I just can't seem to get over the dynamic Prozzak Duo. To tell ya the truth, Prozzak changed my life! I LUV them!

>>By Luckilina   (Thursday, 3 Apr 2003 00:01)

hey guys

>>By lolarox0022002   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 01:07)

wuts up all ma homies!! you wanna no whos hot???? SHIPLEY!!! he is just just like burnig up! he should of won the are you hot? competition not that other guy to be quite honest. wow!!! there arnt alot of ppl who visite this site

>>By lola0022002   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 01:09)

woops forgot the rox in my nick name last time!!


>>By lolarox0022002   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 01:10)

PROZZAK is da best. i loved them since when thier first single came out.i luv dem. ^*^am i the onli 1 out there who thinks simon is cute??*^* (not in a nasty way, i never saw him in human , onli in cartoon.and ummmm i think u get it.) i just herd 'its not me its u' and im getting the cd tonite!!

>>By hippimunki   (Thursday, 3 Jul 2003 19:50)

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