The B-52's


I met the mom of Fred Schneider a few days ago and she actually saw them at one of their first gigs in Max's Kansas City! It was a "family show" - his brothers and sisters - like usual and after paying five dollars cover they went up to a sardine can for a night club with people wall to wall. The band came from the front, for there were no back stage area.
She felt a little insecure being that she was the oldest one there and even more stunned because up to then she didn't even know that he was in a band(!) but when she heard whispering about the band possibly being signed to Island nervousness gave way to excitement. After being given cotten for her ears by Fred, they went on stage with their usual powerhouse performance. Problem was that the club was so packed, NOBODY COULD DANCE!
After the show She told me that Fred was ticked that they all had to pay to get in (they were on the guest list) and had their five dollars refunded. This is unusual, for back then (and now) most acts get payed five dollars each. The best part of the story was that Fred was so nervous he asked if the band could come back. The manager apparently said yes, and history was made.

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Hello, Terri and vry'Body else,

This is my first post. I just joined. Here is my question.

Is there any special significance to the 3 items in the lyrics for "Give Me Back My Man", I'll give you fish, I'll give you candy, I'll give you everything I have in my hand.

I've always taken the last part to mean I'll punch you.

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i have them on video & what a unique group

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