The Microphones


love 'em

>>By pavel   (Friday, 17 Jan 2003 14:55)

just picked up mount eerie today. its the first i've listened to the microphones and i'm already hooked...

>>By rob   (Tuesday, 28 Jan 2003 05:05)

the most wonderful sound that has ever reached my ears....

>>By cvalda selma   (Sunday, 2 Feb 2003 20:45)

elite sucks ben you blow josh you blow david you blow

>>By eltie sucks   (Thursday, 13 Mar 2003 18:34)

oh, they're so great.
so great.

>>By Ali   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 21:56)

once the microphones got in my head. . .

i never wanted them to leave. . .

words can't describe. . .how beautiful this music is. . .

>>By drowninginflame   (Friday, 14 Jan 2005 17:51)

i'm currently obsessed with i want wind to blow on the glow pt. 2. really touching and intimate music...

>>By balloons!!   (Monday, 24 Mar 2008 03:18)

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