Trance Control


Perfect, Cool, Extra !!!

>>By FALCRUM   (Wednesday, 6 Nov 2002 07:17)

h´mmm deep vibrations is the best trance song ever

>>By Shiva   (Thursday, 28 Nov 2002 13:36)

i´m proud over my cousin Andreas, he and Alex makes the best music in the world

>>By robin   (Thursday, 16 Jan 2003 19:17)

i have to say i have just bought beyond 2001 and it was simply amazing i know i could have downloaded it but i would rather pay and help support the trance industry. I know have about 300 trance albums

>>By russ_dogg69   (Monday, 3 Feb 2003 13:10)

Emotions [2002] by Trance[]Control is the best melodic trance ever

>>By DJ_Shadow   (Thursday, 6 Feb 2003 04:10)

omg, no no no, get Phazed Reality by T R A N C E [] C O N T R O L
it's like sad and beautiful at the same time... it's scarily good

>>By DJ Freaq   (Thursday, 6 Feb 2003 18:29)

I think Trance [] Control is currently the best trance group, espescially for the melodic and progressive anthems (emotions, deep vibrations, mystique...) but also for "harder" trance tracks (like A travel in time or Love and Desire).
You can buy it with no risk, it is sure you will enjoy it.

>>By Ciol   (Saturday, 15 Mar 2003 18:33)

hey, do you know what websight i can go to ,to listen to haunted souls by trance control.

>>By an[]ma   (Wednesday, 26 Mar 2003 17:44)

free D-lows and streaming
check it

>>By sir[]trancelot   (Tuesday, 8 Apr 2003 03:03)

trance[]control has for ever change my way of life.opening new inspirations for my personal productions. trance[]control 4 ever

>>By apoc[]alypse-7   (Monday, 14 Apr 2003 19:40)

T r a n c e [] C o n t r o l - Is gods in the trance world

>>By Sieon   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 06:13)

Who is t r a n c e [ ] c o n t r o l ?, ive heard the music and i like what i hear, but who is the person behind the music? email me,

>>By Steven ~Regester~   (Friday, 18 Apr 2003 22:01)

t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l rules!!! My fave song is GOTHENBURG of the best trance songs ever made......rock on!

>>By T3CHNOJUNKIE420   (Monday, 28 Apr 2003 23:22)

TRANCE [] CONTROL is the best trance group ever. My favorite song is Emotions 2002!!!

>>By Mowie_Wowie   (Monday, 9 Jun 2003 20:57)

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