Syd Barrett


oh i like pink floyd but they pink floyd band mates never understood what sid was trying to say they stole his ideas and then took credit while saying oh we cant help you now sid sorry we filled your spot in the band i think the band members of floyd should be ashamesed of writing there whole newest albums about him

>>By mikey   (Wednesday, 6 Nov 2002 18:21)

his name was spelt syd barret with a "y' and his real name is roger keith , which is what he uses today

>>By john l   (Thursday, 7 Nov 2002 23:37)

I love this peom by Syd:

One in a million

Would you like to be one in a million?
Would you like to be one in five?
Would you like to know all the hidden meaning?
Before they tell you you've run out of time.

Would you like to be one in a million?
Would you like to be one in five?
When they tell you you ain't going nowhere.
When they tell you you can't live your life.

What is Syd Barrett doing nowadays ? I heard he is a gardener ?

>>By mg   (Sunday, 17 Nov 2002 23:02)

Stop waisting your time talking about this man.He's fine now but he will be better if you just forget him.If you like his music just buy his albuns to make him eat.

>>By Arnold   (Thursday, 19 Dec 2002 16:45)

You can only wonder how much more he could've done. I think that he
would've been bigger than David Bowie. Starsteam Syd...........
"How I wish you were here".........

>>By pink lloyd   (Tuesday, 7 Jan 2003 07:16)

syd barret is a great guy and should never be forgotten on the music he help to make, yeah he had some problems but who doesnt no one is perfect, i am no where near perfect and i know for a fact you arent to, let God take care of him now

>>By spooky   (Thursday, 13 Feb 2003 08:14)

Alright everyone?
I'm a new BVarret fan after listening to 'Piper at the gate..'
And I was just wondering why he originally left the band. Was he forced out, or what? Could I have facts please, not conspiracy theories.

>>By Luke   (Monday, 21 Apr 2003 02:33)

Only Syd can save this world from going to hell!!!!! Like he did back in he day..........

>>By Greg   (Thursday, 1 May 2003 00:10)

I don't know much about this syd barrett character, but whoever he is, he sounds like a swell guy. I thought this was the web site for mattresses. I'm personally a Peter, Paul, and Mary fan. I play their recent concerts, the ones they do for PBS, for my sixth graders and they're all like eek! and ah! and why are they all so old and fat and bald, Mr. Kroaky? They all look like you, only younger! Ah, hell, you know kids; they're so damn honest you want to hurt them, but, understandly there are laws or so that was what my wife, lawyer, and therapist told me, and I guess they're right. But that kid should not have lit my pony tail on fire. Oh, boys will be boys until they're fourteen and have feelings for Ralph, the next door neighbor kid, and George later becomes Georgette. That's what happened to my oldest boy. Went off and had an operation when he turned twenty-five. Lucklily for me, shows like Donahue prepared me for such a shock. And I'm even considering one myself--you know for support. Well, with wille or no willie, I love him all the same. If only I can get him to stop his smack habit. Well, we can't all keep our puff. Eventually, we exhale, including our final breath. Well, like I said, I'm sure this syd person was a swell guy. Nice chatting. My once 90 pound wife, now a walloping 500 pounds, wants another king size bed to accomodate the one she already has. Ah, thank god for wedding vows. Have a good day. And remember, never lose your spirit. The world is full of caustic types.

>>By Mr. Ronald Kroaky, elementary teacher   (Saturday, 10 May 2003 23:33)

Bold as brass the trees stood seperate, an arc of sky got in my eye,

A fish in my wall screamed for catching, I washed colour into my hair.

Roger a genius, a man, let him be, dont idolise him.

>>By Lincoln hair   (Wednesday, 14 May 2003 18:47)

hey you syd, play the next are the best are the sychedelic master

>>By dj barrett   (Thursday, 19 Jun 2003 03:39)

syd barrett is the greatest musician who ever lived!!!!!!!

>>By the madcap laugher   (Monday, 23 Jun 2003 14:21)

Luke, Barrett has been on an acid trip for the last 30 years. That's why he left the band.

>>By ThunderBunny666   (Saturday, 5 Jul 2003 19:41)

unless you still trip on lsd you don't need to listen to syd
if you do then you'll understand

>>By adam12ax2   (Monday, 14 Jul 2003 22:16)

didn't syd barrett wear womens clothes whilst staying in Chelsea Cloisters hotel around 1974. what a funny man. apart from that,YOUR ALL GAY

>>By ass bandit   (Friday, 18 Jul 2003 12:08)

long after the lute had been broken and syd had stopped singing...his music continues to linger in our subconcious soul.damned be the one who misinterprets him.

>>By vise san   (Saturday, 26 Jul 2003 22:40)

he was a soul who did nothing but imagined a lot through the things
he thought he had done in those imaginations
salute to legend who never knew anyone except one thing

trips of those strips

>>By pzx   (Wednesday, 17 Dec 2003 18:05)

back when The Pink Floyd was getting its start, the Beatles were considered the biggest psychedelic band of the day, leading the changes that all the other bands followed in 1967. John Lennon was considered the psychedelic guru of the time, and Syd Barrett looked up to him and wanted to meet him. Well he got to, and he got to hang out with him because their first album Piper at the GAtes of Dawn was recorded in the same studio, right next to the Beatles recording their psychedelic masterpiece Sgt Pepper's. Thanks in part to Pink Floyd, Lennon met Yoko Ono and decided he was finished being psychedelic guru, he already was changing into something else. So Syd Barrett started off in that spot. He wanted to be psychedelic guru to the end. One of my favorite quotes of Syd Barrett is the following interview by Go Magazine in August 1967:
{Go}: So you're beginning to think less now?
{Syd}: Yes. I'm beginning to think less now. It's getting better. All the time.
{Go}: If you stop thinking entirely, you might as well be a vegetable.
{Syd}: Yeah!!!
(Interview with Syd Barrett, Go Magazine August 1967)
This was right about when he started to go insane and he wrote the song "Vegetable Man" right afterwards
His mind got smeared by LSD and other hard drugs and his music went from beautiful psychedelia to the sounds of a troubled man unable to make sense of his own thoughts. You can hear it all happen in the music

>>By SulfurFury   (Thursday, 18 Dec 2003 20:44)

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