Even though they a little flighty at times they have rocked and they still rock

>>By SABBATHRULES   (Wednesday, 27 Jan 2010 19:54)

Joey Ramone was a big fan of theirs apparently.

>>By nonyeb   (Sunday, 31 Jan 2010 07:30)

They were always referred to as The Sweet by the way.

>>By nonyeb   (Sunday, 31 Jan 2010 07:31)

you'll find some great vids of The Sweet on YouTube
especially the *Top Of The Pop* stuff from the '70's .......
"alright fellas ........ lets GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" !!!

>>By Helmet   (Sunday, 31 Jan 2010 08:06)

singer half brother to Taggart !

>>By longstocking   (Sunday, 31 Jan 2010 14:02)

Sadly, both Brian Connolly & Mick Tucker, vocals & drums respectively, have now died.

>>By nonyeb   (Monday, 1 Feb 2010 16:15)

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