The Doors


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they are very good but where are the''Doors'' 's(?) funs in the gnod ?

>>By Valentin Eni   (Saturday, 7 Dec 2002 15:45)

door's funs ? what ?   (Saturday, 7 Dec 2002 19:42)

the doors are great. great. why am i writing this? i don't know and i don't know how i got here. or why i'm here. the doors. musical genius. i'm still going. i think i'd better stop

>>By al   (Wednesday, 8 Jan 2003 05:34)



>>By rebel rocker betty   (Tuesday, 4 Feb 2003 23:00)

man..."the doors?", they were ahead of them selves big Time! in all aspects not just in music either? if you know what I mean...

>>By Goo-Goosh   (Friday, 7 Feb 2003 18:20)

"All the girls want to be with jim morrison and all the guys want to be jim morrison."
Ray Manzarek

>>By willie dixon   (Monday, 24 Feb 2003 09:00)

I still reflecton the time of the Doors and ,find that it has played, still onging, to be part of my appreation and addiction to music. The Doors new music still to come !

>>By by and by   (Monday, 3 Mar 2003 02:07)

Jim? God...

>>By OngaN   (Friday, 7 Mar 2003 01:05)

Simply the best band ever....

>>By Rolling Stone   (Friday, 7 Mar 2003 16:10)

The me, the Doors produced some of the BEST music of the 60's & 70's...Im a huge fan. Im 16. I love Jim Morrison! He Rocks!

God Bless.

>>By WILD CHILD77   (Monday, 10 Mar 2003 10:37)

Free your body and soul
Unfold your powerful wings
Climb up the highest mountains
Kick your feet up in the air

You may now live forever
Or return to this earth
Unless you feel good where you are

missed by your friends

>>By REGGIN   (Thursday, 20 Mar 2003 22:11)

"There is the known and the unknown and in between is The Doors."

>>By lament from cock   (Wednesday, 9 Apr 2003 08:53)

THE DOORS ARE THE BEST EVER AND I LOVE THEM, AND THEY ROCK 'N ROLL FOR EVER BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By alice   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 06:16)

The doors are the most talented group due to diverse music styles (from rock to jazzy styles) and being able to communicate music without all that guitar distortion. With every album they proved that. They are by far my most respected group. Because of that, I did a little link for them:

Here is my main page:

>>By Steve Savicki   (Friday, 18 Apr 2003 15:36)

THEY ROCK !!!!!!! a song like light my fire is pure genius
no band can ever make music like THE DOORS their music is mostly for the 60s with all the drugs and stuff but nobody can say they r a bad band their music has lasted 4 decades and believe me the legend of Jim Morrison and THE DOORS will never stop I AM THE LIZARD KING I CAN DO ANYTHING

there are things known
and there are things unknown
and in between are the doors - Jim Morrison

>>By Dominick Peti   (Sunday, 20 Apr 2003 14:53)

The Doors in Philly!! hell Yeah!
this is the end...?
only the begining.

>>By flip mcnally!!   (Wednesday, 23 Apr 2003 08:04)

Light My Fire, Break On Through, Back Door Man. If I had to pick 3 rock songs to bring with me on a dsert island, these would be the ones. (thanks to willie dixon) These are nrock classics that will live forever. Oh, also Love Me Two Times!

>>By AGITATOR___   (Wednesday, 14 May 2003 03:43)

"There are things known, there are things unknown, and in between are the Doors." -Jim Morrison

Jim, I love you and miss you. The Doors are truly an awsome band, and no one will ever make music like them again. They performed some of the best songs ever, and I will never get tired of them. I love Jim Morrison, he rocks!!!

>>By Nicole B   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 05:45)

Jim is the best~! I love to listen to the Doors and play their music on the piano. This is my Jim Morrison page:

>>By scarred_moonlight   (Saturday, 28 Jun 2003 03:28)

The Doors represent something inside us all, the quest for a long prolonged duration of the senses to attain the unknown. Jim Morriosn the God of Rock and Cock. The music , the mood, and the meaning can be summed up as such. "Is everybody in, is everybody in, is eveybody in?" The Doors absolute most intense and devoted fan-Sagittarius
Jim M.-Dec 8 1943
Me -Dec 8 1983 The Doors Live

>>By Sagittarius   (Saturday, 28 Jun 2003 22:16)

jim was a sexual deviant throughout his shamanistic life.apart from that your all gay

>>By ass bandit   (Friday, 18 Jul 2003 15:38)

ass bandit , just doesnt know, you just dont know

>>By reaper   (Saturday, 26 Jul 2003 23:30)

i love the doors since my dudduy let me hear them and now i listen to them with myy roomate!!they have such seductive beats and jim's words are so deep and beautiful!

>>By vivianalamamasita   (Saturday, 18 Oct 2003 03:07)

I dated this guy named Ron who loved the Doors so much, he actually would watch the movie and say to me, "when you watch this movie, you can understand me better." I think he even thought he was Jim reincarnated. Because Jim died in 1971, and Ron was born in 1971.
What a WACCO! I still love him, Jim, Not Ron.

>>By littlegirl   (Saturday, 18 Oct 2003 04:38)

i have them on video & isnt it something how 1 member can change a band

>>By star   (Sunday, 19 Oct 2003 18:39)

Hey, Star,
You Like Jim Morrison and Van Morrison. You're pretty cool.
And, Yes. One person can make a huge impact on so many. This is so true of Jim and Van. I also love Rob Thomas and Paul Douchette of Matchbox20. But I have only been able to find one discussion for them. And I can't find it again.

>>By littlegirl   (Sunday, 19 Oct 2003 22:55)

oh man
i love this band
a lot
its really jsut good listening music, to be honest
even my sister likes it

>>By snoockerdoodle   (Monday, 22 Dec 2003 05:40)

they are just too awesome...undescribable...unexplainable...they are just too...i dont even know...the doors are forever....

>>By lil_shorty452   (Sunday, 28 Dec 2003 01:29)

jim morrison makes the doors the doors...

>>By lil_shorty452   (Sunday, 28 Dec 2003 01:30)

jim morrison restrainded himself from heroin and needles his whole life, then his bitchy girlfriend had him try some and he overdosed and died in a paris hotel!! if he never wouldve taken the shot hed still be alive today!!!!

>>By i hate nicknames   (Tuesday, 20 Apr 2004 04:16)

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