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Peter Tosh ranks next to Bob Marley as the most well known Reggae performer worldwide. Once described as "Che Guevara" with a band, Peter's reputation as a Reggae Revolutionary and uncompromising advocate, have turned him into a Third World icon. Despite an almost studied lack of attention from the mainstream music industry up until recently, Tosh's strong consciousness-raising and conscience-stirring songs of protest, are still inspiring millions of listeners worldwide.

So it is, that even without being listed on any tourist brochure, and without any kind of significant publicity, an ongoing stream of cars and buses full of people, still pull up to Tosh's birthplace in Belmont, along the sea coastof Westmoreland in Jamaica. Fans of the Bush Doctor are making their own way, their own pilgrimage, in honor of a musician who is often denied his due in his very own homeland. As of now, there is no official Peter Tosh Memorial as there is for Bob Marley in Nine Miles, St. Ann. However, plans are ongoing to build and expand on what Peter's family has already started at Belmont, and we support such efforts 100 percent.

Peter Tosh is probably most notorious for his high profile pro-marijuana advocacy. He advocated the spiritual, agricultural, industrial, recreational and medicinal use of the International Herb a.k.a. ganja or marijuana. He consistently touted and promoted the Herb as an antidote, antibiotic, antiseptic/antibacterial, antivirus, antitoxin, antihistamine, antienzyme -a general, all-purpose, Nature's Own, Fix-It remedy! And of course, he was always puffing on a pipe or a big Jamaican spliff (i.e. 5 or 6 American 'joints' rolled into one 'fat one')… and inhaling too. Besides being a self-proclaimed “Walking Billboard” for the relaxation/elimination of marijuana laws, Peter was also very knowledgeable about Jamaica’s colonial history and was the most articulate and most militant, anti-imperialist and anti-apartheid advocate of the three Wailing Wailers.

So come on thru Belmont soon, before the inevitable commercialization of the area gets under way full scale. Come and see it as Peter saw it, as it was and has been, up to now. But always remember to look over your shoulder if you're going to light up and take a toke. Smoking Herb is still illegal in Jamaica (although sometimes you'd never believe it) and despite all that Peter tried to do, there's still a mighty long way to go before more world governments "Legalize It!" Yes, the Jamaican government has recently been looking at the possibility of decriminalizing ganja, but smoking Herb is still illegal in Jamaica at this time (although sometimes you’d never believe it.) And please don’t take any marijuana aboard any airline, especially not on Air Jamaica, when you’re flying out of the island. Air Jamaica has paid too many fines and gets too much hassle from US customs and the DEA as it is.

Finally, always remember that “You can’t blame the youth. You can’t fool the youth!” And remember that we all will have to “Get Up Stand Up” for ourselves before Africans and poor people everywhere –regardless of color- can gain their “Equal Rights and Justice” from the wealthy downpressor men who rule this world. Knowing the militant, Maroon-like mentality that Peter possessed, I am certain sure that the Bush Doctor himself would want you all to know that.

Visit Peter Tosh's Birthplace with

Sonny's Full Day Tour runs from 10 am to 5 pm and begins at the spectacular YS Falls on Jamaica's south coast. Besides visiting the Tosh memorial at Belmont, your day-long tour in a truly natural environment, will include cliff diving; rope-swinging:
visiting the oldest (one-thousand year old) tree and largest tree in Jamaica at the White Hall Great House Ruins; relaxing in a garden of exotic Jamaican vegetation; photo opportunities galore; and for those who are into liquid excitement- all the Red Stripe beer and rum punch you can drink. One of the undoubted highlights of the Real Adventure Tour is visiting the Peter Tosh family home in Belmont. Tour Guide Sonny will fill you in on interesting history conerning Peter Tosh, as well as give good information about the Rastafari and other highlights of the Parish of Westmoreland

>>By samuel   (Friday, 13 Dec 2002 14:14)

peter tosh was tha uyimat and unlimeted musisen

>>By honk tonk   (Friday, 28 Feb 2003 01:30)

True son of Africa......the free ones heard him

>>By wusai   (Sunday, 2 Mar 2003 12:11)

Peter was very the greatest one better than every singer.
What a shame that 3 gunmen killed him. The people miss you man.
May your soul rest in peace

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Peter Tosh tribute with several trade concert.

>>By semayat   (Saturday, 3 May 2003 18:49)

The Orginal Rocker...

>>By jfunk   (Tuesday, 15 Jul 2003 05:26)

Well I think he is doing a great job . I have been having spliffs since three
years now . I have been working a recording studio for three years . It all started there. From Monday to Friday at least 10 to 15 spliffs per day. Its was great as it helps me to be more creative. Its better to have the spliff than drinking alcoholic drinks as the next day u dont feel anything when u try to wake up. In fact in a studio u should have it as there will be verytime some musicians who will give u headache and it helps u as it makes u cool.
In fact in my country too is illegal but it depends on the ministers as they are the one bring hard drugs, so i mean if they legalise it what will happen to their business.

>>By Nishalen   (Friday, 12 Dec 2003 15:15)

Peter Tosh is one of the greatest reggae singers.

>>By redvelvet   (Thursday, 22 Jan 2004 04:48)

Can someone tell me how peter tosh died

>>By yardiegal   (Friday, 3 Dec 2004 21:31)

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