The Postal Service


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Saw them at the abbey pub in chicago a month or so ago. one of the all-time best shows i've ever been to in my life, certainly the best of this year. ben gibbard: you can't go wrong. cute, catchy 80's-ish electronic beats, great female vocals. fun stuff!

>>By carlywood   (Friday, 25 Jul 2003 18:05)

I love them!!!!!! I love anything that has to do with Benjamin Gibbard. He has such a wonderful voice!!! This is definitely my favorite album of 2003.

>>By moya   (Thursday, 4 Sep 2003 05:51)

Postal Service is awesome! My friend introduced them to me when I was in London. I really want to see them in concert, but I don't think they're coming to the west coast. Oh yeah, my friend also introduced me to Fiction Plane, an alternative rock band. I really like their music too! If you want to listen to their music, I think they have some sound clips at Enjoy~

>>By rocknrollgirlie   (Saturday, 20 Sep 2003 02:51)

I love Give Up, are there any other albums by these guys or side projects I should check out?

Do tyou guys know Dnt'l as well....

>>By Campking   (Tuesday, 23 Sep 2003 14:00)

i love the song the district sleeps alone tonight

>>By Jackthepumpkinking   (Monday, 8 Mar 2004 22:17)

the postal service is one of my favorites. i love such great heights.

>>By ria   (Wednesday, 24 Mar 2004 03:10)


>>By therion   (Thursday, 25 Mar 2004 00:32)

the postal service music its like the greatest soundtrack of ur life
while ur driving down the road on the rain ...its awesome
i love them and iam waiting for them to come down to florida!

>>By somedayshine   (Thursday, 25 Mar 2004 01:56)

i wish the postal service would jsut come aynwhere enar north carolina. i love the cd so much sometimes it just makes me cry how talented and great they are. its amazing haha. my favoirte song is nothing better and brand new colony

>>By laxitivechild   (Tuesday, 8 Jun 2004 04:24)

there has got to be a way to stop this band from being my full time obsession. btw this and little league the music just doesn't stop

>>By Shantia   (Tuesday, 20 Jul 2004 00:12)

I love them...

>>By bluedatura   (Wednesday, 21 Jul 2004 07:18)

and we could all swim in november............

>>By Joris Spikkelaar   (Wednesday, 21 Jul 2004 14:09)

::Sighs:: they are awesome, yet the lyrics do meet these idealistic love. non the less they are still awesome! kudos to the service and the great fans! <3

>>By Singme2smiths   (Monday, 9 Aug 2004 22:43)

Idealistic love? Explain yourself. I find that their tunes might sound very up, but their lyrics are kinda down, have I been mistaken all this time?

>>By Campking   (Tuesday, 10 Aug 2004 01:56)

i say idealistic love in best manner possible. ok well it seems to be that the love they are discribing is oh so lovely but oh so dreamnt up! everyone wishes to be loved at one point or another, the postal service makes those fairy tales into songs with great electro music. yay....^_^. like when he says : i want to take your far, from the citics in this town, and kiss you on the mouth: see thats like music you ::sigh:: for. its an ideal love, it usually never happens yet it might, and they seem to keep that hope alive.

>>By Singme2smiths   (Tuesday, 10 Aug 2004 07:44)

What about the phrase:

"I was the one worth leaving"

in the first songs refrain?
I agree with the fact that they have some songs about a dream world (Sleeping in, especially) but still on 50% of the songs I don't see this positive dream world. Maybe it is just my negativeswing to live but....?

>>By Campking   (Tuesday, 10 Aug 2004 14:19)

thats whats so dreamy about it, ppl call it emo! bah! i would never, emo to me is this trendy wave of blah music! yet ok, :i was always the one worth leaving" is a phrase the average kid realizes at one point or another, Postal said it in terms that will make you feel as if that love might come back.

>>By Singme2smiths   (Tuesday, 10 Aug 2004 21:27)

oke, I am starting to get it. That what I see as cynical, or sarcastic could indeed be interpreted in a more positive way.. Still I think, considering the other work of the singer, he means it as dark as it sounds, but the music makes it so light. His work is mostly quite dark... If I am not wrong the name of his other band is death cab for cutie, but I could be wrong, would have to check with my girlfriend.

>>By Campking   (Wednesday, 11 Aug 2004 02:56)

But she is sleeping now, and so should I.

>>By Campking   (Wednesday, 11 Aug 2004 02:56)

yeah...he was in DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE...YAY.....::every thing was close to coney island::

>>By Singme2smiths   (Tuesday, 17 Aug 2004 10:32)

closed at?

>>By Joris Spikkelaar   (Thursday, 19 Aug 2004 12:07)

si si si a retard...i did it right in the death cab discussion

>>By Singme2smiths   (Thursday, 19 Aug 2004 21:06)

the postal service can touch nerves no other music can....absolutely beautiful

>>By xx_timp_xx   (Sunday, 10 Oct 2004 01:12)

the postal service is amazing. Give Up is really good; i can't decide which song i like the most from it. i saw ben perform as death cab which isn't the postal service, but it was still cool. love them both.

>>By rina colada   (Saturday, 26 Mar 2005 03:41)

Maybe it is also time to check out artist like Notwist, Lali Puna and Styrofoam..... They are in the same line, and all are great artists.. I could fill a whole night listening to Dntel, Styrofoam, Postal, notwist and Lali puna without getting bored.......

>>By Campking   (Sunday, 27 Mar 2005 16:40)

i've heard styrofoam... they are awesome... so i am most definatly checking out the other bands you listed.

>>By billyhigdon   (Monday, 28 Mar 2005 01:45)

Actuakky on the last of Styrofoam all the above listed artists collaborated, as did Ben Gibbard. Yes, that's right, the voice of Postal and Death cab for Cutie... Believe me, all these artists are really worth while.... and the covers of the records are great, so you should buy them on vynil to really enjoy them......


>>By Campking   (Wednesday, 30 Mar 2005 01:30)

I find Dntel and Notwist much more enjoyable than Postal Service. Ms. John Soda, too. There's just more going on there.

>>By Moop   (Thursday, 31 Mar 2005 20:28)

I haven't heard these guys but judging by the other groups mentioned here they probably sound like they are on Morr Records.An interesting sound but not my cup of tea really...

>>By thom   (Sunday, 3 Apr 2005 01:33)

actually yes, Lali Puna and Styrofoam are on Morr Records. Dntel I don't know and Postal service is on Sub Pop.
I would try the Morr sound again if I were U. They have some really nice things going on. At least, that's what I believe....

>>By Campking   (Sunday, 10 Apr 2005 17:33)

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