Prince is the #1 most talented Muscian there is (James Brown 2nd). some people just doesn't acknowledge his music. Prince is the lyric master there is.

>>By D.M.   (Wednesday, 18 Dec 2002 12:32)


>>By RED CORVETTE   (Saturday, 28 Dec 2002 17:41)

Well babe what can i say we've been through lots!
I love you Prince oops uh..._&!&*#$@~....or whatever your going by these days!!!!

>>By I love (squiggley stick person)   (Sunday, 2 Feb 2003 21:31)

Prince rules!!!!!

>>By henrik (   (Sunday, 6 Apr 2003 19:30)

Prince is the greatest muscian ever, a true genuis and I constantly tell people you've never been to a true concert until you seen him live.

>>By sabrina   (Tuesday, 10 Jun 2003 03:38)


>>By FUCKA   (Sunday, 22 Jun 2003 03:01)

Is Prince ever going to record and tour again?

>>By Watcher   (Thursday, 26 Jun 2003 15:02)

Im With Fucka He is A Fag stupid ass every one of his movies has a hot girl he never fucks em only there fathers i wouldnt be surpise he got corn hold they sould call him princess

>>By Punkz   (Thursday, 3 Jul 2003 01:49)

I hate when guys say that prince is a fag. The truth is that he has gotten so much ass that he makes Wilt Chamberlain jealous, if he were still here. Prince kicks so much ass. "Erotic City" is one of the best songs ever and he's influenced do many great artists today like Outkast, which "the love below" kinda sounds like a Prince record that he never got the time to make. I can't believe this discussion is so short. He's so fucking awesome!

>>By chest   (Monday, 3 May 2004 11:37)

I've seen Prince in concert. He is EXTREMELY talanted. People who come down on him because he may be gay are soooo shollow. Who cares if he'e gay or not ???? That has nothing to do with his music.......Grow up people!!!!coca

>>By coca   (Monday, 3 May 2004 15:20)

Don't miss the album Purple Rain. It rules!!

>>By mijin   (Monday, 27 Dec 2004 05:42)

I don't get the whole JW thing...

>>By vade mecum   (Friday, 31 Dec 2004 21:10)

You dont have to be rich to be my girl..

>>By Lxuk   (Sunday, 20 Nov 2005 20:56)

"Kiss" is a great song.


>>By Lxuk   (Sunday, 20 Nov 2005 20:57)

Don't listen 2 what us fans have 2 say. Consult with music professors, confir with sales. "Everybody's talking about the greatest." Put the others on stage and let's see if U can find 1 that can outdo and/or outlast Prince. I'd bet it would B difficult 2 find a contender. I mean seriously how many acts can u think of 30 years into their career has been able 2 release an album that debuts at #1 on the Top 200 Billboard charts and this is a 50 year old doing it like this. His work has been covered by a vast amount of artists from Joe Cocker, Alicia Keys, R.E.M. & Warren Zevon (as the Hindu Love Gods), Living Colour, Tom Jones & the Art of Noise, TLC, Mitch Ryder, Cyndi Lauper, LaToya Jackson, Kenny Rogers, Madonna, Paula Abdul, Celine Dion, Foo Fighters, Relient K and countless others. He has written and performed under many psuedonyms. When he began his career, not only did he produce, arrange, compose and sing all of his own material, he played all the instruments (27 in all). He has went on and learned 2 play others and has mastered many genres of music, "hiphoppoprocknrollin." His breath and genius belies all over the industry including the freakish glamour that the youth 2day has inherited, revisit the Purple Rain movie and u'll C those freaks (that would have only been a Prince fan back N the 80's inspiring the 21st century's look. When it was considered unwise 2 battle the music industry he tackled it and now look how many artists walk N the footprints. And N the mid 80's, it was unheard of... an artist shoving $10M N2 a recording complex but yeah HE did it and a slew of artists has recorded great music inside of those walls including the Smashing Pumpkins. So, 2 discount 1s expertise because of an indifference that u're uncertain about isn't only shallow closedminded but extremely immature. Oh and by the way, he used 2 B teased 4 the way he would script titles and lyrics like "I Would Die 4 U," "Money Don't Matter 2 Night," "When 2 R in Love," "Anotherloverholenyohead..." just to name a few but it seems 2 have become the model 4 the technology age (hence, "Computer Blue" or "Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)."

>>By PurpleSurfeit   (Wednesday, 31 Dec 2008 07:39)

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