.I immediately asked the model afterwards...and have been hooked to his music since.Some of his pieces could feel really pesonal ,especially the piano pieces ones...inspired me to become more serious in learning piano and in my art work.....What can I say...he is the bomb.......ahhahahahaha!!!!! Wish i can play like him!!!!

>>By podus   (Saturday, 29 Mar 2003 12:40)

every one should get every one of his albums, it is the best music to come out in the past ten years ....exept for tom waits' new albums

p.s. if you like tom waits or tiersen, you should check out THE MALADIES e-mail me if you'd like info

>>By jeff   (Saturday, 29 Mar 2003 19:39)

he is really sexy

>>By virginia   (Friday, 11 Apr 2003 05:42)

who me?

wrong e-mail above
info on maladies at

>>By jeff   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 23:40)

I lived in France for 3 months and ended up staying in this shared apartment with students. Every morning I would wake up to the extraordinary face of Amelie Poulain. I always wondered about the picture, it says so much. I came home and discovered the video of this film back home, watched it and I have to say I have never seen a film like it. It is so different and says so much about life in a very very simplistic way. Everything about this film is simple, even the music which I have been completely captivated by manages to seep into our thoughts without us knowing. This thought -provoking music carries a calmness about it with so much feeling sometimes heart wrenching sorrow number 17 Sur le fil. I am such a fan I am giving a seminar on this man tomorrow in music class, wish me luck!

>>By noogienors   (Monday, 5 May 2003 16:09)

I learned of Tiersen while watching amelie as well. I had to get that soundtrack as soon as it came out. I don't think he is capable of writing something that I wouldn't like. He inspired me to begin playing the accordion and I don't plan on stopping there. I bought all of his albums within a month (on a starving artists salary that's quick). I had to order them online since he is nowhere to be found in any record store in America. I tell everyone I know about his music and have spawned several other fans. His cd's constantly get stuck in my stereo (my ears won't let my finger hit the eject button). What else can I say, the man is a one of a kind genius!

>>By stray cat   (Friday, 9 May 2003 06:45)

Like many, I knew nothing of Yann Tiersen before that BEAUTIFUL film Amelie. I loved the music, so decided to track down more of Tiersen's music. I figured,"sure it'll be good", but I was amazed . This guy is one of the most talented in the world. The only thing to say is WOW!

>>By Shawn   (Thursday, 15 May 2003 06:50)

I listen to his music while Im smoking a joint or roling weed or my fav sneefing cochain or sticking needles in my arms.

>>By homy   (Tuesday, 20 May 2003 05:54)

I play in piano (now 7 years ago when I started), but I can't understand: How can anybody play like Yann Tiersen???
He is the best musician in the world!
Will we play together?

>>By Papucs 9. 8.   (Monday, 6 Oct 2003 23:07)

his music is amazing, multimelodical musician, with overnatural talents... no words to define him, just listen his extraordinary music.

Please.. does anybody knows wich melodica uses Yann Tiersen ? I mean the model, or brand... I saw a video of him in a concert were he uses a Hohner HM900 Soprano, but it sounds a bit different from the original song like "Le Moulin" or "Comptine d'un Autre ete" and other songs in The Amelie Soundtrack.....
Please if anybody knows something.... mail me to roberto2021@hotmail.com

>>By rob_7   (Thursday, 2 Dec 2004 05:14)

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