The Fall


WHAT? Nothing about THE FALL either?What is this wold coming to? Get their records.Kill if you must.

>>By thom   (Tuesday, 27 Jan 2004 00:46)

of course you know I meant to say "woRld", don' you? DON'T YOU?

>>By thom   (Tuesday, 27 Jan 2004 00:49)

I drank a jar of coffee
Then I took some of these

And now I'm totally wired.

You don't have to be weird to be wired
You don't have to be an American to be strange
You don't have to be strange to be strange
You don't have to be weird to be weird.

>>By flamencoprof   (Wednesday, 28 Jan 2004 13:09)

Easily the most important band in the history of popular music.

>>By PranceyDog   (Tuesday, 16 Aug 2005 15:23)

Eat Y'self Fitter!
They invented a pigeon hole of their own. Drunken nonsense OR Surreal genius, it's a fine line.
But youve got got to love Mark E.Smith ahh for being here.
And a BIG thank you for LORD GOD John Peel for giving us these and many other eargasms.

>>By defacer   (Friday, 2 Sep 2005 01:43)

...yes it's The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall, Live From The Witch Trials This Nation's Saving Grace...Fall Heads Roll...

>>By pavel   (Sunday, 19 Feb 2006 16:37)

The only time I was going to check out the Fall in about 1980, the show was cancelled. Wall of Voodoo was the opening act at the local punk club. That would have been an awesome show.

>>By headrush77   (Tuesday, 21 Feb 2006 06:48)

The Fall were big for me in the 70's 80's, saw them play maybe 82, then I got distracted for a while. A friend had made a compilation for me last year that had cyber insekt on it and I just set the track to repeat. I got "50,000 Fall fans can't be wrong" a couple of months back, filled in the last 20 or so years that had dropped off the radar. Some bands it's a bit odd that they should keep on playing, or reforming or whatever, they don't add anything to their ctalogue really, but Smith just keeps on ranting.

>>By SauveDog   (Tuesday, 25 Apr 2006 09:48)

Well, you're bound to be distracted when a band is around for so long. But when that band keeps the quality of the music in such high standards, as is the case with The Fall, you're bound to return too.Same with Sonic Youth. But not Rolling Stones...

>>By thom   (Sunday, 30 Apr 2006 23:10)

I've been trying to find The Complete Peel Sessions box set, but record stores around this area apparently don't even know that there's a band called "The Fall". They should be ashamed of themselves.

>>By CHARLOS   (Tuesday, 25 Jul 2006 20:07)

Hi they probably sell the albums of the adds on the left here, Chris Botti featuring Mark E. Smith on trumpet ! ha!

>>By pavel   (Tuesday, 1 Aug 2006 23:35)

Nice one pavel. Im sure MES could show that Botti bloke how to play a trumpet. Did you notice the Freudian message Chris Botti gives out on the cover-ie get away from me sexy ladies because im blowing my horn.

Btw apparently MES gets nowt for the use of 'Touch Sensitive' on them vauxhall ads, they should be ashamed. Im sure if it were Coldplay theyd want at least a tofu burger.

>>By defacer   (Tuesday, 15 Aug 2006 17:48)

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