If you want melody, male vocals that peak at falsetto with a vibrato edge, ballads to make hearts bleed and bass thumping rock to cause ears to bleed then this band has it all.

Formed in Failsworth North Manchester UK in the early nineties they have released three albums all on Island but have been poorly served by that label and seem to have been dumped as of last month.

They have recorded so many songs that each single release has classics that would gain pride of place on their albums if they were other groups. There are bootlegs of demos and stuff not given an official release and these are fantastic songs that you have to hear to believe. Hooks galore, have they. It is just bizarre and grossly unfair that they are having to tout for a new label at some gigs next month when so much pop-pap gets unlimited exposure whilst they languish in poverty.

Don't believe me? Go find an MP3 site to check out I Suppose/Heart Of Gold/Sharpen Up The Knives/Fifteen Years/It Doesnt Matter Anymore and 50 other gems. When you realise what they offer then get out there and spread the word.

>>By Johnyff   (Wednesday, 5 Mar 2003 23:28)

Only Forever is one of the best albums ever released. James and the band must be dumbfounded by the failure of most people to hear the absolute quality in tracks like 'It doesn't matter any more' and 'This Feeling'. Tracks which many other more famous bands can only dream about creating.

Right up there with Oasis, The Verve and OCS. Thanks for many hours of pure pleasure.

>>By Billy2heads   (Tuesday, 15 Jul 2003 20:53)

Puressence aren't anything if not amazing. Sharpen Up the Knives has been a favorite since i heard it.
Only Forever, Planet Helpless and Puressence are all classic albums, i went through about a month of listening to almost nothing but.
If you don't know them, go out and buy Only Forever, really, you can't be dissapointed.

>>By Gautama   (Thursday, 3 Feb 2005 12:13)

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