Round Room

>>By Gruvejet   (Friday, 13 Dec 2002 04:49)

the boys are back !!!!! Time for all the posers to run along

>>By phishfan11   (Wednesday, 8 Jan 2003 20:28)

they define "jam band"

>>By Demyan   (Sunday, 16 Feb 2003 04:39)

Phish rules
Trey really knows how to jam

>>By phishlover   (Saturday, 8 Mar 2003 19:34)

fans of Phish should check out this really funky jam band from MN called Big Tasty their cd and live show really kick ass. Also everyone should listen to O.A.R.

>>By spliff   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 23:18)

O.A.R should D.I.E
and from the fact you actually brought them up on this disc site
does not make me at all want to go to the trouble to listen to that band
Phish is cool now so you like them
I bet your going to bonnaroo along with the other Abercrombie and Fich CO. sponsers this year too. You like Phish now spliff but just stay away from my cheese we don't want your sponser

>>By keep on trying to be cool kid   (Thursday, 8 May 2003 01:21)

I was bored and Grateful Dead Bob Dylan and Greenday(I wanted some bizzare 3rd) Got this

>>By Andrew   (Monday, 19 May 2003 04:01)

shoot i wish i was going to bonnaroo

>>By hannah   (Sunday, 15 Jun 2003 22:59)

O.A.R is incrediable!! They are much better than phish
phish's only good song is "fee" and phish is very overrated, everyone should listen to O.A.R instead.
-Cammie :-) Xox

>>By Cameron   (Sunday, 6 Jul 2003 19:15)

Cool kid, what the fuck are you talking about. Phish are outstanding musicians, it's just that when they try to sing, they usually suck EXTREMELY BAD. For me their best days are behind them. Oh yea I think Fee is one of their worst songs.

>>By MightyAfroWhitey   (Thursday, 21 Aug 2003 23:31)

There is no stopping phish......find a better band that jams harder sells more tickets and has a f*cking breath taking LIGHTSHOW......everyone on tour is friendly phish ripps up every show and has great phan to band relationships.....please dont get on here and talk shEEt about phish because there is no better jamband that plays music.period

>>By bowie421   (Wednesday, 3 Sep 2003 03:44)

LMAO, oh my god, Fee is their only good song. Fee is one of their most watered down "pop" songs with not much depth to it. Like all good pop, it is catchy enough to hold your attention, but it doesn't make you have to use your brain.Thanks bro, you made my day. You reminded me why Phish stays out of the main-stream. They're over the heads of people who get their idea of what music is from MTV. I fell more comfortable now that I'll never have to worry about going to a Phish show and running into a bunch of screaming pre-teens.

>>By moses   (Sunday, 14 Sep 2003 02:40)

Most of you probably don't even understand Phish's music. Consider Reba for example; after the vocals end the next section is basically a two part fugue, where one line is presented and then imitated by another instrument. This is a musical technique that dates back hundreds of years and is used in countless choral and orchestral works. Funny how Phish combines age old classical technique into contemporary yet alternative rock/funk/jazz. Then they proceed to a two chord jam section where they present the feeling that they are improvising around the one (I) and the two (II) chords but later we realize that they are really jamming around the four (IV) and the five (V) or dominant chords. Also, how many other bands can play jazz, funk, rock, blues, bluegrass, latin jazz, classical, and many other styles of music, and perform a cappella, and combine many different styles of music to create something new thats never been heard before, and improvise on the level that they can, AND write lyrics where the real message is deeper than you can really see, AND be extremely successful at this without ever entering into the commercial pop world??? Phish is a real musician's band. If you have never mastered an instrument or any other art for that matter, you will never really appreciate Phish. There is good art and there is great art, most of us cannot tell the difference. Phish is exceptional art.

>>By BillknowsPHISH   (Wednesday, 5 Nov 2003 15:34)

I think Bill knows is being kinda harsh. I play guitar and study theory on a personal level, and I totally agree with what he's saying. What people don't realize is that there are a lot of aspects that go into a band like phish. The main two I focus on are musical composition and improvisation. What I like (or LIKED) about phish was their ability to try and challenge the listener. And they slowly got away from that pretty much after 93 from what I've heard. Their albums have been based more in writing songs that aren't challenging and only so much fun to listen too anyway. There was a lot of hype around phish writing and recording the album in less than a week or something, while jazz musicians cut albums in a matter of days. I just think that there hasn't been enough focus on the actual composition of music since phish blew up. I feel jam bands should stop trying to please a crowd of drug influenced neo-hippies, and follow the path of artists like Zappa, John McGlaughlin and the like. Thanks for the rant.


>>By Szabo Dawg   (Wednesday, 10 Dec 2003 23:00)

Anyone going to Vermont???

>>By BluesForAllah   (Tuesday, 8 Jun 2004 22:44)

Ok, Phish is the shit! They have helped me mature into the person that I am today. It's funny since I have been seeing them for so long to run into little conversations like this where some people know a little about Phish, some people know nothing, and some people pretend to know more than they actually do. I guess we all gotta start somewhere. I just feel really bad for people who have not been able to participate in the bands maturation as I have. I grew up with the band. Phish is about the Divided Sky that gives you chill bumps. Phish is the Reba jam that gets you smiling and moving so smoothly and softly. Phish is the Antelope at the end of the show that you thought couldn't get any better. Phish is the "tear the roof off tha sucka" Tweezer that funks your shit up. Phish is the Brother you thought you would never hear. Phish is the YEM that never seems to get old. Phish is the DWD that Mike so royally rips. Phish is the Squirming Coil that Page so delicately carresses alone on stage. Phish is the Mound that Fishman unconciously breathes like a octopus on a stool. Phish is the Horn that Trey really hits. Phish is my family and always will be. I am going to miss those guys. I hope to be able to repay them some day for all of the joy that have brought to my life. My next and last Phish show will be Coventry. I hope everyone that feels the same way as me will be there with their closest friends they have ever shared a Phish experience with. I hope that one day everyone might be able to feel what I have felt. Thank You Phish from the bottom of my heart.

>>By theBishop   (Thursday, 10 Jun 2004 23:21)

i was at first night brooklyn and at both saratoga shows along with bonnaroo and i just gotta say holy fuck

>>By nesta   (Friday, 9 Jul 2004 06:34)

I heard they are breaking up, that the members of the band agreed it had run its course.

>>By carlo   (Friday, 9 Jul 2004 21:06)

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