Taking Back Sunday


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DOes anyone know where i can get the lyrics to their CD?

>>By Brityn   (Monday, 11 Nov 2002 00:11)

you can get their lyrics on their cd. they're in that booklet you get. or go to songmeanings.net and look up taking back sunday.

>>By gun2yourhead   (Friday, 15 Nov 2002 21:39)

i wish! ive been looking for them all night and i was searching and got here
but songmeanings.net it said they were remodeling the site or soemthin but thanx for the advice i love taking back sunday tho! go ons my fave song of theirs

>>By crys   (Sunday, 8 Dec 2002 05:01)

yah if u dont have there cd yet u can get thier lyrics at www.sunday.turnuptheradio.org hopefully thatll work! TBS ROX!!!!!!!!

>>By tiffany   (Saturday, 21 Dec 2002 20:41)



>>By FUNNY CHICK   (Monday, 23 Dec 2002 01:54)

I saw TBS last...Monay and they were so awesome. Has anyone else ever seen them??

>>By ForgetMe   (Tuesday, 24 Dec 2002 01:02)

taking back sunday rocks my socks. i have seen them twice and am going again for the third very soon. tbs is definitely a really awesome band and they are going to get much bigger very soon. all the guys are really cool....adam lazarra(the lead singer) nearly is on a first name basis with my friends and i . its great. floyd the merch kid is awesome. talk to him at the shows. hes really cool. and john, the screaming boy, oh man. hes sexy. thats all there is to say.

the lyrics are in their cd. go buy it and support them. itll be fun. its like one big disfunctional family. that screams.

>>By dont.bother.angel.   (Saturday, 4 Jan 2003 08:34)

Taking Back Sunday is definitley one fuck off awesome band. And they are all so humble and nice about meeting people at their shows...they arent that kind of band that doesn't have time for their fans or whatever.

I am not too sure about the comparisons being made to them as a mix of Thursday, Saves the Day and Dashboard, though. Because they dont sound like that at all. They have their own sound that is pretty much indescribable, but it rocks and it works, so they have it all going for them.

I would be so happy to be in a disfunctional family with TBS. That would be awesome. As long as we can have food fights and homevideos.

The third time, eh? Well you are destined to have sex with them then. Just kidding...I really have no idea. But have fun!

>>By .coheedandcambria.   (Sunday, 5 Jan 2003 20:28)

thank you. its my mission to see them as many times as i can, i think. either way it will be fun. and no, they dont sound like the mix of thursday, saves the day and dashboard. i have no idea where that got pulled from. but its wrong.

coheed and cambria definitley rock me as well. they are playing here soon, but no one wants to go with me. and the one other person i know who really likes their music is in jail. but im sure they wouold go. blast.

>>By dont.bother.angel.   (Sunday, 5 Jan 2003 20:37)

taking back sunday is my favorite band ever. their lyrics are amazing and they seem like really cool people.

>>By TheyWantOutButAreScaredToAsk   (Monday, 6 Jan 2003 08:14)

they aren't that good. like they arent that talentes. aside from their drums, they are too fucking whiny.

>>By <3 jack   (Monday, 6 Jan 2003 08:16)

TBS is fucking awesome and they arent at all whiny. give me a kid who can emo scream like john, and i will reassure that they arent whiny. and they have everything going for them because their lyrics are awesome and instramental-wise they rock, and adam nor john are whiny singers. so either you were listening to a different band, or you were on acid. think it over.

>>By im just complaining to keep myslef busy   (Monday, 6 Jan 2003 08:20)

Hello all,
TBS rox my sox off!!!. John is the best ever and is tottaly hot!!! This music proves that you dont have to be on the top 20 list to be loved by people. They prove their point, and have outstanding voices, better than nything from a laim N'sync band. If you like TBS then youv got brains. Here are some other good bands too - Unwriten Law, The pixies, New Found Glory, NOFX, ahh who cares yall are smart! okay im done. later.
Ps. Who agress that there should be a "Top 10 or 20" for good punk rock music.

>>By Gooper ;)   (Tuesday, 7 Jan 2003 09:46)

i think small bands are really awesome, and i want tbs to get bigger and all so they can be wealthy or whatever, but its awesome to have tight-knit fans like those of tbs. i dunno, thats just what i think

>>By the underground kids   (Wednesday, 8 Jan 2003 03:21)

is taking back sunday some kind of vengeful christian band?

>>By carli;)   (Saturday, 11 Jan 2003 01:11)

No they're not, but I can see what you mean and its kinda funny. But seriously Tbs is a great band that you should really listen too. They're great. Ive seen them in concert they really rock. They're full of life. With all this shit happening around the world they're apart of what I turn to for peace.

>>By Underground Music seeker   (Friday, 24 Jan 2003 13:47)

Taking Back Sunday has awesome, catchy songs.. not for the fucking teenyboppers out there! Unfortunately, I'm 13 and female so I often get mistaken for being one.

>>By Annie   (Friday, 28 Feb 2003 04:00)

any of you people who posed " john is really hot! or adam is really hot!" has no real value towards the band, and no matter what you say you are teenie boppers. respect the whole band for their talent not for one persons looks you fucking morons.

>>By loser   (Wednesday, 5 Mar 2003 02:04)

oh and another thing.... i met taking back sunday... they are all really cool so if any of you people wanna post shit about TBS dont they are all so awesome, they do it for thei fans unlike many bands

>>By loser   (Wednesday, 5 Mar 2003 02:06)

hey! its me! yur CheerBear! I just love Taking Back Sunday! They r so awesome! I love taht song "Cute without the E"!!!!!!!. Its one of my faves!thats all for now!
loves ya all!
love 4rm
Yur CheerBear!

>>By cheer_bear2003   (Sunday, 16 Mar 2003 18:54)

to Jack: yur too fucking whiny! TBS is the sh!t!. For any of you people hating on TBS>>>>SCREW OFF<<<<< I love TBS soooo much. they're lyrics are so catchy! yeparoni! and to all you TBS lovers!

>>>>>>>>>>>YOU RULE<<<<<<<<<>>>>ROCK ON<<<<<<<<<!
4RM :
yur bigtime TBS fan!

>>By Big Timer Chick!   (Sunday, 16 Mar 2003 18:59)

How come for every band, people are always trying to compare them to another band. For instance: Thursday, Saves the Day, and Dashboard. All those bands are totally opposite from each other and you cannot compare TBS to any of those. Has it ever occured to you that a band may be trying to do their own thing and be their "own kind of music?" TBS is trying to be individuals and they play from their heart, unlike a lot of this other manufactured music crap out there now!

>>By HotRodWatson   (Sunday, 30 Mar 2003 20:37)

taking back sunday fucking owns they are really good i love cute without the e and they are going to make it big real big one day they have a lot going for them and tons of tallent some of the best music I have heard in the past four five years

>>By plyboybunnie17x   (Friday, 18 Apr 2003 04:50)

OK I have a question that I have been trying to find the answer to so hopefully someone can help me. I love TBS and I also love Brandnew. Their musical styles are similar and after listening to both CDs for quite awhile I have discovered they share the same lyric that says "You're as subtle as a brick in the small of my back" That's not really a common saying so I was wondering if anyone knows the connection between the two. If so that would be awesome and I would probably want to be your best friend if you told me. Thanks!

>>By Cousin Moo   (Monday, 21 Apr 2003 06:49)

TBS and Brandnew are really good friends with each other and they go way back. They both realized they wrote a song about generally the same thing and they decided it would be cool to use a lyric from each other's song in their own song.

any questions or anything email me kimmy0813@aol.com

>>By TBS rocks my socks   (Thursday, 1 May 2003 01:08)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but TBS is no more. Adam has been drinking for some time now and it has been getting pretty bad lately and Jon quit because it wasnt stopping. With Jon out of the band the rest of the guys refuse to play. Now for the technical crap. If they officially break up now they would owe Victory a ton of money and they dont want to split it five ways so they are going on hiatus to prolong the paying back process. I know its hard and feel free to cry but remember that no matter what TBS will always live on in our hearts!
Sorry to upset anyone!

>>By Cousin Moo   (Wednesday, 14 May 2003 20:30)

I doubt they will break up just yet, they will probably come off hiatus a long time from now then maybe do a new cd or tour or something then break up. Just my speculation.

>>By Emoboy   (Sunday, 1 Jun 2003 16:54)

Taking Back Sunday kicks major ass i really hope they dont break for long i would cry if i never got to see them live they are my fav fucking band

>>By MA   (Wednesday, 4 Jun 2003 01:49)

Wow this board is more dead than a body in the trunk of a mob boss's car.

>>By Emoboy   (Monday, 9 Jun 2003 22:52)

anyone know where to find the lyrics for their new song "Alone Forever"?

>>By underoath89   (Thursday, 19 Jun 2003 22:48)

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