Something Corporate


something corporatre kicks butt!!!!!!

>>By Missie   (Thursday, 14 Aug 2003 18:33)

Gah! Where are all the something coporate fans?

Anyways, awesome band. I saw them In Toledo and seeing them sing "if you C jordan" live was incredible! Best song. Haha. Okay I'm done.

>>By noise_conspiracy   (Monday, 13 Oct 2003 17:08)

Konstantine is a beautiful song.

>>By punk_child_8713   (Monday, 13 Oct 2003 18:23)

I listen to their cd's at least once a day. I'm waiting for them to come near me on tour cause I would love to see them live. SoCo kicks some major butt

>>By WorldismyStage   (Tuesday, 23 Mar 2004 00:13)

anyone here seen the new something corporate music dvd, live at the ventura theatre??? on man, its awesome! my friend who works for universal let me borrow her dvd and i cant stop watching it! i really love the song hurricane and me and the moon! theyre not bad! good job! i think i should get myself a copy ... yeah!

here check this out ... enjoy!

>>By socorp101   (Monday, 6 Dec 2004 20:34)

I'm in the process of getting tickets to see them next month, but I think they might be sold out..... Noooooo. I want to see them so much! they rock..... only ashes...

>>By OpheliasViolets   (Monday, 20 Dec 2004 20:44)

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