The Stone Roses


Kin brillaint

>>By IANB   (Wednesday, 20 Nov 2002 21:59)

they r and will forever be the greatest band in the world they were the dogs balls.
new bands like the stroke s r good but will never be on the same leval as the roses.
i am only 17 but i feel like i was there back in the day...

>>By mikey   (Wednesday, 12 Feb 2003 16:54)

FUCKIN Top band

>>By tony the nob   (Wednesday, 12 Feb 2003 16:59)

I've got a mint condition 4 x 7inch picture disc interview with the Roses from 1990..anybody want to make me an offer?

>>By bodinski   (Wednesday, 5 Mar 2003 18:01)

pure class no other band will ever come close

>>By digsie   (Sunday, 11 May 2003 15:31)

I think the Stone Roses were great but unfortunately they were also a product of egos out of control which ended in their untimely demise. You have to have a large repertoire of material before you can act like that!

>>By Jazzmaster   (Saturday, 17 May 2003 22:06)

Class says it all, anybody who can't even like at least one Roses song must have very strange tastes in music, they'll never be outclassed

>>By Jimbo   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 03:38)


>>By ass bandit   (Friday, 18 Jul 2003 12:30)

stone roses are the quintasentual british band they are the missing link between the rolling stones the beatles and oasis they are hugely overlooked in the states and theyre first album was arguebly the first britpop album

if you havent heard them check out the songs

made of stone and i wanna be adored

they are pure classics and just grow on you like a scab every time you pick it it comes back worse

well every time you hear those songs they sound a million times better

respect the roses

>>By stonemade   (Wednesday, 28 Jul 2004 16:37)

"I don't have to sell my soul he's already in me
I don't need to sell my soul he's already in me
I wanna be adored..."

>>By giambotta   (Wednesday, 28 Jul 2004 17:21)

In layman's terms, The finest band to come out of england in the last 30 years.
"Heavens gates won't hold me
I'll saw those suckers down
Laughing loud at your locks when they hit the ground
Every icon in every town
Hear this your numbers up
I'm coming round"

>>By AndreasOSearcaigh   (Saturday, 25 Sep 2004 22:06)

don't get carried away Andreas

>>By thom   (Sunday, 26 Sep 2004 01:12)


>>By giambotta   (Sunday, 26 Sep 2004 12:58)

Yeah Andreas, sure the Roses kick stereophonic ass, however are you forgetting some of the greats-- Ex. Smiths, Clash, The Cure, Joy Division (which could be the greatest god-given band) Etc. etc.

>>By Mozzmanic   (Monday, 27 Sep 2004 01:41)

the stone roses have one good song ...don't get me wrong i love the roses ,but they have one good song and i don't need to say the name because everybody knows it! and ...yeah, they might be underated , but i will have to agree with Mozzmanic there is greater bands. and i can't hardly begin to think that anybody would own the stone roses Remixes album...did they really have that meany good songs? NO! only one!

>>By La Catrina   (Tuesday, 5 Oct 2004 18:34)

who remembers; " neds atomic dustbin" now that was an underated band!

>>By La Catrina   (Tuesday, 5 Oct 2004 18:39)

the charletons uk, the mission uk, but they were all placed under the hole manchester sean . and if you ask me that hole sean was underated!

>>By La Catrina   (Tuesday, 5 Oct 2004 18:48)

clearly the Roses should always be rememberd, yet music didn't begin with them and it surely didn't die with them. their first album was excitable and wonderful to listen too over and over...i still do. then what...their arrogance ruined them, and by far the Roses have a place in music history...but come on you can't forget the pioneers before them.

>>By giambotta   (Tuesday, 5 Oct 2004 18:48)

La Catrina learn to spell

and wheres the poem on your profile from?

>>By stonemade   (Monday, 22 Nov 2004 16:03)

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