Ultimate Spinach


the ultimate spinach was played and replayed whenever we could in vietnam..i've seacrched for many years for their 1967-68 album on cd and believe i've found it any spinach heads my age (57) can e-mail me.

>>By fire under kilt   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 18:10)

In the 60's we listened to a radio station in Spokane Washington and the DJ played the Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess on a daily basis and we were hooked on the Ultimate Spinach. we ordered the album from our local record supplier and bought it ...
I have no idea what happened to it , my sis has no idea, but we dont have it anymore. although I have downloaded most of it on winmx and the discography is available.. I wonder what ever happened to the band. My best friend and i were roadies for a band called The Thin Red Line and he went to NY to make it big, and I stayed home to finish my apprenticeship . they didnt make it big, my buddie came home with Randy Bachmann and he became BTO's road manager and i am still twisting wrenches oh well life goes on

>>By baggypantstoo   (Tuesday, 14 Dec 2004 04:59)

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