Queens Of The Stone Age


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Wow. Can they be any better? I think not! I just saw them at Lollapalooza in wisconsin, and good god, they were unbelieveable. Josh Hommes...what can I say? Damn sexy with his red hair, and an extremely impressive voice. mmm, yes! And the rest of the band- hell, they're awesome too.

QOTSA's style is much different than any other band..they have an eerie feel to their music that is awesome! ....and they should definetly have grohl join them, wow...he's awesome!!

..did I mention that the red hair is sexy?

>>By tipper   (Monday, 14 Jul 2003 06:36)

Wow...I'm surprised nobody in this room has something bad to say about them. It's a miracle. Yes, the CD is awesome. Yes, their music is extemely influental and extremely "ORGASMIC" and sexy. (Go with the Flow was HOT...Josh Homme's eyes are beautiful along with his words and other extra things **wink, wink**)


>>By skye   (Monday, 14 Jul 2003 22:23)

josh and nick are hot. brody needs a bath.

>>By jon arnold is a fag   (Wednesday, 23 Jul 2003 23:48)


>>By skye   (Friday, 25 Jul 2003 20:29)

Just an update on future tv appearance, Sept. 3 - The Tonight Show, w/Jay Leno. Did anyone catch them on Pepsi Smash, WB network? Cheesy show, but great live performance. Homme and Oliveri, blew my mind as usual.
Stay tuned for Desert Sessions, their side project due in fall. 9&10.
Also Eagles of Death Metal, Mondo Generator, already out...and an U.N.K.L.E. /Q.O.T.S.A. project.
Also Mark Lanegan album, "Bubblegum", expected soon.


>>By legoflamb   (Friday, 8 Aug 2003 00:05)

Go to q.o.t.s.a..com chat board. Has cool discussion forum.

>>By legoflamb   (Sunday, 10 Aug 2003 19:10)

well i guess it's true everyone else has jumped the bandwagon

acquittedfelon you were right got any other future predictions?

>>By therion   (Friday, 12 Mar 2004 00:02)

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>>By mystic_beans   (Tuesday, 1 Jun 2004 17:12)

I only just discovered Queens of the Stone Age and they are just so rocking awesome. I love 'Go With the Flow' and the video is just so hillaruiously crude. And I have to agree with most of the people here, Josh is very cute and he can play the guitar so well. I think these guys deserve more credit.

>>By PatchworkDove   (Friday, 2 Jul 2004 23:16)

I also love Go With The Flow. Both the song and the video.

>>By Undertone   (Saturday, 3 Jul 2004 00:48)

I like queens of the stone age, but more than half the time I can't understand what the lead singer is singing. Most of the time I just listen to the music for the tune of the song, not the lyrics. That is why I listen to Franz Ferdinand, I can actually understand what the lead singer is singing, and I like the lyrics.

GO FRANZ !!!!!!

>>By Till63   (Tuesday, 20 Jul 2004 04:14)

i think the guitar solo in No one knows describes an orgasm.
I usually almost get one when I hear the song very loud...

>>By tameeka   (Tuesday, 20 Jul 2004 23:36)

they are the fucking greatest.
when do I get to see them live.....?

>>By tameeka   (Friday, 20 Aug 2004 00:36)

Great Band!

>>By CHARLOS   (Friday, 20 Aug 2004 01:19)

A men to that

>>By PatchworkDove   (Saturday, 21 Aug 2004 00:08)

'Over the Years and Through the Woods', easily the best live album released this year. Sixteen tracks on the CD, plus 29 on the DVD. The Queens, once again, satisfy.

>>By CHARLOS   (Saturday, 24 Dec 2005 04:38)

Wow. No one's posted on here in quite some time.

So....what does everyone think of "Era Vulgaris"? I'm listening to it as I type this and I'm enjoying it. Maybe not as much as their first three albums (I've yet to soak in "Lullabies to Paralyze"), but I don't think it deserves the C+ review given by "Entertainment Weekly."

Looking forward to seeing these guys at the Austin City Limits Music Festival this September!

>>By The Walrus   (Thursday, 14 Jun 2007 03:53)

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