>>By ColestonThayer   (Monday, 24 Mar 2003 07:10)

does anyone have or know were i can get a copy of sasha universe were he was ick and being held up by bouncers whilt playin the badest set of his career?

>>By ash   (Tuesday, 1 Apr 2003 11:05)

i went to fabric , in london and danced with sasha it was imazing, i wanna say thank u sasha.

>>By sinan   (Monday, 23 Jun 2003 21:21)

shit man, i have no idea about that universe set. That's awesome.
BA that you got to dance with him.
I have yet to see him in the live.
I am only 17 and i live in New Mexico. Good luck finding a club here. laters

>>By BenBach   (Thursday, 23 Oct 2003 05:16)

Universe 92 was the best set ever placed upon a tape - fucked or not, that set rocked.... If anyone wants any set or tune from Sasha 92 check out and

Messge to jz (jul), the "reach for me" vocal is probably the Junior Dub Mix of Degrees of Passion Shine On - anyone want any tune ID's from Sasha 92 then try those sites or post here and I'll get back.

"The Man Like" will live forever.............

>>By universe92   (Saturday, 22 Nov 2003 22:36)

Can any 1 help !!! I need the name of a track from 1 of sasha's albums. All i can remember is that there is a female voice with the lyrics "like a bird on a journey" for most of the track, its a kinda chill out track the cd was also with another DJ but cant think who. I'm going back about 5 years when i last heard the tune.

>>By Gaffer   (Saturday, 21 Feb 2004 14:03)

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