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what did rick danko die from

>>By leigh   (Wednesday, 7 May 2003 19:51)

I bought my first The Band record about a year ago after I had seen a documentary about them on tv. I liked them after watching the documentary for 5 min. So I went out in search for their recordes. The first one I bought was "The Band". When I listened to it I fell even more for their special sound and pure way of making music. But one voice interesed me moore than the others. The voice that sang the songs "When You Awake", "Look Out Cleveland", "The Untfaithful Servant" and "Get Up Jake". I quickely searched for The Bands website and found it I looked for the lists of who sang what song on the records and the Name that occured on these songs was Rick Danko's. I was stuck on this man. So I searched the web for information about him and found out that he was dead. The sorrow I felt when I read this is hard to explain. Altough I had never met this man I felt sad about that loss of this great musician. I am sure that a lot of other Rick Danko fans know what I'm talking about. Then just a few days ago I watched Martin Scorceses "The Last Waltz" and realized that the only part of Rick danko that died tha december day in 1999 was his body not his soul. Cause his soul keeps on living in his music and the world will never totally loose him as long as peopel keep on listening to his songs.
Dont you agree?

>>By Evangeline   (Friday, 11 Jul 2003 20:05)

I noticed Leighs question and I can tell you that Rick Danko died from a heartattack or something simular. He was very overweight and that may have been on of the triggers

>>By Evangeline   (Sunday, 13 Jul 2003 22:06)

I just wan't to add something to Evangelines statement of Rick Dankos death. Yes the fact that he was very overwieght was on of the triggers but he had also lived a very hard life with drugs and alchohol. He was probably worn out and he is a good example taht drugs and alcohol is not good for the body it just leads you to an early death.

>>By Evangeline   (Saturday, 9 Aug 2003 19:32)

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