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hellew. i have sitting beside me a rachel stamp cynic. i aim for her to vhange her view. rachel stamp isnt about conforming to a given trend conforming to today's society. and they arent conforming to any other non conformists as ther are none out there like them. there is bletently no one like rachel stamp outthere. i bet you they're arent. Their make-up makes them beautful. ha. it does nto make them repulsive!!!!! and who cares if it does, they're pratting around and having a damn gd time getting paid to have fans carressing their calves at gigs. rick on my brothers. is shaheena permanenetly stoned???

>>By abigail   (Wednesday, 22 Jan 2003 13:17)

i have no personal qurims against rachel stamp and their love of makeup...i just dont personaly find it attractive when you cant tell the difference bewteen the bands sexuality..... but hey let each do what they wish..yet i do admire their msuicianship and the carefree blase attitude they posses...
i think i am more than done here..farewell you strange little groupies..

>>By person sitting beside abigail   (Wednesday, 22 Jan 2003 13:20)

she is silly and being analytical. she analysses signs in macdonalds thus you must listen to jothing she says. there is a clear distinction between band sexuality due to david lacking a certain two somethings and very much having something else. and no hes not just very flat chested. he clearly gives of a very sexually high aura that is unmistakable for is mouth watering male valadidity. SHE doesnt agree, but has no soul. so *prod*

the abigail

>>By abigail   (Wednesday, 22 Jan 2003 13:22)

hello my lttile fabled trumpet player of yore....i know you find much satisfaction in dressing your lover up in makeup, but you cannot deniy although strangey becoming on him when drunk that he lacks masculinty with the addition of makeup. i do not think he lacks masculinity in general so do not be appaled. i just hope that when you greet him with your presence this weekend that he may surive the pruning and priming he normally is put under...aslthough im sure he enjopys it to no end...the fondling....

>>By person sitting beside abigail   (Wednesday, 22 Jan 2003 13:30)

ok now your just mocking me because you see you are failing on the rachel stamp level. yes you so are. anwaaay. yes how does make-up decrease one smasuclinity? you can admit, a man's face make's hikm masculine. all the lines and shadows that go in to it etc. yes? yes. therefore by accentuating thee, it only increases the masculinity and makes it only as unatural as it does on females. ur just not used to the devine beauty of david and will and insecure about ur ownr elaitonship but we;re even going there as i would make a tear trickle down your tender cheek.

the abigail   (Wednesday, 22 Jan 2003 13:32)

dearest i am very secure about my relationship thanktyou very much and i would not cry for such a feeble hing..just because you have your own insecurites about makeup on males dos not mean you must attack me in such a way..you dont realaise that you secretly find males quite unattractive with makeup and thus pretend to ty and cover it up...oh yeah i see right through you......rachel stamp...ahuh they all look like women..nice thought women are they are not necceasarily attractiove to us al..and eyeline should not be of suhch intensity anyway..and red lipstik on males...thats wrong...evil u could say

>>By person sitting beside abigail   (Wednesday, 22 Jan 2003 13:37)

you clearly have no basis on my insecuirty on males with make-ups, as i wouldocndemn them if i thought so like the rest of this wordl do. hrumph. yes red lipstick is a trivcky one but if you had previously perused the websote of aforementioned band you would see, parituclarly will never ears lipstick and is just damnably beautiful. yes, we need a third opinion. we shall ask a person sitting across the room...... *ahoy there person!*

>>By abigail   (Wednesday, 22 Jan 2003 13:39)

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