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>>By rask   (Wednesday, 8 Jan 2003 21:36)

can anyone tell me where i may be able to find the piano music for the beginning part of track 2 on ricochet please, i just wanna play it!

>>By liz   (Tuesday, 4 Mar 2003 00:40)

hello, I'm edgard (not Froese) and i'm a tangs fan since 20 years.
I am 35 years old french musician and i play keyboards and electronic instruments.
My personnaly collection is composed more than 100 CD's and 20 LP.
I have almost all the Tangs discographie and some rare soundtrack like "The Keep", "L'Affaire Walraff / The Man Inside" or "Deadly Care". and many others...
+ all the Edgar Froese solo discographie
+ all the Chris Franke solo discographie
+ all the Paul Haslinger solo discographie

So I invite you to contact me at


to speak about the Tangerine World.

>>By edgard   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 03:24)


>>By Nelson Miguel   (Wednesday, 23 Apr 2003 22:21)

I thought finding people who know Hawkwind was hard, You fans of Tangerine Dream are very rare. I have alot of their stuff and I like to close my eyes and let the music float me away. I have never met anyone personally who has even heard of Tangerine Dream to have a topic to talk about. I,m pretty sure anyone here has the same. Well, it doesn't matter what peoples opinions are, I love their sound and anyone here is lucky to have them in their listening experience

>>By whiskey   (Saturday, 9 Aug 2003 03:10)

I've just bought Force Majeure.
It's pretty damn good. Although i can't really compare it to anything, as i have heard little by Tangerine Dream.

>>By Jack_is_hot_12   (Friday, 28 Nov 2003 01:42)

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