Those unfamiliar with Pulp's sound should give Different Class a listen; great example of their masterful coupling of dead-on lyrics and danceable pop hooks.

>>By UblichFrau   (Saturday, 26 Jul 2003 21:40)

Yes; they're latest, "We Love Life" is also amazing. I also love their album "His and Hers", especially the song "Babies". I hear that The Blue Aeroplanes have a similar sound, also with dead-on lyrics. Have you heard of these guys? I'm still looking for available CDs. What about The Legenday Pink Dots? A little trippier, but good stuff! Have you heard this new band called Franz Ferdinand? They'e from Glasgow, as are Belle and Sebastian (whose lyrics are also cool. Pulp rules the world however! Let's talk about music...John ("Teacher")

>>By teacher   (Sunday, 23 May 2004 19:07)

Pink Grease are another band from Sheffield, they're not incredibly similar to Pulp, but they'd appeal to the same audience I feel

>>By deng2hot2handle   (Monday, 21 Mar 2005 16:38)

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