Rory Gallagher


who knows where i can find some rory galagher shit?

>>By secaap   (Thursday, 4 Dec 2003 19:42)

What 'shit' you want? =o>

>>By Da Blues   (Saturday, 16 Dec 2006 22:59)

Rory Gallagher: In my humble opinion, I believe Rory to be the greatest guitarist to ever have lived. Never got the credit he deserved as many other talented musicians but slowly and surely his music grows and reaches further a field now, unfortunately after his untimely death. No slouch with a mouth harp either. Quite possibly the greatest slide player ever!!!! The guy was THE Blues

>>By Da Blues   (Saturday, 16 Dec 2006 23:02)

He was amazing, simple as that. Probably the best guitarist to pick one up. :)

>>By Urbane   (Monday, 12 Feb 2007 23:55)

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