Stretcher Case


The best fucking band this side of the Mississippi!

>>By smurfy   (Wednesday, 11 Dec 2002 18:07)

and this side too. they were cuties and played some damn good tunes too.

>>By brooke   (Saturday, 18 Jan 2003 23:24)

The perfect combination of the crude genius of The Mummies and The Cramps, the outlandish reverbed out guitar of The Ventures, mixed with the jangle and pop sensibilties of The Smiths. Really great stuff. Reminds me of some early b movie with fast sooped-up cars and girls in bikinis.

>>By Rat Fink   (Saturday, 18 Jan 2003 23:43)

Whatever happened to this group? Their mp3s sound like something that was recorded in someone's garage in the mid-1960s and mixed on to an old dusty 2-track reel-to-reel. And that is not an insult but a huge compliment. I have a hard time excepting that they are (were?) a modern outfit. A fun band and yes I can hear where the Gallon Drunk references come from but I think they sound more like The Flaming Stars instro stuff but not too much. There's something unique here.

>>By snOg   (Sunday, 26 Jan 2003 01:50)

forget about all of those over hyped nyc bands this is where it's at! these kids were just too cool and somehow all the hipsters and wannabes were looking the wrong direction.

>>By Tom   (Thursday, 30 Jan 2003 01:41)

They must have had amps with reverb that dialed up to 1000. Does anyone know what kinda of organ they used? It sounds like a combination of a Vox, a Farfisa, and a B3?! Interesting production.

>>By Paul   (Friday, 28 Feb 2003 23:07)

UPDATE!!!!!! New 4 song 'STRETCHER CASE' ep to be released in late April early May!!!

>>By STRETCHER CASE   (Tuesday, 8 Apr 2003 02:36)

Here is the link to the new STRETCHER CASE mp3s:

>>By STRETCHER CASE   (Monday, 28 Apr 2003 22:48)

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