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"Tom Cat" released in 75 I believe. I have a good copy on vinyl. Got it used for 3 or 4 bucks. Probably relatively easy to find on vinyl. I was about 3 YO when this was recorded. Definitely on the pop side of instrumental fusion of that time. There is not really a lot of what I would call fevered or intense soloing either, but then that's not what T. Scott or Max Bennet (bass) are known for. I would have expected more solo sectionsor perhaps a different dynamic/ production quality to the guitar parts from Robben Ford. But then he's working FOR Scott in this situation. I would guess Scott is the boss in this case but I don't know enough about the situation. Maybe one of these cats had a book at some point which discusses this band or similar from that era. Let me know.
Overall, the music is I think well composed and interesting. There is a lot of dynamics and a great sense of groove to the tracks. I'm not too familiar with the drummer John Guerin but of course Max Bennet is a great player. The bass tone on the recording is fat and rich in true 70's style and there are moments of sharp attack but no solos I believe.
A few of the tracks really rock out with heavy synth/ guitar/ sax parts, sometimes doubled, of course this is effective against the overall laid-back SoCal vibe. There are different modes employed and some pretty funky things happening rhythmically so overall unless your'e someone that hates any kind of jazz/ instrumental /fusionmusic, this is an above average recording. I personally like a lot in this genre anyway so my more objective side would rate this only 3 out 5 stars, because in the larger category of jazz, "Kind of Blue" "Money Jungle" etc. , really SERIOUS jazz, gets the 5 of 5 stars.
This album is great in the sense that as crossover/ pop jazz, it is consistent and interesting. Every song is a real song, with interesting melodic development. Every song has a good rhythm track, and is danceable/ catchy. There are a few moments with some challenging turnarounds/ chord voicings/ modal soloing but the songs mostly progress like standard pop/show tunes. In a few moments it really does rock out and provides a lot of contrast. Also, all this is done with a relatively small band- Tom Scott, guitar, bass, drum, keys. My one complaint would be that it was probably recorded quickly and really the material could have been brought out better onto tape. The mix is clear and like I said there are dynamics but maybe its a too clean mix? The material is pretty funky so maybe some more grit on the guitar or bass tracks or some different horn sounds could have brought an earthiness to the mix that is missing? Maybe the drums are too compressed/ dead sounding too.

>>By johnny   (Tuesday, 15 Apr 2003 20:51)

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