Relient K


i cant belive i am the first one here to tak about them they are one of the most awesome bands out there they are real and there music helps me get through alot LUV EM

>>By brit   (Thursday, 9 Jan 2003 17:15)

I agree... They are one of the best new bands around... Make sure you check out their music...

>>By wwmtfan   (Monday, 20 Oct 2003 18:21)

Relient K... Fun boys... Fun music. Their albums get progressively more awesome. If you don't own them yet, what are you waiting for?

>>By Stephanieanne   (Sunday, 16 Nov 2003 09:09)

very good their lyrics

>>By Brokendreams   (Tuesday, 22 Jun 2004 01:18)

they are so kewl :) love their music

>>By angel_eyes   (Sunday, 7 Nov 2004 23:54)

definitely one of my favorite bands. to be ranked with Switchfoot and DC Talk.

>>By morganmariah   (Sunday, 30 May 2010 00:54)

i'm really not a big fan of relient k, they're much too "pop" ish for me. its the type of music i picture 13 year old girls to listen to. no offense..

>>By LibbySmith   (Tuesday, 29 Jun 2010 20:49)

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