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yo weed is the element needed for like to me i dont do anything unless i smoke im smoking some hash as we speak holla back

>>By homms da pimp   (Tuesday, 3 Dec 2002 17:11)

Waaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzup ,
Man I got some supa kill shit rights now. ! . Dayumn dog this is some fucken funk shit ..... I just smoked only a half of a blunt and a bowl and im fucken stoned as a mother fucker , dont know why im telling you this but im so stoned i wont remember anyways so peace holla back

>>By Juggalo-John   (Friday, 6 Dec 2002 18:49)

What the hell kind of a name is "Pothead?" (Queer!)

>>By ME   (Friday, 20 Dec 2002 17:25)

Legalize Pot (U.S.A.)

>>By other countries do   (Friday, 31 Jan 2003 12:10)

Human Rights

>>By Freedom Lives   (Friday, 31 Jan 2003 12:16)

It helps heartburn,headaches,backaches,
sore neck,helps gas,and calms nerves.......

>>By Pot Is o.k.   (Friday, 31 Jan 2003 12:19)

If other countries do it why cant we do it.......
We are all on the same planet, hello........
ITS TIME 2 WAKE UP.........
Before the end of time.......
R U LISTENING............

>>By George Bush   (Friday, 31 Jan 2003 12:22)

You guys don't know what your talking about.

>>By Smoking since 8   (Tuesday, 18 Feb 2003 20:06)


>>By sHoRtY   (Sunday, 23 Mar 2003 02:31)

Just do it I do.

>>By Cheech   (Monday, 24 Mar 2003 15:50)

man pots cool dude u need 2 do it alot man it fuuucks u up mmman. seeriouslyy guys look at me im a sweet pothead.live on

>>By bob marley   (Sunday, 6 Apr 2003 12:39)

yea what cheech said man.

>>By chong   (Sunday, 6 Apr 2003 12:40)

ass is cool smoke it

>>By high mutha fucka   (Sunday, 6 Apr 2003 12:41)

Damn this is good shit.Smoke alot dudes and dudettes.

>>By jesus(me)   (Sunday, 6 Apr 2003 12:43)

i have turrettes. shit damn piss in your fucking mouth. shit on your pillow

>>By the hoar off of main fucking street   (Sunday, 6 Apr 2003 12:45)

smoke all the god damn pot you want. It's some good shit.Fuck you bush im cumin in your mouth.Suck my dick yea you herd me my DICK!
P.S. im a high mutha fucka.

>>By your grandma   (Sunday, 6 Apr 2003 12:48)

man i suck yo dick man

>>By ass   (Sunday, 6 Apr 2003 12:49)

hey smking pot is ok sometimes but if you use it just for the hell of it u don't need to use it so back off it
i use to use pot for the hell of it. I don't smoke pot any more but some times i just want to brake down and want to somke some pot but i don't it has been 3 month sences i have smoke any pot. i ant saying that i don't like it because i love smokinkg pot.

>>By tolongforyou   (Wednesday, 9 Apr 2003 17:37)

I think smokeing pot calms people,so why shouldnt it be okay?
they say that smokeing cigarettes is okay,and yet when so many millones of people are dyeing of cancer and shit and what do they do, the fucking make there taxes higher. I mean what the fuck? shouldnt it be the other way around,if all those little whore bitches actully smoked the whouldnt be whining out of their fucking asses about how god damn bad a little pot is.we wouldnt have so much crimes in are streets, and if people could grow and sell, then mabey all those poor assed drunks could make some money too.they could also tax the shit.so to Mr.Gorge Bush you can just fuck off.....and to all you little pot heads,Smoke on!.........doobie and my catTweeker the other pothead in my house!

>>By doobieNtweek   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 05:46)

yo0o I'm just high peacce ooout...leaglize weed

>>By mr.weed   (Sunday, 27 Apr 2003 21:18)

hey asshole ima fucking pothead and im glad. so fuck all the noun smokers

>>By 4we2ed0   (Monday, 19 May 2003 05:05)

fuck i am so stoned right now

>>By stonerchick420(jimmy hedrix fan)   (Friday, 30 May 2003 18:21)

Fuck just legalize weed and we can all be happy the government wont need
to complian about us doing it illegaly... and we will have our weed and
then we can all smoke in piece right... or in a piece.
Anybody ever call it SHABANGA? its funny to say that...
well till next time smoke in piece.
420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420

>>By 420shorty   (Friday, 30 May 2003 18:35)

yo i stay smokin weed ya heard .. and i inhale muthafukkazz .... would someone pass dat shit man

>>By bill clinton   (Thursday, 5 Jun 2003 00:14)

I think pot should be leagalized dude since so many of us do use it how can they omit it intirally in the us. peace out all you fellow pot heads. keep smokin that wacky tobacky.

>>By smokin the J man   (Friday, 6 Jun 2003 15:37)

hey pot is cool as hell man i have this tight ass bubbler and if u think pot is cool and u have a screen name check out my info its the shit for real faghater09420 check it out and IM me if ur a stoner united we smoke divided we get busted by the5-0 peace out all u stoners

>>By hydro_stoner   (Wednesday, 25 Jun 2003 05:56)

stoned again like every day for about three years now, i only feel normal when high, even when i quit for 40 days, last year i was so pissed off the day i got late to get some buds offa this dude, i felt like everyday was so boring even after 40 days have passed. I haven't got the economy for smoking as much as i do, but i need it after working, and i figured the best thing to do, if you can is to only get high a couple of times a week, cause those are great highs but then I need it/love it and want to SMOKE ALL THE TIME

i'm an inbread
and a pothead
two legs that you spread
inside the toolshed

>>By wasted pothead   (Monday, 7 Jul 2003 01:39)

you fuckers dont know what your talking about

>>By the only one that matters   (Saturday, 12 Jul 2003 04:07)

Yo what up peeps. Weed is this shit. I cant smoke but i use and i love it. Smoked a half ounce a day. But shit run ins with the law aint helped me out any. So to the five O....FUCK U. and to the the stoners man... smoke one for me Fo Sho. Its off the Hizzle fa shizzle. PEASE OUT

>>By Dingdongdoobie   (Friday, 18 Jul 2003 05:52)

Hey people who most certainly smoke weed. I just wanna say thats thats fantastic. Of couse if we Potheads all spoke our mind OUTLOUD, maby we could change things for the better. It sucks the weed is illegal, but if we some how get potheads to get off their lazy asses to VOTE we wouldn't be pissed of now would we. Fact is there are people are out there getting drunk beating their wives and abusing their kids not to mention the countless car accidents by alcohol. Potheads honestly are more mello for the most part and drive way too slow.That of couse does not mean accidents wont happen. Oh well maby things well never change I can still buy it from twenty people down my street. Smoke On . Nothing in the bible speaks of weed being evil or bad. IN GOD WEED TRUST

>>By Mr. Chato   (Friday, 25 Jul 2003 21:53)

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