Seems you peeps have et to discover this gem of a band.

The time the started out and their name tend to put some people off, but the really have a ver cultured and artistic back catalogue of songs.

The earl "punk" stuff (Hanging Around, Peaches, etc) is probably the best of it kind.
Later the had the less heavy but more artistic Raven, most Stranglers fans favourite album.
Hugh Cornwell who was the "front man" and main song writer left over a decade ago, but because they had JJ Burnel in the band (the bass player) who also wrote about 35% of the tracks including some of the best in m opinion, and also one of the most talented musicians in Dave Greenfield, they were able to carry on without him.

Their last 2 albums (Norfolk Coast and Suite XVI) have been their best for quite some years and come highly recommended!!

>>By jezebel   (Tuesday, 26 Jun 2007 15:43)

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