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where can i find some of his music videos?

>>By yenot   (Thursday, 10 Apr 2003 19:04)

Last week I heard Anne Sofie von Otter ( normally a classical singer) on the Dutch television.
She sang a song by Tom Waits. I forgot the title of the song but still remember a few lines:

In that country is a town and in that town is a house, in that house is a man and in that
man is a heart ( or something like that..). I've looked everywhere on the internet for this
songs but couldn't find it.

Is there anybody who can tell me what the title of this song is?

Thanks a lot!

regards from Amsterdam Holland

>>By Dutchcub   (Saturday, 7 Jun 2003 19:41)

dutch cub...... sounds like house where nobody lives on mule variations ill keep lookin

yenot........ go to artist direct and punch in tom waits 2 or 3 vidz there for free stream only

>>By johnny blacklung   (Tuesday, 17 Jun 2003 00:33)

The name of the song is Take It With Me.. it's a last song on 1999-Mule Variations album

>>By markow7   (Friday, 7 Nov 2003 14:59)

What other artist has sustained such a remarkable career from the 70's to this day?None, I say!

>>By thom   (Tuesday, 11 Nov 2003 18:26)

van morrison, niel young, bob dylan, joni mitchell, lou reed, emmylou harris, robbie robertson, david bowie, nick cave, elvis costello...
don't get me wrong, i love the sweet-tongued ol' tosspot, but be real.

>>By jakey   (Friday, 14 Nov 2003 09:42)

Sorry jakey but all of the above have, at one point or another, realeased crap records. All bar none! Waits has never done that. And he's a damn good actor to boot, unlike some of the people you mentioned

>>By thom   (Friday, 14 Nov 2003 11:30)

Euhm, I have to disagree with you there. I do like Tom Waits, but there are surely some records that I for one cannot listen too. Not saying that they are crap, but not all of his works are masterpieces... and before you ask: no I cannot name the records that I don't like, since I don't like them I have banned their names out of my memory. There is already to much worthless information in my head........

>>By Campking   (Friday, 14 Nov 2003 15:03)

Any of you may want to consider an album of Tom Waites' songs beautifully recorded by John Hammond called "Wicked Grin." The production is simple and straightforward and, to his credit, Hammond has been kicking around since the mid-1960's performing blues-inflected work, both acoustic and electric. Based on this album his voice and Waites' songs are a damn near perfect marriage.

>>By Persevere   (Friday, 14 Nov 2003 23:34)

That man Persevere knows his music.Wicked grin is fantastic.

>>By goddog   (Sunday, 16 Nov 2003 18:46)

yeah, a few pretty crappy records along the way, and really, who cares. to me crappy records are inevtiable if an artist is really exploring. look at trans or zuma from neil young, or metal machine music from lou reed. both artists have since produced some of their finest work. so i put up with some garbage from artists who i like.

>>By jakey   (Thursday, 20 Nov 2003 00:41)

I don't mean to say that I don't allow the artists I like to deliver the odd bad record.It's just that in my eyes, or better make that "my ears", Tom Waits is flawless.But then again maybe it's just me.

>>By thom   (Friday, 21 Nov 2003 01:25)

smbdy tell me bout tom waits.....sounds so familiare, have any clips to send?????
send to flork on this nick! thaNx *;o)
LUV bY oRaNgE ;))

>>By orange twist   (Saturday, 22 Nov 2003 00:24)

Anyone catch "American Chopper" last night? Mikey the youngest of the chopper producing Tuetels designed a kick ass sled and painted a homeage to Tom on the tank. He was talking about him to his dad who hadn't heard of him before. It was pretty cool anyway.

Anyone know if Big Time is coming out on DVD?

>>By Sexibeast   (Wednesday, 3 Dec 2003 18:54)

mule variations makes me cry. as does alice. i think his later work has gotten... i dont know what word to use to describes it, but it plucks those strings inside. i recently rediscovered tom waits in all his glory, rather than just getting a kick out of the excessivley growly and marimba-laden tracks. wonderful man. hope he keeps going as strong as he is right now.

>>By Lagomorph   (Monday, 23 Feb 2004 21:26)

tom waits is so pure and raw.

there is nothing to fake. it is so hard to find music with this much soul around that is as new as it is and that has surived a few decades as it has.
owe it to his punk background??
i dont know

>>By raven madd   (Tuesday, 24 Feb 2004 02:13)

i recently got a friend into Tom Waits without even trying. I just told him he looked like him and he went off and heard a load of songs by him. now he's a bigger fan than me. I've just heard Bone Machine, but it's a great album.

>>By Flagg   (Saturday, 16 Oct 2004 18:40)

A legend but I never hear of him. I do remember hearing the song Big In Japan on alternative radio a few years back.....

>>By spikee   (Wednesday, 20 Oct 2004 05:15)

Dirt in the Ground is brilliant. His voice is so high-pitched and almost laughable, but it's as passionate and serious as... well any passionate, serious song you can name.

>>By Flagg   (Saturday, 23 Oct 2004 23:07)

And haha I just learnt it today : )

My cousin saw him in London just recently and apparently Thom Yorke was there. That must have been an incredible show.

>>By Flagg   (Thursday, 2 Dec 2004 21:46)

What's he building in there. We have a right to know.

>>By procrastinator   (Thursday, 9 Dec 2004 20:18)

Wow I look at this board out of interest and see that it's ages since I posted. Now I've heard five or six of his albums and I like him even more.
I agree with Lagomorph and raven madd, the music is just wonderful, whether it's the growly crashy sound or the melancholy piano sound.

>>By Flagg   (Wednesday, 24 Aug 2005 22:58)

I have an important message to anyone who looks at this board:

Hoist that rag everyone, HOIST THAT RAG!!

>>By Flagg   (Saturday, 12 Nov 2005 19:20)

i dig his raspy sound
(especially the "Blue Valentine" era stuff)
have been lucky enough to catch him live on one occasion at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco
loved him in the Jim J. movie "Down By Law"

>>By Helmet   (Saturday, 12 Nov 2005 21:56)

I watched Down By Law last week, it's brilliant. You've seen him live? That must have been so cool.

Oh, new message. Don't hoist that rag everyone, make it rain instead.

>>By Flagg   (Monday, 14 Nov 2005 14:10)

Anyone heard Orphans? It's at least as good as Real Gone...

And 54 TRACKS!!

>>By Flagg   (Friday, 4 May 2007 22:59)

He's a bit derivative, music wise, not so original.
Vocally he owes a bit to Captain Beefheart. I much prefer the original version of "Jesus' blood never failed me yet".

>>By nonyeb   (Saturday, 5 May 2007 17:10)

Oi Jeff! You know any blues-influenced artists that aren't derivative??? :P

In all fairness he does consistently stretch what he does from what I've listened to... And "Franks Wild Years" STILL makes me laugh :)

>>By planet ear   (Saturday, 5 May 2007 23:11)

He owes a lot to Captain Beefheart, but Waits is a much better artist.

>>By Flagg   (Sunday, 6 May 2007 21:17)

it's a shame he seldom performs live.
he lives about an hours drive north of san francisco in a rural setting & seems rather reclusive.
oh well
i guess he's content enough making his own unique music on his own terms and without need or want for public adulation.

>>By Helmet   (Monday, 7 May 2007 07:38)

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