The Yardbirds


favorite tune by these guys has to be 'happenings ten years time ago' its an amazing piece, it's definitely in my top ten favorite songs of all time.

>>By jacquestrap   (Sunday, 15 Aug 2004 14:02)

I was trying to find out the name of a song which is part of a US television commercial now. It has what I would describe as a very oriental sounding lead guitar riff, punctuated often by "Hey". My brother says its the Yardbirds, I have my doubts. Thanks.

>>By Bob from Apollo   (Sunday, 20 Feb 2005 03:57)

That song is "Over, Under, Sideways, Down" off the 1966 album Roger the Engineer.

>>By Bob from Apollo   (Monday, 21 Feb 2005 03:53)

the yardbirds are soo good.

>>By Jane   (Tuesday, 26 Feb 2008 04:11)

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