so fucking nice, he inspire me so much in my work, in my bed, in my toilets, tanks to him, I can eat so easily, and I don't make anymore nightmares, I really enjoy this little drum and bass mental activity, except he has still never come in france, in toulouse, I' m waiting, .......

>>By moabi   (Tuesday, 3 Dec 2002 11:12)

are you there

>>By FasticSLide   (Wednesday, 29 Jan 2003 06:44)

where is everyone?   (Wednesday, 29 Jan 2003 06:44)

Very interesting, I think I like him better than the Twin but Ive never seen pusher live and everyone I know hates Warp records. Anyone know what i mean...?

>>By Drummond Bates   (Friday, 31 Jan 2003 15:13)

i heard he is dead,how happened?

>>By colorz natalius   (Thursday, 20 Feb 2003 12:59)

I like Kazaa it allows me to cheat the scandalous teeming masses of high profit margin cd releasers. Fuck the musicians.

>>By Racerus   (Sunday, 2 Mar 2003 01:34)

Do i know Squarepusher? yes

>>By ...   (Monday, 10 Mar 2003 11:51)

where can i see squarepusher live???????

>>By wizard   (Tuesday, 18 Mar 2003 14:45)

the beatz the beatz the beatz! sqaaqpuysharr!

>>By imthfkindaddy   (Saturday, 12 Apr 2003 23:58)

When is squarepusher playing live?

People need to see this guy.

>>By morge   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 23:54)

not in america, that much is for sure. damn shame, damn damn shame

>>By Montagery   (Tuesday, 22 Apr 2003 07:36)

umm...SqUaRePuSheR's music is so sick. yes. the almighty mindf--k. the limitless. he's far ahead. yes. i'm addicted to his soundz. goody.

>>By kristoff   (Thursday, 24 Apr 2003 09:11)

umm...SqUaRePuSheR's music is so sick. yes. the almighty mindf--k. the limitless. he's far ahead. yes. i'm addicted to his soundz. goody. do we have any FL, u.s.a. people up on here?

>>By K   (Thursday, 24 Apr 2003 09:13)

what are any of u chaps talking about?

>>By the anti-cat mounvement   (Thursday, 24 Apr 2003 15:52)

Excellent music. Some of it feels like he's frantically grasping for beats, but most of the time it's right on. I like the way the beat is not your usual 4/4 crap; it's varied and complex.

Bin using Bearshare to get some mp3s and have had much sucess...Still missing the occasional song here & there

>>By Jayce Cruel   (Monday, 5 May 2003 20:41)

() ()
(._. )
( )
L L Even mister bunny sais Squarepusher is ...just...just...ohh well theres no real way to explain his perfection.

>>By Yy?   (Monday, 19 May 2003 05:26)

his beats were made in 2016

>>By [_] hsup R   (Saturday, 24 May 2003 19:14)

A master of his craft, King of sonic madness.

>>By Aural King   (Thursday, 19 Jun 2003 06:03)

Hey "K" im in Florida and i also want to see him come down here,i cant wait d*mn it...my yahoo name:Limestonesam01

>>By Yy?   (Monday, 23 Jun 2003 07:42)

Squarepunters! Squarepusher live in Japan is goodier than his Australian shows he did in 1999. He sucked when he toured here. There is a bootleg going around of his Aussie tour I will upload on Kazaa for youse.

>>By bosh1   (Thursday, 3 Jul 2003 15:58)

Suarepusher is playing July 22, 2003 in Toronto, some other time in Montreal.

>>By Mr. Matt   (Sunday, 6 Jul 2003 21:43)

Just reaching out from Emperor Norton Records. Squarepusher will be on the soundtrack to the new Sofia Coppola movie, 'Lost In Translation'. It also features music from Death In Vegas, Air, My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Phoenix, plus many others.

Check out this track:

Squarepusher - Tommib

>>By eyeball2323   (Tuesday, 5 Aug 2003 23:45)

squarepusher playin reading and i lost 350 quid trying to get tickets to see him there and got ripped!! if anyone goes tell me bout it!! love to see the mind expanding head explosion live...good enough bombed out of my mind on sofa!!

>>By lau   (Saturday, 9 Aug 2003 21:59)

ive seen aphex and squarepusher live suk my ass

>>By brainslave   (Saturday, 17 Jan 2004 15:45)

bin waiting 10 yrs to see this freak of nature play live and finally saw him play in Vancouver APR/04.
Warning...extremely LOUD...bring ear plugs if you want to hear anything..like notes and melodies.
I have never seen anyone play the bass like he does.

>>By dre   (Thursday, 29 Apr 2004 22:16)

the Pusher has been as deep into the U.S. as Austin, TX. Because of him I can't listen to ordinary jazz anymore. It's too organized! Does this guy ever collaborate with anybody?

>>By letgravitydecide   (Thursday, 2 Sep 2004 06:43)

top draw stuff, the man is a genius.

>>By monkeyfeet   (Tuesday, 7 Sep 2004 11:12)

Yes. He is good.

>>By Trenounde   (Tuesday, 7 Sep 2004 11:51)

I like his stuff. I'm having trouble finding his albums though. My favorite song of his would have to be My Red Hot Car.

>>By Geotrio   (Wednesday, 30 Nov 2005 07:01)

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