The Lucksmiths


the lucksmiths are really good. the end

>>By sarah   (Tuesday, 21 Jan 2003 10:51)

yeah totally!

>>By beach boy   (Tuesday, 21 Jan 2003 10:54)

i want to find some cd's of lucksmiths someone'can help me please?

>>By sirjoe   (Tuesday, 25 Feb 2003 16:24)


>>By Lukin   (Thursday, 29 May 2003 21:44)

why the hell is it so hard to find lucksmiths mp3s? i've only been able to hear them at lame lame lame.

>>By kathleen   (Monday, 16 Jun 2003 19:28)

the luckies, from a Melbourne point of view, are the best band going around at the moment

ON the subject of Luckies MP3's, try

Some sweet sweet songs.

Also, try the website to find all luckies albums and more for sale.

(Personally, I recommend the Guild League and the Mabels/Anthony Atkinson)

>>By rooster   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 10:49)

i really like them their songs are happy

>>By dice   (Sunday, 6 Jul 2003 16:29)

they are so fantastic! I love where were we? and I just bought naturaliste. Tali's song is fantastic. I'm so glad to see a fan of the guild league. Tali is a friend of our family's and ason of fay white, a well known folk singer in Aus (my family is very folky-me included) and Tali wrote pretty much all the songs on that album i think. Its so beautiful.

>>By overwhelmed lychee   (Monday, 21 Jul 2003 10:06)

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