Todd Snider


I have been a big fan of todd's since the very first time I heard "allright guy". I can't wait for may 13th, the release of his new "live" cd! However, what I really need is a video performance of todd, and "all right guy" has to on it! I found out that in season 21 of austin city limits, todd performed with john prine. Todd's performance is listed as 8/29/95 and prines was 9/28/95 and the show aired in 1996. If anyone has this taped please let me know, I would love a copy of it. My e-mail address is: thanks

>>By I'm an allright guy   (Monday, 21 Apr 2003 04:39)

todd snider rules!!! its great to see him finally get recognition

>>By bigGuy   (Saturday, 26 Apr 2003 03:40)

just arrived in Charleston WV from Morgantown WV listenened to the new live ablum all the way here. man he has really out done himself on this one. hope his style never changes all i can say is.......BWEWRUN!!!!!!!! well alrighty then.

>>By sleezy steve & bus   (Monday, 23 Jun 2003 03:46)

I met Todd Snider in Memphis when he used to play at the Daily Planet. I enjoy his music so much that I have learned many of his songs and perform them at open mikes here in Florida. Saw him last spring in Tampa. Doggone it I will miss him there on July 5 this year as I am traveling. I don't have his lates "live" CD yet. I am buying it tonite.

>>By pacmanjack   (Tuesday, 24 Jun 2003 01:21)

Just saw Snider in Tampa Saturday night. Now own all his CDs and know all the songs by heart. Does anyone have a video of Todd in concert? Would love to buy a copy!.


>>By fossilnerd   (Tuesday, 8 Jul 2003 03:13)

Oops. Here's my email if you have that video.


>>By Fossilnerd   (Tuesday, 8 Jul 2003 03:15)

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