Rob Zombie


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If you hear hellbillydeluxe you knew this man is diffrent

>>By taha   (Sunday, 9 Mar 2003 08:24)

man he is just so good and his movie house of 1000 corpses was the greatest

>>By cory   (Monday, 14 Apr 2003 21:20)

man if I never heard the Zombie I woud go crazy

>>By freek   (Friday, 18 Apr 2003 03:20)

the song with ozzy is cool!

>>By vitamin   (Friday, 18 Apr 2003 16:54)

i love the ganja

>>By bud smoker   (Monday, 28 Apr 2003 17:42)

it maybe evil but it feels gooooood

>>By sadness   (Saturday, 3 May 2003 05:28)

Dragula is the best song ever!!!!!!!!! don't u think so ?? :))

>>By Alice   (Saturday, 3 May 2003 16:49)

possibly. Feel so numb and living dead girl are close contenders as well/

>>By Tom   (Saturday, 3 May 2003 19:39)

rob is defintily knows what evil and has a very dark sense of how to artstically convey his dark masterpieces to the world a demonic micheal angelo

>>By soulseeker   (Friday, 9 May 2003 22:34)

i love robzombie cuz he is very hott and sexy. ithink that he states his mind and that is why i like him

>>By cutiebaby   (Saturday, 10 May 2003 18:57)

Living dead girl is the shiznae

>>By I am the living dead girl   (Tuesday, 13 May 2003 02:59)

i thinck Dragula is fucking asome

>>By soulkeeper   (Thursday, 15 May 2003 19:23)

Rob Zombie is Fucking Ozzy but a hole lot gothic/devil worshipper. His songs kick heavy metal ass

>>By drummer   (Tuesday, 20 May 2003 03:43)

you will all be killed by a man name bob

>>By dead man   (Thursday, 5 Jun 2003 00:42)

hellbelly deluxe fukin rocks
dragula goes of

>>By ozzstix   (Saturday, 2 Aug 2003 01:37)

He looks freaky! But I like the song with him and Ozzy. " hey hey do the zombie stop!"

>>By Jane   (Monday, 4 Aug 2003 16:18)

Hey man (sorry Rob) Sheri Moon is fucking de-lick-ous!!!

>>By Zombie Worshiper   (Friday, 7 Nov 2003 04:52)

Did you know he made music for Twisted Metal?

>>By LordVampoc   (Monday, 29 Dec 2003 02:21)

Living Dead Girl was good too

>>By LordVampoc   (Monday, 29 Dec 2003 02:24)

Never Gonna Stop Me was my personal favourite

>>By LordVampoc   (Tuesday, 6 Jan 2004 02:41)

Rob Zombie is so kick ass. I have all his cd's. He brings out a little sumthing in all his music, and thats what i like. It states my individuality, and it just so awesome. I could jam to his shit all day. It wakes me up and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I feel so energized when i listen to him, and all together, He just kicks ass!!!

>>By totally_disturbed1   (Saturday, 10 Jan 2004 03:38)

The song Scum of the earth is fuckin awesome!

>>By Brittani*   (Sunday, 11 Jan 2004 23:24)

and house of 1000 corpses was pretty sweet too

>>By Brittani*   (Sunday, 11 Jan 2004 23:25)

hahahahahahahahhahaha... the song skum of the earth is good

>>By *.:_-kRiStEn-_:.*   (Sunday, 11 Jan 2004 23:27)

oh of a thousand corpses was pretty good...kind of confusing on some parts though

>>By *.:_-kRiStEn-_:.*   (Sunday, 11 Jan 2004 23:28)

Yeah it was pretty confusing but i liked it..especially watchin it with abs eh kristen ;)

>>By Brittani*   (Sunday, 11 Jan 2004 23:29)

haha yeh that was awsome!!! i herd there were subliminal messages in it!!

>>By *.:_-kRiStEn-_:.*   (Sunday, 11 Jan 2004 23:31)

yeah I of 1000 corpses was a good one...
... I love every single song that Rob has made... He manages to create a fucking awsome atmosphere ...

>>By bluedatura   (Saturday, 17 Apr 2004 01:30)

it was his first major movie project... give him a break. that movie rocked! it also gave insight into his movie inspirations. can anyone pick out which ones?

>>By rudeboy   (Wednesday, 21 Apr 2004 14:47)

excellent band or what...

>>By HY -   (Saturday, 24 Apr 2004 15:00)

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