best band in the history of music ever.

>>By dubman   (Tuesday, 7 Jan 2003 00:03)

the fucking dopest dip

>>By footsteps   (Friday, 10 Jan 2003 23:57)

dunno if I could ever single any band out as the best.

That said, Underworld is finely crafted absolute pure genius.

Think I've found the real stuff.

>>By Loonie   (Friday, 14 Mar 2003 12:07)

this is a group for my thing, very well , this and daft punk, it is sounds of go me to good travel in a party, it is ┬Ędel putas┬Ęthey are speak in colombia.
thanks and readme .

>>By lemusa22   (Thursday, 27 Mar 2003 20:56)

Can anyone tell me what's on that back to mine album? Is it by underworld or inspired by their music or whatever? a lot of other bands had their 'back to mine' albums but the whole idea seems obscure to me. thanx for any explanations.

>>By arecki   (Monday, 15 Sep 2003 16:21)

re Underworld: if they don't know and they don't know they're gonna find out soon enough.

Back To Mine is a mixtape/ compilation made by the guys from Underworld. It shows some of their influences, from reggae to r n b to Aphex Twin to.... Buloululba. It's great, I especially the opening 'B Movie' track, and Horsepower by Rave Signal.

Get Back To Mine, but get all Underworld's real CDs first (esp Second Toughest - the best album ever made by gods.... i mean man)

>>By spikee   (Sunday, 14 Mar 2004 02:41)

Hey Underworld fans, don't you wish their record label would release a box set of all their all early singles and EPs?

It would make my life a bit easier

>>By spikee   (Saturday, 24 Jul 2004 08:36)

I hate dance music but I Love Underworld.

>>By spikee   (Wednesday, 22 Sep 2004 15:14)

Someone say something

>>By spikee   (Sunday, 3 Oct 2004 10:44)

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