The God Machine


the god machine is nostalgia for me

from IRAN

>>By mohammad hassan khodaei   (Wednesday, 13 Nov 2002 21:24)

The best band I've ever heard !!!
I had to listen a lot of times to love their songs of the first CD Scenes of the Second story, but when you know these, you'll never forget them !!!
Read the lyrics and you'll know why !!!

>>By Fretje   (Tuesday, 18 Mar 2003 10:07)

This music touched my soul for years now. Does anyone know what other projects the members are doing now??


>>By roketgurl   (Thursday, 15 May 2003 06:11)

the god machine telah membuat pikiran dan perasaan ku menjadi bangkit kembali setelah sekian lama hilang oleh kelemahan ku sendiri.

>>By the reza   (Monday, 19 May 2003 19:46)

One of the few bands you can listen to over and over and still not having enough. As said, their lyrics fantastic and the atmosphere heavenly and yet raw.

>>By Yolande   (Friday, 13 Jun 2003 19:32)

a friend told me that for him The God Machine is more than allah, god or what else.
It's a way of life.
Tell people arround you to listen to The God Machine.


P.S. Rocketgurl : Sheppard is playing in sophia now .

P.S.S. If you understand The God Machine you know its better than the bible!

>>By spacekees   (Thursday, 17 Jul 2003 21:40)

Scenes from the Second Storey is one of the most unhearalded albums in the grunge fueled ninties that still holds up today as a solid, coherant collective of straightforward rock and roll.

>>By A-ron   (Saturday, 26 Jul 2003 05:13)

Does anyone know what other projects the members are doing now

The bass player is dead.
Sheppard has a label and plays in/is Sophia
the Drummer now makes movies/ or movie music.....

Both Scenes and last Laugh are in my top ten of best records... both are timeless to me, and can be heard at every moment... It is maybe the best "metalband" (as they were considered metal begin 90ties) ever... but then I am not a metal fan, so that's easy said...
still it was great band, with great potential..... the drama........

>>By Campking   (Wednesday, 10 Sep 2003 12:25)

They made just two albums: 'Scenes from the second storey' & 'One last laugh in a place of dying'. Ain't got the right words to describe them. What i CAN say is that 'Scenes....' to me is the best rock/metal/grunge-album (however this music can be called) i've ever heard in my life. Bought this cd in '94 and still it amazes me bout its greatness. It never bores. The music is consistant, there are no less songs on it. They're all masterpieces. Yet i got my fave called 'Purity'........the drama, the melancholic, the bitter and anger, the power and beauty..., all in one song.....all to be found in this jewel of rock 'n' roll.
The second album 'One last laugh....' is awesome too. Yet there's a bit more sadness.....The way Robin sings is as if his voice is broken somehow. It's even more like sadness has turned into a heavier kind o' grief. Jimmy Fernandez (bassplayer) died during the recordings of this album. And i think it's been the reason for the sound of it and for the band to quit: No Jimmy=no Godmachine. However: for those who like powerful grownup blasting rock 'n' roll in melodramatic sphere (and don't underrate) i really recommand !

>>By Sanvean   (Tuesday, 20 Mar 2007 20:29)

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