Thomas Dolby


What do you think about TMDR? Isn´t it at the time that the master himself should make a new record.
The last one is just about 10 years ago!!! That was the soundtrack to the animated movie: The Gate To The Minds Eye.
As far as I know Mr. Dolby is working hard on retroringtones and several other marketing objects. Last year he had a lot of success with his virtual Studio and cellularphone soundcore called "Beatnik".
Never the less, I´d rather would like to hear a brand new record of him. New lines, new thoughts, new compositions, new productions.

>>By Dottore   (Tuesday, 28 Sep 2004 18:26)

Is he still alive then?

>>By XS41   (Thursday, 30 Sep 2004 23:30)

Yeah, he is more than alive... but buried in the eyes of the major labels. But the major labels are dead to. They are rotten but they don´t want to believe it till now.

Anyway, there has to be a way to activate the senior Producers who love music, their own produtions and playing live for an auditory, may there 200 people or 20000....

>>By Dottore   (Saturday, 2 Oct 2004 15:35)

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