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i want to know about him

>>By dub   (Tuesday, 22 Apr 2003 07:55)

Slim was the greatest vocalist to EVER come out of jamaica including Bob Marley and Harry Belafonte. At the time of his death in 1972, he was the number one recording artist in Jamaica. Bob Marley started recording in canada and london and he was still second fiddle to slim at the local singing contests. In fact, bob got so frustrated one night at always taking second place that he pulled a knife on slim. Most Marley fans will deny this to the grave. But as we all know bob, peter and bunny were thugs. They grew up in the ghetto and this was commonplace for them.

Slim lived his entire short life falling in and out of love. He was on a constant rollercoaster ride of fallimng for a girl where he is head over heels to being heartbroken and on the verge of suicide. Alot of people believe slim was derranged and did commit suicide. However, this is not true.

Slim was having an affair with a married lady. Her husband, a friend of slim's, pretended like he did not know and gave slim a spliff that he said had some killer ganja in it. It did but it also contained powdered lizard tail (voodoo). This made slim lose his mind. he sensed he was losing it so went to bunny lee, the famous producer, and demanded studio time to cut his latest track. Bunny told slim he was all booked up for the day but slim would not take no for an answer. Bunny realized this was serious and cancelled some other artist so slim could cut the track "The Time Has Come". This is the only recording of this song and slim is high on powdered lizard tail. He left the studio went home , went crazy and punched and kicked out all of the windows in his house, severing vital arteries and laid on his floor and bled to death.

Slims voice has never been equaled or paralled in any genre of music. In most songs he sounds like he might not make it until the end. His emotional rollercoaster transferred to his songs. Never has any singer in any genre of music express the vulnerability and power that slim smith did. As a lyricist he was fantastic as well. If you compare slims career to bob marley pre 1973 it is not even close. Slim was number 1. Had he not died , the history of jamaican /reggae music would have been severley changed.

I listened to slim smith about 30 times before it hit me. One day, i wass sitting there listening to slim and it all made sense. It clicked. My ears got an appreciation like they have never had for anything. The slower rocksteady, love song style seemd at first to slow. Now it explodes. Just like your taste buds, our ears are the same way. I urge anyone who reads this, listen again aqnd again until it clicks....and it will. you will thank me and be on the same lifelong quest that i am to educate peopl pon slim and introduve them to his music. Slim Smith is my favorite recording artist of all time in any music. I am desperately looking for an album he supposedly cut in TOronto in 1966 called "toronto 66". If aNYONE HAS ANY INFO FOr me, please forward to

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