Towa Tei


this is one wierd ass site

>>By serverpimp   (Tuesday, 12 Nov 2002 06:41)


>>By sourire   (Saturday, 14 Dec 2002 14:05)

towa tei is korean. not japanese.
he was born in and brought up in japan, but he's blood is korean.
he has korean parents

>>By mimi   (Sunday, 16 Mar 2003 22:52)

tei's name is Jung dong hwa in korean

and towa tei is pronunciation in japaness



^^; I can englidsh not well..

>>By joon   (Sunday, 13 Apr 2003 16:36)

ic.. so he's originated korean.. i thought he wuz a japanese.. ^^;

>>By teru   (Monday, 19 May 2003 18:59)

I think Towa Tei is from Congo.

Originally his name is Hwu Bauba I Duowwaba Bum Klak

>>By Charbax   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 03:40)

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