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I LOVE GEOFF!!! Gah, he's one swell man

>>By iluvgeoff   (Thursday, 21 Nov 2002 23:57)

I didn't know them until August this year, saw 20 minutes of a show and now I hope to see them again

>>By ASPerke   (Monday, 9 Dec 2002 22:02)

this is such an amazing cd. I havent been this inspired for a long time

>>By goody   (Tuesday, 10 Dec 2002 12:02)


>>By By lipstick0ncollar   (Thursday, 12 Dec 2002 08:31)

thusday is so amazing, the lyrics and music combined make me feel so complete inside and they r one of the best shows live ive seen by far!

>>By modestpixie   (Saturday, 14 Dec 2002 10:03)

i hate punk music it all sux

>>By the gay one   (Monday, 23 Dec 2002 01:48)

i love thursday its the best band ever "if we run far away think we could ever die" i love them!!!!!!!

>>By funny chick   (Monday, 23 Dec 2002 01:50)

they have named themselves the best day of the week. except maybe wednesday but you cant call a band that really because of the addams family thing. also they are absolutely squiffy.

>>By *asia*   (Monday, 20 Jan 2003 21:46)

thursday is possibly the best band out right now. they have the best lyrics i have ever read i challange anyone to listen to them and say they suck. If u do think so email me why .

>>By jmac   (Tuesday, 21 Jan 2003 23:19)

thursday does kick ass.. i wana know when their going to be in NY me on raeanneishott i you knw any info thanx

>>By rae:)   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 23:04)

great band

>>By nomad1234   (Friday, 7 Feb 2003 04:58)

the gay one is really gay!
go back in the closet

>>By nomad4321   (Friday, 7 Feb 2003 05:00)

thursday rocks but if you dont think so then thats too fucken bad for you i wanna know what kinda shit you listen to.

>>By poo on a stick   (Thursday, 13 Feb 2003 00:18)

the shit i listen to r lostprophets

>>By leper   (Friday, 14 Feb 2003 15:35)

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thats it

>>By cky31126 im me   (Monday, 24 Feb 2003 04:17)

thursday is one fuck of a gnarly band

>>By pepper chick   (Monday, 24 Feb 2003 04:50)

well, i happened to stumble across thursady the other day and the song autobiography of a nation, which is by far one of the most powerful songs i have ever heard. Yup, its also relevant to the war right now, is this country going to war for good motives or for our own gain. oh, and no matter what anybody says :THURSDAY lyrics are the best, yuppy yup. no doubt it.

>>By jenque   (Tuesday, 25 Mar 2003 05:09)

thursday's lyrics are kick ass...they are so fucking amazing...i didnt know so many people listened to them...they're helping me and my fucked up life...anyone who is a poser doesnt deserve to listen to thursday...

>>By jinxme28   (Sunday, 13 Apr 2003 23:06)

Thursday is a great band. I love almost all their songs. My favirote of
all is Jet Black New Year. They are one of the best emo bands in a
long time. And their lyrics are great and actually mean something
which is a plus.

>>By The Emo Boy   (Monday, 28 Apr 2003 02:49)

Yesteray as i was taking a shit, i was eating a snickers. Do you faggets have any idea how uncomfotable that is. I mean jesus christ. try it! But thursday is fucking gay and sucks the cum out of a 5 mnth old cat in heat. i hate thursday and everyhting that has to do with thursday. Infact, on every thursday i piss on everything i see that has a T-H-U-R-S-D-A-Y in it. You cocksucker make me swim in my own puddle of vomit.

>>By fuckthursday   (Tuesday, 27 May 2003 23:40)

You people should really get out more. Yaaaaawwwnnn. Something completely irrelevant to that..... Thursday are fucking legendary.... END OF STORY.

>>By YAWWWWN   (Monday, 23 Jun 2003 17:55)

If you don't like Thursday then fuck off and find something better to do. Nobody else is taking time to talk shit on your music. I like Thursday. Fuck you.

>>By T&A   (Monday, 23 Jun 2003 23:46)

It's me again...... Why would people type Thursday in a search engine just so they could bag out a band that everyone on the same site thinks are good? It makes no sense to me. Some humans should never use their parents computer. You know who you are.

Thursday, Rock on!

>>By YAWWWWN   (Tuesday, 24 Jun 2003 14:54)

thursday fuckin rocks

>>By candi   (Saturday, 28 Jun 2003 23:37)

anybody see them like in the past few days?

>>By awwwww   (Sunday, 29 Jun 2003 20:38)

Right now, I think that Thursday have the best chance to change music. Its so nice to see a successful band that has something to say. And I love the way that they dont stick to the verse-chorus-verse formula that most other bands use, especially Jet Black New Year, which is like 10 songs rolled into one.

>>By Johnny K   (Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003 00:37)

I agree totally. But I don't want Thursday to become even remotely commercial. They are a fucking legendary band and becoming commercial would ruin my appreciation for them and their music. I'm sure others can sympathise with me. Jet Black New Year is utter brilliance.

>>By YAWWWWN   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 03:27)

Thursday is so awesome... If they were the only band left, they would deserve it. All of you who don't like them need to go to one of their shows, listen to the lyrics, and try to have an argumet with me. Rock on Thursday!

>>By PuNkRoCkGiRl   (Saturday, 12 Jul 2003 21:18)

Heheheh, 12 inch frozen pizza. You can't top that... except maybe with pepperoni.

Don't ask.

>>By YAWWWWN   (Friday, 18 Jul 2003 12:10)

i used to listen to thursday ALL the time... i totally forgot about them... now im trying to find sights about them... i found them!! THURSDAY TAKING BACK SUNDAY AND ALKALINE TRIO KICK!!!

>>By powerranger088   (Saturday, 19 Jul 2003 20:10)

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