Snow Patrol


What an amazing band....

>>By Hels   (Monday, 6 Jan 2003 16:48)


>>By keith   (Sunday, 2 Mar 2003 13:49)

do someone like belle & sebastian   (Thursday, 13 Mar 2003 21:53)

Hey Helen, shoulda known anything Snow Patrolly would have a comment from you on....
Well, she's right, anyone reading this. They come HIGHLY recommended for anyone who likes their music both clever and damn catchy.

>>By Sam   (Tuesday, 17 Jun 2003 18:10)

Can anyone tell me about SP? How many members, where they're from, etc. I just got the album and it's really good but I don't know anything about them! :-(

>>By i_love_lauri   (Tuesday, 17 Aug 2004 19:15)


Does anyone have any information on Snow Patrol?? I just heard them for the first time the other day when they playd "Run" on the radio. I love that song, its so sad but reassuring. If anyone knows any more info. on them please post.

>>By sweet_unknown   (Wednesday, 15 Sep 2004 15:05)

If you have the new album, Final Straw, there's information inside about the band and who they are.
I looove Snow Patrol. But doesn't Wow (I think it's that one) sound like Reptilia by the Strokes? The beginning, anyway. So much so that it's hard to tell which is playing.

>>By Flake 1.6   (Wednesday, 15 Sep 2004 16:54)

Nothing since 2004? The band made a big hit with the grey's anatomy soundtrack and "Chasing Cars". This song is finely done.

>>By SugarWater   (Friday, 13 Apr 2007 10:40)

Signal Fire is their latest release, It was featured on the Spiderman 3 Soundtrack... its a great song with cute video...

>>By Hey There Tracy   (Monday, 25 Jun 2007 23:26)

If I lay here.... If I just lay here.... would you lay with me and just...... Amazing words.... love this song and of course "Snow Patrol".... Enojoy the freedom of music....

>>By Marts   (Friday, 5 Sep 2008 10:46)

Shut your eyes is sooo poetically beautiful and intensely interesting. I love Eyes Open, it's the only CD of theirs I have, but it is soo inspiring!

>>By jadeshadow   (Monday, 15 Sep 2008 22:28)

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