We Are Scientists


Great little three piece with some catchy tunes. Not veering to far from the trail established by Interpol (not as dark/brooding) or Arcade Fire. With tongues firmly in cheek, their notables include "Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt" and "The Great Escape".

Might be a good band to try out if into Hot Hot Heat or Franz Ferdinand.

They are on a midwest US tour currently. The Chicago show seemed to have some zombies in the crowd. Hmm... not enough drinks handed out.


>>By Johnny L   (Thursday, 22 Jun 2006 15:57)

I like them, they have a quirky charm

>>By endless_nameless   (Tuesday, 25 Jul 2006 02:31)

OK I like them more now after hearing some of their older stuff, Coming clean's an awesome tune!

>>By endless_nameless   (Tuesday, 19 Sep 2006 03:38)

I love them, they make me smile.. Although I do prefer the guillemots..:)

>>By Aliencreamsoup   (Wednesday, 20 Sep 2006 08:00)

^ The Guillemots are pretty cool, I've only heard a couple of songs though....sorry off topic.

>>By endless_nameless   (Wednesday, 20 Sep 2006 15:00)

i've seen them perform 2x and they graduated from my college!

>>By sars   (Monday, 5 Feb 2007 02:07)

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