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eddie van halen is one of the best rock guitarists ever. when i started playing guitar, i listened carefully to his playing and try to learn as much as possible from him. until now, he still inspire me and many other guitarists i know.
with sammy hagar, van halen establish its color in hard rok.

>>By   (Friday, 13 Dec 2002 02:21)


>>By JUMP 55   (Saturday, 28 Dec 2002 17:08)

You know, this discussion about Sam & Dave will get you nowhere. It is a wate of time (& typing) to compare and argue over who was the *best* singer. Each had their own good and bad qualities. A true Van Halen fan would only care who the next singer is, and if the band will ever get their shit together and stop alienating their fans with their self imposed hiatus. It's time for the Mighty Van Halen to get back to making music and kicking our asses with party-hearty rock & roll.

Ed's Van Halen Domain

>>By EDubreuil   (Wednesday, 8 Jan 2003 05:53)

Dave sucks, Sammy sounds better. Both are money hungry.

>>By Kevy   (Friday, 17 Jan 2003 03:04)

van halen without a doubt revolutionised guitar playing with the release of his first album. The pyrotechnics displayed by eddie sent shivers down all aspiring musicians

>>By da houst   (Monday, 27 Jan 2003 20:01)

my names philly lowe i'm emotional

>>By philly lowe   (Monday, 27 Jan 2003 20:02)

Dave looks like an idiot now, but I still gotta say he was the better frontman, sammy had plenty of moments though, 5150 and in my opinion give any of the dave cd's a run for their money, except VH1, which I think is the best (because of the guitar work)

>>By Icecream Man   (Tuesday, 4 Feb 2003 04:54)

and to agree with the first comment, i've been playing guitar for a year and basically the only "fun playing" (outside of learning theory and everything guitarists are supposed to know) that I do is trying to copy as many of Eddie's licks as i can, some of which are pretty tough, ironically eruption is one of his easier solos to play, try the ice cream man solo, or im the one   (Tuesday, 4 Feb 2003 04:58)

Van Halen are now in the toilet...i doubt they will release any new music now that they don't have a singer anymore...their last singer Gary Cherrone(from Extreme) was crap...the cd he was on "Van Halen 3" was terrible!!!!....As to who's better Dave or Sammy...well i like them both....i hope eddie gets better i heard he is battling cancer!!...they still have some classic songs though..just their last cd was crap!!!..sorry if anyone else likes it..but it pales in comparrison to all their other music!!!!!...

>>By Stormrider   (Tuesday, 4 Feb 2003 12:28)

van halen walks qyuietly to the front lines. A fallen hero, he loses his shoe and forgets to call home at christmas. There is no room for sqaulor in this town cowboy.
Git. GIt on out!

>>By hal   (Friday, 4 Apr 2003 01:15)

well well well, after it is all said and done, can you really think of a better guitarist who inspired the like of steve vie. joe satriani, eric johnson, and the list goes on. i spoke to steve vie at home in march and ask him how he felt to be compaired to the likes of the EVH GOD. HIS REMARK WAS " YOU CAN KISS MY ASS, I COULD NOT NOT PLAY GUITAR THE WAY I DO IF IT WAS NOT FOR EDDIE VAN HALEN, AND IF ANYONE STILL HAS JIMMY PAGE ON THERE MINED , THEY CAN KISS MY ASS TOO.JIMMY I LOVE YOU BUT YOU COULD NOT HIT A HARMONIC, ERUPTION,OR ETHERWISE IF YOU HAD TO EVEN BACK IN THE DAY. eddie is cancer free and does plan on touring as early as late 2003

>>By glazman   (Saturday, 31 May 2003 06:41)

Just waiting for some of that Van Halen Rock and Roll spirit to come back again,Hope ed is better,Hope you guys can find a good front man again, and kick ass,it could happen,best of luck to the band!

>>By smoke wagon   (Monday, 2 Jun 2003 05:34)

eddie, it broke my heart when i read about your illness. i hope you can overcome it and get well soon. just get well soon man, and play some more eye-popping guitar ... show all those sissy boybands what music is supposed to be... all the best, man..

>>By   (Monday, 9 Jun 2003 12:59)

as a lifelong van halen fan, it pains me to say that van halen sucks. i love the music still, but this BS with their hiatus is ridiculous. ive always though that vh would be around for years and when they retired theyd go out with a bang....but theyre only slipping away with barely a whimper. eddie and alex are costing themselves alot of fans, and their contract with warner...prob why valerie left him too..they need to get off their lazy dutch asses and get the band back in the studio with either dave or sammy or at least make themselves known....they havent said a word to their fans in well over a year! i know eddie had cancer and im truly glad hes recovered from it. michael anthony went on tour with sammy hagar last summer on the sam and dave tour, and now eddies pissed at him for that. im sorry, eddie, but the man has bills to pay like all of us, and youre his employer, so until you can start giving michael a paycheck again, i dont blame him one fucking bit for touring with someone else, you egotistical pompous ass. get your shit together, make an album and hit the road..if youre lucky, you havent lost all your fans and can still pack an arena. i wont lie, i WILL be in the audience right up front, rocking out, but my opinion of eddie and alex will remain in its present state until those guys give me a reason to change it. they dont respect their fans....fuck 'em.

>>By mike   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 22:32)

I think VH should retire. What is done is done. If you want VH just dig into the old albums. Anything else is a big dream. VH is dead.

>>By Monk   (Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003 22:42)

I love the song Jamie's Cryin'.....its soo awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay

>>By Jane   (Saturday, 26 Jul 2003 17:03)

Van Halen is very much ALIVE! According to the latest web news, the VH Bros. have signed with the same management group Sammy is with. The rumor is that Sammy is going to return to the band. I'm pumped to the max! Album, tour. Watch for it in 04. That's my prediction. However, there is information out there that the Bros. met and recorded demos with David Coverdale, The Whitesnake and former Deep Purple guy. He's good. Reportedly, Ed likes him. However, Sammy has the edge - I mean hey, 11 years of great music with Van Halen, there's a fit. Sammy's a class act. Great singer, Great songwriter. He cares about the band, and the people in it. He's not just a money hungry dog as some have intimated. I'm sorry to say that I feel that Dave is out. I feel for the die hard classic VH fans, I love Dave too. But it is my feeling that he's just too difficult to work with, at least for Ed. And if you can't get along with Ed, you can't sing for Van Halen. Period. That's the name of the game. For me personally, I would give up my entire life as it is right now just to be around the greatest lead guitarist known to man - Eddie Van Halen. By a mile!

>>By s/nratio   (Tuesday, 25 Nov 2003 23:10)

Van Halen can't be touched. I saw them in concert, with David Lee Roth. They were awesome. The only lame one was....what"t his name..he played the guitar..and no it's not Eddie it's the other one. His solo consisted of smashing the guitar on the floor and kicking it........OOOhhhhhh how talented. Though thay put out great songs and Eddies talent is so innate......I wish I had talent like that.......hope they're enjoying their money..I know I would..thanks for your music guys..coca

>>By coca   (Thursday, 15 Apr 2004 08:11)

Wow, it only took 5 months for someone else besides me to talk about VH. Well, did I predict or what? I have tickets for the concert here in KC in July. Sammy Hagar, front.

>>By s/nratio   (Thursday, 15 Apr 2004 20:37)

Has anyone heard of the latest Van halen single-'about time?' its not great at all!!!
Where have all the good times gone???

>>By van zee   (Tuesday, 20 Jul 2004 11:41)

Just saw VH live here in Vancouver,BC and Sammy was awesome as the front man. It was also so good to see Eddie back and good as new. They sounds amazing and interacted with the audience like old friends. The light show was intense and the energy onstage was raw and spilled over into the crowd. Anyone who says they don't have it anymore isn't listening :)

>>By wannaBauthor   (Friday, 29 Oct 2004 08:38)

Like most Van Halen fans, I think Diamond Dave is the better front man and singer. Each singer gave the band a new direction. Dave gave it a semi-dirty, hard rock sound. Sammy gave it a much ligher sound. The best of VH was from Van Halen - 1984, after that... I mean they were a good band, but they weren't the same.

I'd also like to respond to glazman. While Eddie was a great guitarist, he's not quite at the level of a Jimmy Page. Page was much more revolutionary than Eddie. Eddie initially made great strides in the world of guitar, but he soon stalled and started repeating the same formula instead of moving forward. Page was trying new things even after Led Zeppelin broke up. That all said, both are in my top 5 guitarist list.

>>By GetTheLedOut   (Monday, 1 Nov 2004 21:06)

I went to the Van Halen concert on October 30th. It was really awesome, but I wish they would have played more songs that I knew. They opened with Jump, but then they played like 10 songs in a row I didn't know. They didnt play runnin' with the devil! arg! lol

>>By Jane   (Thursday, 11 Nov 2004 01:35)

Oh yeah, have ya'll VH fans heard the song Hot for Teacher? it's amazing.

>>By Jane   (Thursday, 11 Nov 2004 01:36)

the simple fact is that van halen has always and will always be the gratest no mater who sings.... van halen aint about hagar or roth its about eddie and his almighty greatness.... he is by far the biggest part of my life and the biggest thing to happen to music sence god knows when... so stop yakin on and on about the singers uv the band and simply look at the ruler uv the band and the god uv the rovk world!.

>>By explosivo   (Monday, 17 Oct 2005 02:12)

well..eddie and dave did make van halen work...the chemistry was there and it rocked.....

>>By coca   (Monday, 17 Oct 2005 03:18)

Sure, Eddie's a great guitarist but I really don't rate the rest of the band hihgly at all - they're just not interesting!

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Tuesday, 18 Oct 2005 17:36)

Re "Sure, Eddie's a great guitarist but I really don't rate the rest of the band hihgly at all - they're just not interesting!"

Well...maybe look at it this way regarding the rhythm section (personally I certainly rate Alex VH, but even if you don't Ska8a) by being more contained and less obtrusive they create space to allow the music to breathe and create an backdrop for Eddies stuff, that's what a good musician does: makes the ensemble sound good Sk8a, "Running with the Devil" isn't going to sound better for having more bass notes!

>>By planet ear   (Tuesday, 18 Oct 2005 19:17)

Well, I'll admit that I don't consider them poor musicians and indeed it can be a good thing to have a very simple plain backdrop for a solo artist (although such a thin sound is not my personal preference) - with the name "Van Halen", one could be forgiven for thinking it genuinely was all about Eddie, but started with a frontman like David Lee Roth, they create the impression that it's NOT all about Eddie, which seems like pretending to be something they're not... perhaps you could say they're great but the singing utterly spoils it? I don't like the bits of the songs where the singing takes the lead, which is basically anywhere with vocals in - whatever happened to background vocals? You could say the Red Hot Chili Peppers do the same, with the difference being that the bass takes the lead over the guitar in lots of songs... without being biased because I'm a bassist, I think that balance is fantastic because I'm fed up of over-emphasised guitar bands like Van Halen

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Tuesday, 18 Oct 2005 20:14)

Erm I think you're still missing my point Sk8a, they were initially an ensemble, a band, a commercial contractual, social and artistic entity. They have wisely in my estimation capitalised in their early years on the fact that Eddie played guitar in what at the time was an unusual and destictive guitar stlye and DLRs onstage charisma and general persona. Thats why I'm saying at the time it was a good choice for the rhythm section to play the way they did, it's out of context to put them next to a more recent act (if indeed rhcp are current?!?!?!?) and say that element is boring or to suggest they are somehow inadequate players, it wasn't at the time! Whether they are particularly interesting nowadays isn't really what I'm discussing, in a sense it could be argued it's somewhat "caberet" now as I'm sure most of their audience want a greatest hits experience for their ticket money. But on the whole nothing gets to be a cliche without at some earlier being fresh. hip, popular, innovative or in some way appealing does it?

>>By planet ear   (Tuesday, 18 Oct 2005 21:33)

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