The Lemonheads


Led by that slacker Evan Dando, the guy that inspired me to pick up and guitar, sing and write my own songs - they have such a great back catalogue which Evan manages (happily it seems) to skirt by on but it's a shame he's been so unproductive, especially over the last decade or so - Baby I'm Bored (Feb 2003), Lemonheads self titled album (sept 2006) and Varsions (covers) (March 2009). I read that the equally (perhaps more equal than some give him credit for) Tom Morgan has spent a bit of time with Evan in the US helping him knock out/complete a good half dozen songs - if only he had the work ethic of Juliana Hatfield who really applies herself when she puts her mind to it (she's put out several albums via Pledge Music and collaborated with Matthew Caws of Nada Surf on the Minor Alps album) - but it's up to Evan what he does - if he wants to let his talents go to waste that's his prerogative - I just think it's a shame about Evan.

>>By lemonstar61   (Sunday, 20 Sep 2015 15:32)

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