Xiu Xiu


Their rendition of New Order's "Ceremony" is quite sonorous. I'm looking forward to get their newest album (if I can find it, that is...)

>>By CHARLOS   (Wednesday, 27 Jul 2005 04:23)

Well it's technically a Joy Division track, but you say you like them in your profile too, so I'll assume you know that.

Ugh this place really isn't that active, is it?

>>By mrkpwnz   (Monday, 21 Nov 2005 03:12)

I know that. But the version that Xiu Xiu covered is specifically New Order's.

And I did find 'La Foret'. It's...good in its own way. One of those albums I have to listen from begining to end in order to like them.

AND yes, this place is slow most of the time.

>>By CHARLOS   (Saturday, 26 Nov 2005 04:52)

I was pretty excited the first time I listened to "Fabulous Muscles", but I noticed it didn't have the "staying power" that I had expected. Perhaps it was the overdramatic vocals that seep into every track. Great in small doses, and difficult to compare to anything else on my playlists. Perhaps if "Airplane Over the Sea" was covered by a noise band. "I Luv the Valley, Oh!" and "Brian the Vampire" are still in my rotation though.

>>By Johnny L   (Sunday, 5 Feb 2006 22:43)

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