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Peter Cetera is my favourite singer. When first heard him,I said to myself ,wow, that is a cool voice. The first song I heard of him was from the Chicago 17 album. The song was You're The Inspiration. And from that song the rest was history. I started buying all of his albums. I like all of his albums, even when he was in Chicago. It is the voice of his, that make a song feel good and memorable, and will last for a very long time.I'm really like to see him in a live concert. I hope we can see him soon performing live in front of his audiences. I wish him all the best for his work and making us, his audiences, happy by his music. May God Bless him and his music. I'm hoping to see more albums from him in the near future. Best wishes from P.S.C. and the Gang from SAMOA.

>>By P.S.Conrado   (Friday, 29 Nov 2002 09:16)

Peter appeared on the screen when I was just a high school boy in shanghai China. As my first sight of him,he impressed me deeply with his MTV "Glory Of Love",I never heard the elegant tune like that.Although I did not know his name at that time, afterwards I could't forget his romantical music style and magical voice until I entered into the university.
But unluckly I only get his collection hits in 1997. I only regret that his 6 albums never published in Chins.So I only let my friend who worked in US post me.

>>By tony ma   (Saturday, 30 Nov 2002 14:28)

Ha HA! Yet another place to talk about my favourite singer of ALL time, Peter Cetera! I've loved his music since I first heard You're The Inspiration come over a truck radio in late 1984. I was smitten from that point on. Took me years to find out whose voice that was, but now I have every album he's done (all seven as of 2003, a few in various formats), quite a few "rarities," some videos, and of course a few posters, along with transcripts of interviews and all the other "normal" jazz that fanatics collect whenever they actually find it. Not to mention my [now internet only] membership in the fan club and all the friends I've met because of this great talent!

I was obsessed with Peter's music (okay, I admit it, I was also quite taken with him, too, though I still have yet to see him in person) for quite some time, and listened to almost only his music exclusively. These days I've ventured into and love so many other kinds of music. However, he remains a big part of my musical heart, and I still crank up "Livin' In The Limelight," or fall asleep to his remake of the breezy "Happy Man" (the song that took him "the least amount of time to write" while still with Chicago), and of course I still have yet to tire (is it even possible?!?!) of You're The Inspiration - the shivers that run along my spine toward the middle end of the song when he sings "no one needs you more than (no one needs you more than I...)"... and the emotional "Oh!" when he starts in on the ending refrain! *happy, excited sigh* Yanno, I still have the original tape I bought of that album (Chicago 17) back in 1985... it still works, too, despite the little pops sometimes heard in "Along Comes A Woman." (Okay, okay, so I DO have a CD copy as well as an additional tape copy now, JUST IN CASE!) And then there's "After All," the duet with Cher from Chances Are... The way their voices cross is another way to elicit a happy response from my soul! Oh, OH, OHH!! And "Scheherazade" from his 1988 album, "One More Story," the BEST song he EVER wrote in my NOT so humble opinion! The way the instruments were combined in that song, along with his gorgeously airy, melodic, silky voice, and the PERFECT lyrics, and of course Madonna's voice as Scheherazade ("Lulu Smith")... *involuntary, yet pleasing, shiver* Wow! Every radio play of one of his classics causes my coworkers to sigh and immediately lower their voices, for there's no point in talking to me then - I'm like a moth attracted to flame; his voice comes on and I'm at the radio until some halfwit of an announcer covers the last morsel with his own voice, or worse, covers it up by fading into a song worthy of less than a place in an old abandoned outhouse... *grumbling* But hey, that's why we have CDs and tapes! hehheh

Anyone unfamiliar with Peter's work is probably not that unfamiliar. You know Chicago, the band that still tours after over thirty years? He was one of its first members, he sang tenor, played bass, wrote and cowrote MANY of their songs, and for many fans he WAS Chicago even after he split the group in '85. He has performed songs for movies ("No Explanation" for Pretty Woman; "Glory Of Love" for Karate Kid Part II; "Daddy's Girl" for Three Men And A Baby; "After All" for Chances Are; "Stay With Me" for the Japanese movie Princess Of The Moon), made several duets with other singers ("Love Assistant" with Naoko Kawai; "The Next Time I Fall" with Amy Grant; "S.O.S." with Ronna Reeves; "(I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight" with Crystal Bernard of the show Wings; "I Wasn't The One (Who Said Goodbye)" with Agnetha Fältskog of ABBA fame), produced, coproduced, wrote songs for, and played bass on the albums of yet more performers (he sang backing vocals and wrote "Making Love In The Afternoon" for Karen Carpenter; did backing vocals for Billy Joel's "My Life" and "Hold Me 'Til The Morning Comes" for Paul Anka, although he's mixed loud enough to be a duet on that one; co-produced albums for Ronna Reeves and Agnetha Fältskog; played bass on Jerry Kelly's Somebody Else's Dream) and even co-starred in two movies (Electra Glide In Blue and Memories Of Midnight). He's definitely been in the music business for a long time, much to my delight. And OTHER fans' delights, of course... ;-D

Highly recommended starter album: You're The Inspiration: A Collection, which contains several of his hits, mostly familiar duets, as well as a different take on three of his old Chicago tunes and a couple of newer songs. For crackling intensity, a bit of anger, and also a touch of some softer songs: Solitude/Solitaire. If you want something a bit different with lots of synths, consider One More Story. For a touch of melancholy, try World Falling Down. A bit more upbeat, yet more laid back: One Clear Voice. And his newest (as of this writing): Another Perfect World. Retrospection: Chicago 17 is a good selection all around, but Chicago Group Portrait is vital to get a clear picture of Peter's incredible vocal range, his songwriting talents, and an idea of how his voice and style has matured over the years. (It's a 4-CD box set.)

>>By nvnohi   (Monday, 3 Mar 2003 09:11)

I love Peter Cetera's voice. He can sing like no one else. He can write a love song so well. I have always enjoyed listening to him and will continue to do so. It has been a dream of mine to be able to song with him. It would be an opportunity of a lifetime for me!

>>By Marisa Woods   (Monday, 17 Mar 2003 07:25)

There is so much to be said of the multi-talents of this very gifted and private man. He possesses one of the most unique and wonderful voices to be heard, and his song-writing ability is unprecedented. He is truly blessed, but not really given the credit he so rightly deserves. Maybe his reclusiveness is partly to blame, but his fans will always stand by their man. "Every minute is an hour -- every day a lonely lifetime". PC for-ev-ah!

>>By Bonnie - Cleveland, OH   (Tuesday, 8 Apr 2003 23:33)

I consider Peter Cetera to be one of the most talented singers around. I've followed his career since Chicago. Hopefully, he will perform in Chicago soon. I would love to see him live.

Rhonda, Chicago

>>By Rhonda   (Monday, 21 Apr 2003 05:45)

Hello, if you love Peter Cetera you'll love also Manuel D.
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>>By sabry   (Monday, 28 Apr 2003 15:38)

Let's face it...Peter Cetera.Was the Heart of "Chicago",,and Terry Kath was the soul..without them..."chicago" is NOT "CHICAGO...." I have almost everything a guy can get w/Pete...even his 1st solo LP from 1981,,I love his writting/singing/ and his "Perfect world" he has shared w/ us all...I gotta admit,,I NEED a new cd.......looking forward to it..( my 12 year old son ALSO Loves Pete. Mike

>>By Michael   (Tuesday, 29 Apr 2003 04:44)

I have listened to Pete for a long time, or I should say from the begining, and he is a great tallent. I would love to here a new effort and maybe something with a little more rock to it, like in the old days. What ever it is ,it will be great.

>>By Mark S.   (Friday, 16 May 2003 02:24)

Visit !

>>By Dan   (Wednesday, 21 May 2003 04:25)

Hi all!
Yet another place for all us PC lovers ...good:-)
I have loved Peters voice since i first heard, If you leave me now..I was about 10 years old:-) I live in Sweden and the song was a hit here too!
Later I didn´t track Chicago before I heard , Hard To say I´m Sorry, and that voice again:-) Later came , Stay the night, and now i had a big crush on him:-) Sadly he left just as they were high again, but no regrets here,,,i was so totally in the blue, you know, I just followed him to his solo carriere!! A big movie named Karate Kid was a big seller in Sweden, and lo and behold, wasn´t that Peters voice,,huh? YES, it was,,,wow, he´s back,,and out with a record, well I rush to buy that one, and then it was the big crush all over again,,hehehe!! I even bought Agnetha Fältskogs, I Stand Alone, because of Peter producing it:-)
I lost track of him since, and had no idea he had done so many solo recs, until the Very Best Of Chicago came out,,,I bought it, and fell in love with that extra ordinarie voice again, and thought ,,,why not check the net and see if it has anything on Peter,,,Ooops!! I´ve had the greatest big happy time since:-) Buying all his solos, and meeting terrific net friends....Keep the music comin´........

>>By Rytm2   (Sunday, 29 Jun 2003 23:27)

Ooooh! I like Peter, too. Glad to read the posts about him on this board! He has the most beautiful voice that I've ever heard! I have all his albums!
Great, nvnohi's post! Thanks for his info. I just come to know he backuped Billy Joel's tune.
I always wonder whether Peter releases his christmas carol album, I think all of you have heard his carol tune, "Silent night". Sound like a country song and also cute and hilarious. His vocal will match with carol tunes, I think!! What do you think of Peter's carol tunes?
AHave you ever met Peter? I'd like to know who Peter is. Hope to go to his concert. But.., sorry, I don't live in USA. (English is not my mother language. So I am not good at ) Listening to If you leave me now..,

>>By HK   (Friday, 4 Jul 2003 16:05)

What a great man, voice and songwriter! I am 17 years old and fell in love with his music when i was 8. Now I enjoy every song he has ever written on my computer - if any fans want any songs - email me at and i will be happy to send it them!
Andrew Martin
Bolton, UK

>>By Andrew MArtin   (Sunday, 13 Jul 2003 23:57)

Now I get all peter's album cause my close friend Yu who worked in US post me. I can't imagine that 15 years later peter is still my favourite gifted singer. I do admit that peter's voice changed my personal character 15 years ago. His voice always encouraged me especially when I nearly lost my heart in despair, guiding me face forward and make me high. So I did it, I passed entrance exam of the University Of Engineering Science in shanghai China in 1991. And now I've graduated for 8 years and become a gentle, kind, reliable and lucky man, and I also have my own family. I still would like tell peter's story to my close friends. If I have oppertunity to face Peter, I think I would say: thank you peter, you can't imagine how much you've changed me,thank you, thank you very much on behalf of all Chinese Cetera's fans. May god bless you, your voice and your family.

>>By Tony Ma   (Friday, 25 Jul 2003 18:15)

i have him on video & he has that distinctive voice unlike no other

>>By star   (Monday, 3 Nov 2003 06:32)

I started listening to pete ..dunno when, i'm a musician myself and i found myself drawn to the way he makes his songs..especially the song " I don't wanna live without your love ??", (is this the one ?), well that attracted me to his voice and the ever smooth -Glory of Love...when i first heard it on FM, i was wondering how would the chorus finish....then hard to say i'm sorry, but what flipped me and went straight into my heart/body/soul is the unshakeable,powerful,meaty...i'll run out of words here....probably the best from PC - "You're the inspiration",guys....if there's any song in this wide word i wanna pump the volume's this song....i get so high when these lines come on..."When you love somebody till the end of time"....., but my guy on the first line is Pete, then come the other fellas....but nothing absolutlely NOTHING to beat this guy...

well done pete!....

- trumpet

>>By trumpet   (Tuesday, 25 May 2004 09:10)

I have loved Peter from the first time i have heard him back when i was about 12 years old.
I have collected all chicago cd's that has him in them, and have almost managed to collect all his cd's , i listen to his music continuesly, and record any videos i see of him, i just can't seem to get enough of this gorgeous, wonderful singer, his music fills my soul, when i am down. I am hoping there is someone out there who can help me obtain the couple of cd's i need to forfill my collection, if so please email me at or

>>By emerald   (Monday, 7 Jun 2004 15:31)

hi jane from uk here i wonder if anyone has noticed the change in peters voice .iwas listening to chicago 16 hie tone of voice is in a higher tone then it is now .his tone is now smooth and mellow which is so sexy .
im not saying his sound with chicago is no good im not it just show how addaptable peter realy is .
hey emerald what cds are you looking for let me know i will see if ican help xxx
email me at

>>By ppcetera1   (Tuesday, 12 Oct 2004 00:09)

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